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April 25, 2009
Cushing, Maualuga, Matthews

1) Trade for Edwards as long as the Browns are not asking for something ridiculous.

2) Do not go for a WR in the 1st round.

3) If you must go for a WR in the first round, let him come down to you at #29.

4) Do not trade up. Garafolo/Vacchiano think the Giants are pining for Heyward-Bey, may trade up. You do not do that for a WR in my opinion. Is Heyward-Bey that much value in the low 20’s? Let him fall. If he is taken ahead of you, then there will be value for you at #29. As Wonder has stated, HBey can be feast. Or famine? I’ve seen him on video. He looks good. But the idea of TRADING UP IN ROUND #1 FOR A WIDE RECEIVER IS ANATHEMA TO ME. I do not believe in drafting WR #1 in the first place. Trading up also? NOPE. If the Giants do it, I will be rooting as hard as anyone to see that the guy makes an impact for our team. I just do not believe that it is necessary. We have seen enough 2’s, 3’s and 4’s that were Giants make good pros. Toomer, McCaffrey, Patton, Jurvicius won 6 titles, none were first rounders. None were traded up for in the first round. And three of them went on the merry-go-round to other teams before finding a title, yet another reason for picking up a WR instead of drafting him and waiting 3 years. I am as patient as anyone, but I’d rather patiently build defense with LBer than build it with WRs. If you want to be patient with WRs, why not be patient with Moss, Smith and Manningham??????????????!

5) Speaking of LBers… I like the USC LBers. Maualuga is an animal. Matthews has the most explosiveness to the ball. And then Cushing runs an onside kick back for a TD a la Sehorn. If you are going to trade up, trade up for one of these guys. Trade up for defense. Defense wins championships. Having our defensive line, combined with Boley and one of these guys (would not be Matthews since both are WILL), and then Webster and Phillips anchoring the secondary… this could be the best defense since 1997. LBer. 25 years. It is about freaking time.

6) Speaking of defense… Darius Butler, Rashad Johnson???!!! Would you really mind if the Giants came away with a CB in Rd #1 and a Safety at the end of Round 2?

7) Are the Giants and Browns doing a smokescreen on a trade? We’ll find out soon enough.

8) Updated Ultimatenyg NFL Draft Tracker pdf in printable format. Contains Wonder’s detailed flow chart of choices at each pick in Rounds 1-3.

9) We’ll blog throughout the draft. We’ll be rooting for Andre Smith and Maybin and Vontae Davis and Josh Freeman to go early… that will mean something will fall to the Giants. SOMETHING VERY GOOD. Maybe if those things happen it will stop the Giants from trading up. And maybe then will the Browns become more motivated to trade to the Giants for their good pick. Lots of moving parts. Stay tuned.

Wonder Draft Thoughts Part II

March 9, 2009

In Part I last Tuesday, Wonder talked about the cream of the draft class and specifically the possibility of:
1) trading up to the top 5-10 for a Crabtree if he falls
2) trading up to the top 15-20 for Heyward-Bey if he is available there

Part II: A wider discussion by Wonder

If “all” gone, Wonder actually likes Robiske (Ohio State) and Kenny Britt (WR) to Jints in first round and/or to Jets in 2nd… If no Burress, and no trade for Boldin, likes NYG to draft Robiske..he’s “NFL-ready”…more so than anyone but Crabtree.

Wonder sleeper: Dominique Edison, WR, Jints 2nd round or Jets/jints 3rd… 60-90th pick…just have to understand it will take him a couple of years to develop..after that, watch out…

Still…Crabtree, Maclin, H-Bey, Nicks…also like Louis Murphy, FLA, late 2nd-3rd…guy just “got it” for the Gators…don’t know if Harvin is right for either as Leon/Bradshaw that type of player..he would be UNBELIEVABLE for the Colts on that turf with Peyton…Colts should GRAB HIM and/or move up to get him…can run PLUS play in the slot..could make that offense unstoppable at home…lots of draws, screens, swings…

Also, these experts don’t know sh*t…the best RB from this draft will be D. Brown..assuming he’s on decent team with decent line…f Wells and Moreno…Broncos should draft Brown in 2nd round if he’s avail…another Terrell Davis.

Summary: For Jints, THEY should use their 2nd round pick from N.O. to grab BROWN…trust me on this one…in 2-3 yrs., after Jacobs has been abused, Brown will be a GREAT the meantime, he can be “WIND”…Jints should ALSO get the best WR avail at end of 1st round assuming “he’s” still avail…nicks, bey, britt, robiskie, etc…UNLESS LB Maualuga/USC is still available.

Giants Draft Ideas, Safety, Ward

March 3, 2009

Wonder’s draft ideas:

1) a LB or WR rates to fall to the Giants at #29.

2) Heyward-Bey is going to make an excellent WR in the NFL.

3) Philadelphia should take Heyward-Bey at #21.

4) If we reach 15-18-20 in the draft and Heyward-Bey is there, go up and get him to front the Eagles.

5) Draft is strong in OT and WR, two things Reese has not yet (likely, intentionally) addressed.

6) Andre Smith was great in college, will make a solid pro, his stock has fallen, do not mind why, he could fall to the Giants at #29, take him. (I think Wonder is wrong, 0.0 chance he falls THAT far, maybe I misheard him.)

7) Another player who may (more likely than others we are discussing here) make it down to #29 is WR Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina. Do not pay attention to his 6′ 0 3/4″ height, he is like a Chris Chambers, plays bigger than his size.

8) Anyone who takes Cushing or Matthews before Maualuga in the draft is out of their minds. All 3 USC LBers are good, Maualuga is the pick of the USC litter, no question. He is second only to Curry at LBer in the draft.

9) Reiterating, Curry and Crabtree are the nuts, they are the stars of an overall weaker draft.

10) There has been a stink about Crabtree’s height and foot fracture. If he drops at all, it is an oppty to trade up and GRAB HIM.

Summary: Curry, Crabtree, Maualuga, Nicks, A Smith, Heyward-Bey are players to get excited about. At #29 realistically look at someone like Nicks if not prepared to trade up.

Btw, that didn’t take long, Craig, here comes Reese going after Safety.

Ward to Bucs for 4 yrs, 17M. Glad Reese spent that money on Canty. Nothing against Ward, nice player… he was not the reason why we lost this past season. But if not employing Ward kept our cap space for Canty, then it was once again Jerry Reese making all the right decisions. Ward had to cash that $6M check- as a 28/29 year old RB, this is his final (meaningful, and ONLY) signing bonus.