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Musical Chairs at DL

July 14, 2009

9 men, 8 chairs. Round and round we go, when the music stops, nobody knows.

Those were interesting comments from Tollefson last week. He is one of the lesser known subs who certainly gets enough time in the rotation as a DE. But does he even make the team?! Let’s do the math..

Assuming that Douzable, Evans, Henderson, Hill, Bryant and JClark all do not make the team…


One of these 9 does not make it. This would imply a shorter list of Cofield/Robbins/Bernard/Alford/Tollefson. I am no doctor, so far be it for me to make a guess about Cofield and Robbins after surgery. I am going to go with Robbins on the PUP list for now so that the Giants take their time, keep him fresh on a longer timetable and have his knees (ETC!) ready for the 2nd half push and postseason. Intentionally speaking, that is a nice luxury to have. Is Robbins better than others on this list? Of course, when healthy, YES. 100% comebacks from microfracture surgery take time. If Robbins were to have a very good camp or even get a lot of reps, it would make this decision harder. Then I would suspect that 1 of these guys- Cofield/Tollefson/Alford gets cut. Normally Cofield would not be there, since he was a starter. But he had offseason surgery too. Drilling down.. Tollefson or Alford? I suspect that Reese would have a shot at getting a late round draft pick for one of them.

The one good thing about all of this is that the Giants are very deep here… nice problem to have. If the Giants stay healthy in camp and some team that is thin at DL does not, then look for the Giants to possibly deal one of them. Why? Because Defensive Linemen are grown, they are not born… another team could make one of these guys a starter and 3 years from now they could be a solid cog in their defense.

Wonder’s take on the logjam at DL? “Robbins might be cut period. We’ll have to see how Tollefson, Cofield, Alford, Bernard look like in camp.” That sounds a little harsh to me. His salary is a reasonable $2.1M in the last year of his contract. A cheap enough call option. I would think the Giants PUP him before they cut him. This way they have an option w/o taking up a roster spot. To be fair, the Giants probably don’t know exactly what they are going to do- they need to see how everyone is doing this summer at camp and then simply evaluate who makes the most sense to be on the roster.

Summary: Robbins microfracture+DL+32 years old= PUP.

Tollefson comments

July 7, 2009

Q: Why is this defense going to be better than last year?

DL Dave Tollefson: “We’re getting one of the most explosive defensive linemen in the league back in Osi Umenyiora. Not that we even needed him last year. (laughs) Chris Canty is, to me, everything and more than we expected. He’s a great guy, No. 1, and he practices hard. Within our group, we respect that. Rocky Bernard is right up our alley as a wiley vet and he and Fred (Robbins) are those older, reliable guys. I thought Antonio (Pierce) had a great year last year, but apparently I haven’t been around long enough, so I found out he’s expecting more of himself. You’d have to expect a guy like that will have a better year. Bill Sheridan, I’m very happy with how he’s worked out. He’s very smart and very thorough. He and ‘Wauf’ (DL coach Mike Waufle) are very similar in that they do the work and we just go play football. And just the way last year ended. We had it in front of us and we let it get away. That’s going to motivate us – and it should.”

Nice color from Tollefson. Re Canty, pls remember that the Dallas defense underachieved. The coordinator is gone and so are many players. It is possible, without getting our collective hopes up TOO high, that Canty makes this defense HUM, especially after getting in rhythm with guys like Tuck and Umenyiora. If this thing can come together and Boley can get healthy, there is no telling how good the defense can be. A lot of things have to go right, but there is POTENTIAL for a great defense. LBer LBer LBer. Crazy, eh?

Giant Rush

August 17, 2008

Last Sunday, after finally getting a chance to review the tape, ultimatenyg noticed that the Lions were doing a lot of rollouts to keep the pass rush out of rhythm. We noted that it was not a concern because the Giants would make the adjustments.

On Thursday Ralph Vacchiano caught up with Spags and … they said they were happy they saw it in preseason and that they would make the adjustments.

A few extra remarks on the topic which were not mentioned by Vacchiano. (1) These maneuvers by teams will put a premium on depth, as these scrambling plays will tire your linemen even more than the normal game. Reese’s remarks about not being happy with the depth on our DL was a little disturbing- is that an indictment of the 2008 training camp progress of guys like Tollefson and Alford? That would not be good. (2) Since most QBs are right-handed they like to roll right so that they can pass more easily on the run. Kitna went to his right. Who used to be patrolling the right side of the opponent’s offense? None other than left-side DE Michael Strahan. Stray had the ability to sniff those things out, adjust super quick and immediately get after the QB. Not only that, Strahan was nothing short of stellar in his ‘containment’ of the pocket to avoid the flush out of guys like Garcia et al. So these are the little things the Giants will have to adapt to in 2008. Tuck is smart and has been mentored by the best. We may never see another DE again who can play ‘contain’ by holding the pocket together and simultaneously rushing the QB the way Strahan did, but Tuck will do it pretty well.

New York Giants Training Camp Day #2

July 27, 2008

New York Giants Training Camp Report Day #2

items of note>
1) competition at Safety going exactly as anticipated with Johnson and Butler fending off Phillips and Knight early on because of their familiarity with the system, but the latter doing well and projecting a very tight race for starting jobs
2) Manning threw a lot of picks
3) McQuarters, Pierce, Tollefson, Webster and Thomas all mentioned for individual plays
4) Kiwinuka mentioned for sliding in at DE. Can you say 5-1-5 nickel? Now that is a TRUE double nickel. Coughlin went out of his way to praise his attitude and work ethic.
5) Hixon played well on offense. He is taking advantage of the extra time coming from Burress being inactive.
6) With Clark and Wilkinson limited, Kehl and Blackburn getting a lot of work.

Moss on the bubble… this time for real
Coughlin says Burress IS hurting, ankle is sore
Nate Robinson was cut
Jessie Armstead is a volunteer coach
Derek Brown (!) sighting
Asante Samuel strained his hamstring in Eagles camp