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Phil Simms from London

October 26, 2008

Francesa: “Giants offense has not been crisp” (read between the lines, he says the Giants are the best team in the NFL right now, so that implies they are underachieving, hello Mr. Gilbride.)

World Series: they let the game start at 10:07PM after a 1:30 rain delay. The game ended at 1:50AM. Another fabulous job by MLB. What a freaking embarrassment. So many things that went wrong here. Why is the game starting at 830PM in the first place? They cannot postpone the game because there are not enough warm days left in the calendar because of all of the dilution and playoff games. And what about the simple fact that a 5-4 normal 9 inning game takes 3:43 mins? One large joke. A World Series game ends at 1:50AM. Pathetic excuse for a major league sport. This is your championship and the game ends at 1:50AM! Hellloooo??!!


1) Sean Payton great playcaller. Brees terrific, protected well. Saints defense is the problem.
2) Saints have a lot of guys who have tested positive for this steroid cover. Impact from losing McAlister would be huge. (As Giants fans, perhaps it happens sooner than later, so that we see the team implode and get the higher #2 pick.)
3) For both Ben and Eli, they both will see blitz pressure. Both can do well if they get the protection. The 2 teams are very equal except in one place, the Giants OL. The Giants OL is a BIG difference, and that is why “the Giants will win the game.”
4) Colts will not come through vs the Titans on Mon night. Titans DL (read: Haynesworth) is overpowering… if they are overpowering against everyone, they will certainly be overpowering vs the Colts OL, so the Colts will lose.
5) Buffalo comes into MIA and will lose to MIA. Buffalo got dominated by the Raiders for 3.5 Qtrs, so it is hard for me to anoint Buffalo when I have not even seen them ‘dominate’ someone else.
6) Francessa reminded everyone that it was Phil Simms who quickly said when Romo first got hurt that Romo had to lay off playing, to rest and heal that injury or else he risked not getting ready to play. And how now the Cowboys have finally come around to that thinking and are holding Romo out until after the bye (Nov 16).
7) Dallas will not have the passing game vs the Bucs because the Bucs play very well in pass coverage. This means Dallas has to run the ball and be physical. “Dallas does not outhit anyone.” Conclusion- TB will beat Dallas in Dallas this weekend.