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Wonder at Week 7 for the AFC

October 16, 2008

NFL guru Wonder on all the happenings around the NFL, the trade deadline, etc:

1) Patriots lost on Sunday because the Chargers did what you have to do to beat that team, PASS THE BALL. With Wilfork, Seymour and Warren, they are stout on run, but it is their secondary and aging LBers that are where they are vulnerable, and SD did what you have to do to beat them, they passed the ball.
2) Jets- This team has no identity. I put 5 wide and let Brett run the offense, but the problem is.. what happens in December when it gets cold and windy.
3) Jets defense is terrible. If I am playing against the Jets, I throw a combination of 50 bubble screens and short pass plays that turn into 8-10 yards every play. The Jets cannot stop that.
4) Titans are not good enough to go far in the playoffs, their offense is too pedestrian. No WRs, Mason and that is it. I’m selling them short.
5) Steelers offensive and defensive line not like they used to be. Not sold on them. They can beat bad teams. Timlin gets them ready to play, they don’t give charity, but they will lose at crunch time.
6) Bullish Chargers. 3-3, Rivers playing well, won w/o Chambers. Were in a state of shock w Merriman, now that they are past that, they are learning to play w/o him.
7) Cargo will help Colts run defense. Serviceable, will clog up middle, not a Kris Jenkins, but compared to what they have he is an improvement. Manning is gtg better. OL will get better as they get healthier. This is a fighter which could have gotten knocked out, 0-4, instead Goodell called the refs and told them they cannot have Peyton not in the mix. They lived to fight another round, another day, and they have life. Both Titans and Colts should make the playoffs.
8) AFC East still wide open at this juncture. I believe only 1 team is coming out of this division.
9) SD, Pit, Tenn, Colts, AFC East winner and ??? look
10) Colts-SD in AFC.