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Marvelous on the New York Giants versus the Washington Redskins

September 3, 2008

No confidence in them. Very concerned about them winning the game on Thursday. Lucky we are playing the Skins as opposed to playing the Eagles or Boys. Thinks the Giants going after McDougle was a way to maybe enable them to get Kiwanuka back to LB if McDougle can aid at DE. “I am worried about Clinton Portis. I do not like our LBers. The defense with Clark and Pierce is not fast.” Marvelous puts himself in the shoes of the Redskins and says that if I am the Skins I go after those guys (at LB).

LBer is easily the weakest unit on the team. One can argue that they were the ones who suffered the loss when Umenyiora went down, but the reason the Giants moved Kiwanuka back was because they knew he would make more of an impact at line. So what does THAT say about him as a starter at LB? The Giants should play a 5-1-5 and stop the charade. Unless it is 3rd and ~2 or less that is what they will be in.

Gotta love Seubert

August 3, 2008

this excerpt from Newsday:

The first fight of training camp occurred Friday morning, and to no one’s surprise, G Rich Seubert was in the middle of it. LB Danny Clark was the other participant in what was more a dance while holding on to each other’s face mask than a brawl, though it did end up with Seubert’s helmet on the ground. “It’s just training camp,” Seubert said. “We’ve been here for a week. Everybody’s a little grumpy, everybody’s been doing the same stuff and going against the same players.” Even Clark was aware of Seubert’s reputation for training-camp scuffles. “They say you’re not officially a Giant until you fight Richie in practice,” Clark said. “It was the first one in camp and it was all fun stuff.”

Attention Kmart Shoppers

March 15, 2008

Let’s review the Giants’ free agent signings in 2008:

1) Sammy Knight S 5.15M/3yrs
2) David Carr QB 1M/1yr
3) Danny Clark OLB 4M/2yrs
4) Derrick Ward RB 1.1M/1yr

Do you see a profile? Reese is simply looking for CHEAP bodies in NEED places.Last month we identified needs and four of them were hit by the Giants. These are role players that plug holes. Do the Giants still need a CB, S, LB and LT in this draft? ABSOLUTELY. But now the Giants will not be tripping over themselves drafting for need ahead of value. Reese’s formula is simple- get enough need taken care of with lower tier free agents so that you are as flexible as possible in the draft.

Danny Clark, Michael Strahan

March 15, 2008

LB Danny Clark signed with the Giants on Thursday. This is a numbers game. The Giants have holes at LB and S, so they have to get bodies in there that can compete for jobs and give the Giants flexibility next month in the draft. The goal is to be able to get the best player available at every point in the draft, so Reese needs to know he has his bases covered if (appropriately valued) Safeties and Linebackers are not there early. Knight will be 33 on opening day. Clark will be 31 on opening day. The Giants are smart enough to know that you do not get ahead by investing in aging assets. These players will likely not be on the roster in 2-3 years from now, but they will bridge the gap, keep the team competitive in 2008 and provide the team with maximum flexibility on draft day.

NFL Network discusses Michael Strahan’s chances for coming back this year.