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Showtime and Terrell Owens

January 15, 2009

1) Well, not Showtime for the Giants. I watched most of the showtime program last night for any remarks from Simms on the Giants’ implosion, and all I saw was him being playfully mocked and derided for last week’s picks. You see, he was intelligent enough, or stupid enough depending on your perspective, for actually thinking that teams like the Titans and Giants were better than their opponents! Imagine that!

Imagine the nerve of Simms to actually think that he had to prognosticate that Alge Crumpler and LenDale White were going to cough up the ball and the game to the Ravens. Yep, the Ravens beat up the Titans allright, even questionably taking out their RB Chris Johnson. You know, Johnson, the one that was mopping the floor with the Ravens until he got crunched like an illegal pretzel.

Imagine the nerve of Simms to actually think that he had to prognosticate that Manning would throw a moronic pass right into the hands of Asante Samuel! Go figure that the Giants defense would give up ~35 yards up until near the end of the half, the Giants defense would get a safety and an INT runback into ~FG position. Or that the opening kickoff would give the Giants the ball at the other team’s 35?! Or that 2 FGs would be missed. OR THAT THEIR OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR WOULD NOT KNOW HOW TO GET HIS TEAM A SINGLE TOUCHDOWN?!

Yah, Simms got it ALL wrong, he poo-poo’d the wild card winners and went with the 4 best teams and got derided by Collinsworth. Wonder and I obviously were thinking Simms-like as well, so we were just as wrong. I guess if I have to think rationally and be wrong, I’d rather go that route than plan for my offensive coordinator to have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the Week 14 IDENTICAL matchup that we discussed DAYS BEFORE the game!

2) Separately, the Showtime reporter had a story that goes like this: it is going to be either Garrett or TO that goes bye-bye in Dallas. Jerry Jones essentially will have to choose between the two, because word is that Garrett cannot put up with the Owens insubordination anymore. And the sense from the reporter was that TO would be gone, because Garrett has the support of almost the entire team.