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Some interesting comments from Gilbride

June 22, 2009

Gilbride spoke with the media Thursday after minicamp was over.

He had some cautiously positive spin on where the team is.

He singled out 4 players by name:

Bradshaw and Ware– “..we feel pretty good about some of the guys that have been given a chance to step up, whether it is Ahmad Bradshaw at running back or Danny Ware.”
WRs– “so many young receivers look good”
Manningham– “he’s showing some things that we thought he could do which we never saw last year, now all of a sudden he’s doing it”
Beckum– “you miss this whole time, it certainly sets him back and you don’t want to say he can’t do it, but he will be one of the unusual ones if he can”

It is very good info on the margin to hear that Manningham had a good minicamp. It means he is getting an understanding of the offense, and will be in a position to start playing instead of thinking. We keep hearing this from the coaches and the players… how when you are rookie the playbook is so immense that you are too busy just trying to learn the plays and not screw up your assignment instead of going out there and hitting the ground running. This is why each season you have to pay attention to which rookies are doing well early- it means these guys are keepers. Guys like Gibril Wilson and David Diehl, fifth rounders who came in, started their first rookie game… they can have very nice careers. These are the exception, the notable exceptions, but it gets you excited. So when we hear that Manningham is doing much better, that Nicks is doing well, that Bomar has a great release… it means these players have half a chance of doing something. And when Beckum is in the trainer’s room as a rookie, he needs to make sure he is healthy for ALL of training camp because he is already behind.

Some of the OTA recap

June 7, 2009

OTA = Offseason Training Activity. When reading about OTA’s it is like you are wandering in the desert and every tidbit is supposed to be a meal. It isn’t. We are ready for training camp already at the end of July, but in the meantime we have to discuss how a second string player looked good versus a third string defender and presto- success! I do remember Amani Toomer showing up for his third year, having done karate in the offseason, and really separating himself from the pack. So you want to see players who can turn heads. It’s still June. These stories are probably at magnification level 3 and need to be toned down. Just a warning not to be sucked into any early hype…




Hixon and Woodson

Volatility is your friend

February 21, 2009

This week when Brad Van Pelt passed away, there were all kinds of stories that surfaced. One of my favorites was naturally an intersection between him and Goerge Young.

As the story goes, it is early 2004, and Van Pelt has had a very good season. He comes into George Young’s office to plead his case for a raise, without his agent. George Young politely agrees with EVERY point that Van Pelt brings up, openly acknowledging and recognizing the 5-time Pro Bowler’s significant contributions. He concedes every point! But then, in typical GBY fashion, he lowers the boom on Van Pelt: “Brad, you’re right. You are one of the top three outside linebackers in the league. But we were 3-12-1 with you last year. I think we could have done that without you.”

Last night, Bob pointed out correctly how good the Giants were with Derrick Ward. Facts are facts and Ward is a 1000 yard runner. So why the heck do you want to lose that?

The answer is simple: VOLATILITY. When you win and are the Super Bowl Champs, you want the status quo. When you are any of the other 31 teams out there that fell short, it does not matter whether you were a game away or 3-12-1, you LOST. But you can only lose once each season, which means you take your chances. The Giants cannot afford to allocate significant resources to Ward, who will be 29 years old come September. Granted, Ward does not have the mileage of other 29 year old RBs. He certainly was a big reason why we beat the Panthers, our only win in the last 5 games of the season. On paper it does not seem to make sense that you could let a 1000 yard runner go. But as a GM this is still not the place where you want to invest your cap dollars. You want it to go where the resources are needed. You commit to Jacobs, which they did. You already have Bradshaw and Ware, cheap and young. You need to leverage what is left elsewhere on the roster. LB, DL, OT.

