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Wonder on the warpath

April 23, 2008

Get ready for Saturday’s commentary, because here is taste of the raving Wonder:

“For those GM’s who DON’T UNDERSTAND:

1. CINC- gives up #9 and CHAD JOHNSON to

2. RAMS- give up its #2 and their 2nd round pick

WIN, WIN for both teams…yet NO ONE would even suggest it..clueless idiots…85 can’t play again in Cinc if they hope to “move on”…and Cinc NEEDS DORSEY…and use extra 2nd round pick for OT, LB, or DE (groves still around ??) and RAMS sure could use 85..!! and they use #9 to draft either Ellis or Clady or Rivers or DRC !!!! AUTOMATIC !!!! I SHOULD BE GM !!!!!”