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Baltimore 13 Tennessee 10

January 11, 2009

These are the games that give you nightmares. You are the better team and you lose. The Titans self-destructed. They marched up and down the field a million times (nearly DOUBLE THE YARDAGE, 391 yds to 211 yds) and kept on sabotaging themselves over and over. Yes, the Ravens deserve credit for hanging in there and doing what they needed to win, but it was Tenn who lost the game. Collins makes one very bad pass off the back foot for an INT, and then TWO fumbles in the red zone kill potential TDs, one of them at the 1 yard line. Am very grateful that wasn’t the Giants out there. We’ve had our share of playoff games where we were the better team that came up with less points. Flipper Anderson. SF 39 NYG 38. Those are two that come to mind. Many Giants players felt the Flipper Anderson year was a Super Bowl team. I agree. And the Jan 2003 loss to SF was a wound that was only healed by the Super Bowl XLII win. I still feel that the offense that year was so potent, that anything was possible on the upside.

They will be talking about the delay of game that was not called on the final Raven drive (Heap 23 yard reception for key 3rd down conversion). This is the kind of brown that I talk about when you shoot for quality wins of more than 10 points instead of the prevent. Now obviously this was not a game where Tenn was ever in the prevent, but the point is that when you blow chances, other insanities out of your control will kill you.

And what about the loss of rookie Pro Bowl RB Chris Johnson?!! If he does not go down with a sprained(?) ankle, the Titans may STILL win this game going away! YOU NEED LUCK. The Ravens got this one with heart and effort and HAD PLENTY OF HELP FROM THE FOOTBALL GODS. They are not a good enough team to win it all because (a) their offense (which we saw earlier this season) is not strong enough and (b) their defense, while very good, can get gashed (as teams like the Giants and even the Titans today proved). No, we should not look past the Eagles tomorrow, but I would not be afraid of facing the Ravens in Tampa should that occur. (Talk about Deja Vu 8 years later?!! There already has been plenty for the Ravens, beating the Titans in the divisional round when they were not the better team THAT year either!) If the Steelers win tomorrow, they will handle the Ravens, barring another series of incredible Titan-like events.

Separately, I was really pulling for the Titans today, because I am a big Collins fan. He made some poor decisions throwing into double coverage downfield, but barring that, he played very well and did what needed to be done for his team to win. Without a credible running game in the second half he carried the team on his back and two fumbles by teammates killed his oppty to get back to the big game. Tenn, the #1 seed is gone. I hope the Giants were taking notes on how important it is to execute and FINISH.

Jeff Fisher, Phil Simms on WFAN

October 5, 2008

Jeff Fisher: hands full with Baltimore today. Rookie RB Chris Johnson doing it everywhere (run, catch, protect). Rotating him and LenDale White, don’t wear them out. Collins having fun, enjoying everything. Can’t buy his experience. OL is protecting Collins, a (huge) key. Baltimore is not asking a great deal of Flacco. Flacco is going to be a fine QB. The Tenn OL will have a good test today.

Phil Simms:

1) The fallout from Dallas loss is magnified in this town. Washington extremely clever. Some of the defenses the skins did caught them off guard. Dallas defense is LOADED, production is not there from LB etc.. so that has Simms wondering. Zorn has polished up Campbell really well. Overall team speed of Washington was impressive. They (specifically the Washington secondary) outran the Cowboys.

2) Colts run defense is awful (and that is being charitable to them!), without a healthy Sanders, adios.

3) Giants at this juncture are #1 in league. Giants can beat you in a lot of ways. Feedback from the Bengals on Giants was impressive.

4) NFC East has it all. All of them can do it. All teams are physical, QB play is good up and down the division, and they all hit the QB on defense.

5) Likes Titans over the Ravens. Nonetheless, impressed with Ravens.

6) Yes Favre looked a lot more comfortable, but the Cardinals pass defense was terrible.

7) SD: Jamal Williams, Rivers, Gates, LT.. core of team did not practice in preseason, need time to be at full strength. Given the time to get to full strength, SD can be a top team. Tremendous physical talent. Without Merriman, SD lacks a ‘closer’ on defense. With Merriman, believes they would be 4-0 instead of 2-2.

8) Cardinals vs a 4-0 team at home, important game. Bills allow you to play with them, don;t knock you out, that is why AZ has a decent shot. Suspect on the Bills, not buying them as a 4-0 team.

9) Jags vs Steelers- both teams are undermanned vs where they were in the playoffs. Rashean Mathis is the best CB in the league, and he is out. Steelers will win. Steelers need to keep Roethlisberger healthy, Simms wants Roethlisberger to stop trying to make a play every single play or else he will not survive the season.

10) Rookie Sedrick Ellis of the Saints looks VERY good, but hurt. Minnesota can overpower you, strong line play. Saints can beat the Vikings by spreading it out (note to Giants fans when we play the Vikings later this season… Spread it out vs this team and make them man you).

11) Winning is about big plays. You have to push defenses by passing downfield, stretch defenses. (Are you paying attention, Gilbride?)

almost on the clock for Round 3 for the New York Giants

April 27, 2008

This was Wonder’s assessment for Day 2 made on Friday BEFORE the draft began:

6) PICKS ON DAY 2. Wonder offers the following Day 2 names as players representing value in later rounds: Carl Nicks, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson, Curtis Lofton, Cliff Avril, Jeremy Thompson, Kellen Davis, Mike Pollak, Chilo may be available in 3rd round if LUCKY… also have Patrick Lee, Marcus Howard, Justin King (steal !!)…after that you have guys like Tyvon Branch, Donnie Avery, Brad Cottam, Eddie Royal, Jeremy Zuttah, Craig Stevens, Tom Zbikowski, Terrell Thomas…Mike McGlynn…ALL would have great value anytime after round 3…total speculation as what to expect, and who will fall in 5-7….have to wait until AFTER the first day is over to have any clue…

let’s go through them to see who is still there:
Tier #1 (Great Value in Round3): Carl Nicks, Jeremy Thompson, Kellen Davis (whichif taken puts talk about Shockey trade back on table), Marcus Howard, Justin King
Tier #2 (Great Value after Round3):Tyvon Branch, Craig Stevens, Mike McGlynn

Note that Wonder had Terrell Thomas as one of his preferred players for Day 2, so that the Gmen got him at the last pick of R2 is still pretty good, not a reach, not value, but nonetheless a solid pick.