This is the opportunity to see what #44 has. We may be wrong about him, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Bradshaw deserved that much after what he did in 2007. Let’s not forget what other professionals in this league were saying about him. I still do not understand why he did not get more opportunities in 2008, other than watching the idiocy of Gilbrown, a dead horse I do not choose to beat on anymore. The word is he was hurt for stretches this season. That is part of our collective confusion on the subject, given his presence on kickoffs (another insanity, pls use Hixon for this). So let’s simply see what we have here and end the debate. Maybe it forces Gilbrown to adapt to #44 instead of #44 adapting to Gilbrown. Maybe, just MAYBE, it is the way for Jerry Reese to say to the Giants coaching staff that you have no choice now but to see what we have in #44. Let volatility be your friend. Shake it up. Roll the dice. You can only lose once. Championships last forever.

the Steeler connection

October 3, 2008

The Steelers were thin at RB, and then on Monday night Ray Lewis made a legal but nasty hit on rookie 1st round RB Rashard Mendenhall that put him out for the season. So now the Steelers are shopping for a RB, and guess who they have been looking at? Giants RB Danny Ware. Do not give this guy up in a trade without getting MORE than just a token draft pick. Ask for a 3rd rounder. Why?

1) The Steelers are desperate because their style of play is a ball-control offense that limits the number of times Roethlisberger throws the ball. Last season they were 3rd in the league in rushing attempts per game. This year they are still running the ball and they want to keep it that way. So make them pay.

2) We have 5 RBs if you count Droughns. Just because we CAN trade him does not mean we should just give him away. But it does give the Giants flexibility.

3) WE PLAY THEM LATER THIS SEASON. So only trade him away to this team if they are going to PAY UP. If the Steelers find another stooge to help them with a cheaper solution, so be it. But there is no reason for us to help this team to give us a loss later on… unless we know we are going to get MORE than what is fair.

New York Giants make final roster cuts for 2008 season

August 30, 2008

The NY Giants made their final roster cuts, and there were a few items of note but nothing enormously surprising.

Brandon London is probably the biggest casualty, but my guess is that he is picked up by another team off waivers in very short order.

Getting John Carney off the geriatric ward for FG kicking duties is just part of the way the wacky world of FB works. I think I dislike FG kickers almost as much as head coaches.

The Giants for now kept FIVE RBs, choosing to stay with Droughns AND Ware. (Hedgecock does not count, he is a FB.)

Good for David Carr for surviving and making the most of his new opportunity. Between Woodson gtg cut and Wright going on IR, he is prominently there as the backup.

I do not think Guy Whimper will be challenging the slow feet of David Diehl anytime soon.. he was cut.

WRs, TEs, RBs

August 21, 2008

1) Maybe it is time to STOP drafting Wide Receivers. For one year?! Granted that we pulled a Ryan Grant on Denver by getting Domenik Hixon. But now we see the scouts at Giants games trolling over our scraps… at WR no doubt. I will guarantee you one thing, they won’t be looking over our Linebackers. Even if Kehl is a keeper, the rest are either aging (Pierce, Clark) or very ordinary and trying to improve (Blackburn, Kiwanuka, Wilkinson).

2) This from The Giants tight ends did not catch a pass vs. Cleveland and had few, if any, balls thrown in their direction. “That is not by intent,” Coughlin said. “It just worked out that way. There weren’t a whole lot of passes thrown, to be honest with you. The numbers might reflect it, 15 out of 30 is not the most accurate (percentage) in the world and we need to get it spread around and get the ball in their hands.”

This is 1990’s redux. You need the TE to take pressure off the WRs. Gilbride better start using the TE or the offense will suffer. Boss better stay healthy or the offense will suffer. If Boss gets hurt (a nightmare)… line Bradshaw up in the slot and make defenses pick their poison, the same way they have to with TEs. But I am not holding my breath.

3) Danny Ware played a very nice game on Monday night. So why am I not jumping on the excitement and buzz created by his great numbers vs the Browns? Because I saw monstrous holes the size of Arkansas opened up for him by the OL. Were the guys out there in Q4 good and Ware better, or was he better than (them being) bad? We need to see how he does in slightly different situations to start getting excited. Is he a fumbler? Will he make the right cuts in traffic? What happens to him when he is met with a defender immediately at the line of scrimmage? Quite honestly all I saw was Ware given the ball with gargantuan holes in front of him… that makes his job a lot easier because now he starts running down hill. In contrast, last preseason we got to see Bradshaw given a lot more ‘normal’ situations- he was able to make cuts and leave LBers grabbing air. He also was able to fight for that extra yard, something which is the difference between death and survival in the NFL. So let’s see some more Ware and hopefully we can anoint him as a good backup. If that is the case, then the decision to let Jacobs play out his contract is once again maestro Reese.