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Kenny Phillips Fallout

September 25, 2009

Phillips is out for the year. I really did not want to even post today. Losing Osi last August was worse than this, but this is up there. Francesa said it is big, very big. He did not back away, kept on repeating how big a loss this is for the Giants. And he is right.

A quick word on Phillips- this injury could mean his playing days are in jeopardy. This is no layup. Good luck to him and may he successfully rehab his knee.

This blog is about one thing- championships. Can we win a title without Kenny Phillips. It will be much harder, but not impossible. It means we will need more help from the offense, and that means we’ll need Gilbride to remove his head from his butt and get this offense to operate at great efficiency while the defense gets out of intensive care.

Let’s list the problems that need to be addressed in order for the Giants to win a title in 2009-10:

Safety is not, I repeat NOT, a critical position on the field. These guys are some of the lowest salaried people in the league. But go try telling that to the Steelers after they lost Troy Polamalu. Or the Colts w/o Sanders. When you have a player like Phillips who was coming into his own this year (See link above, Coughlin said he was on course for a Pro Bowl season) IT IS A BIG LOSS. But this loss is not a death blow.

HOWEVER> IF the other problems listed above are NOT addressed satisfactorily, the loss of Phillips WILL be a death blow.

There are simply too many things that need to be straightened out before the Giants can be considered contenders. Fwiw, Wonder still thinks the Giants will win the next 3 games with the B team. IF, IF the Giants can GET HEALTHY, IMPROVE THE RED ZONE EVEN MODESTLY, FIX THE GAP/LANE RESPONSIBILITIES ON DL, GET HIXON BACK ON KICKOFFS in time for the Saints, there is a reasonable expectation the team can be 4-1 at worst, or 5-0 and be in a position to move forward.

How many losses on Defense can the team get handed before the whole ship implodes? Alford, Phillips, … Canty, Tuck, Boley, Ross, Dockery. Folks, that is almost an entire unit! Let’s take care of TB this weekend, buy some more time, fix the problems, get people back healthy, keep improving and somehow get to the point where the team can legitimately vie for a title. The season is very early. That is the opportunity. Potential.

We saved the best for last. I am not going to link to everything that was said here on the blog, the regulars know this to be true. We asked for help at Safety 1) before the Draft 2) after the Draft 3) warned about it before Camp as one of 5 issues for the team 4) during camp when we saw CC Brown 5) after camp was over when the roster only had 3 safeties 6) again after seeing CC Brown vs the Redskins AND 7)THEN FINALLY WHEN IT WAS DISCLOSED THAT PHILLIPS WOULD POSSIBLY BE PLAYING INJURED ALL SEASON. Reese has done a great many things right, but he blew it here. There may have been slim pickings out around the league, but this was not a new problem. Now we have a guy named Aaron Rouse (Wonder: “decent fill-in, obviously no star”) as the PRIMARY backup on Sunday and he has never worn a Giants jersey. This was not handled well, not at all. Maybe in the next 3 weeks CC Brown will learn the defense well enough to at least be okay out there. If we were playing Brees this weekend, it would be a clinic.

In CC Brown We Do Not Trust

September 19, 2009

Thursday: Phillips was back to practice (even making a few INTs).
Friday: Phillips misses practice; status for Sunday questionable.

NY Times: Among the injuries to the secondary, the most worrisome seemed to be the one to Phillips, who could be hampered all season. “We are going to manage this for the year, yes,” Coughlin said of Phillips’s knee injury.

When asked if he would play Sunday, Phillips said: “I hope so. It kind of gets you down a little bit. It’s up in the air right now. I want to make sure, if I play, I’m 100 percent.”

If Phillips is out and we have to rely on CC Brown as a starter against a fairly potent passing attack led by Tony Romo/Jason Witten et al, this will definitely be a MAJOR obstacle to winning on Sunday.

As we stated 2 months ago, depth at Safety was one of the 5 issues this team faced this season. Now that Coughlin has disclosed that Phillips has an injury which will need attention all season, it means Safety depth is now a season-long reality, no longer just a blip on the radar. Master of the obvious- Reese is looking everywhere for roster help at Safety.

Alford, Canty, Boley, Phillips, Ross and Dockery. ENOUGH ALREADY!

There is good news: Osi is back in 2007 form, Boley is practicing well, Bernard is contributing and the knee guys at DT (Robbins and Cofield) seem to be doing well.

Tomorrow night’s keys to the game.

NFLN previews the Giants

July 20, 2009

NFLN video link previews the Giants for 2009.

Jamie Dukes smartly downplays the issues at WR. Between all of the talent they have, there is no reason why they cannot get it done this year. If they do not, it is either because of injuries, Gilbride or a combination of both. Moss is playing better, Manningham is playing better, Boss needs lots more touches, Nicks looks like he make a significant rookie contribution, and Hixon and Smith have already proven (when healthy) they have the game.

What is missing is a serious discussion of two items.

1) LBer. The injury to Boley sets this unit right back to 2008. Where is the speed? Where are the impact plays? Where is Pierce after midyear when he slows down? Sintim pulled a hamstring in OTAs, so he better be very healthy and very active in camp. Kehl? Waiting for GodotWilkinson?

2) Lack of depth at Safety. Knight and Butler are gone. Johnson and Phillips should be fine. But this unit always had rotation, and now there is CC Brown and that is about it folks. If they stay healthy, okay. If they do not, trouble.

And as a footnote Giants fans, if #10 can play at a consistently high level for an entire season, the Giants can collect a title ‘EASY.’ In 2007 Manning played at that consistently high level for 5 consecutive games. It was the right 5 games. So let’s start putting some pressure on Eli Moneybag$. When he signs that contract to be the highest paid player in the NFL, he better know the responsibility needs to be there. Jerry Reese said so.

Safety and Tight End signings, TO released

March 5, 2009

CC Brown signed as third safety.

Jerry Reese’s formula is no secret. He addresses his needs in free agency so that he can draft for as much value as possible and not feel constrained by need to fill any one particular position. Plus, he looks at the strength of the upcoming draft at each position and then targets free agents where the draft is going to be soft. Logical and sound. Everyone on the blog could have set their watch by him addressing the safety need in free agency. The only thing surprising about this year’s free agent signings was the profile of Canty and (to a lesser extent) Boley. But obviously Reese shed his dogma of building exclusively through the draft.. and quickly at that. It is good to be unpredictable. Other teams that were mixing it up with Reese on players like Canty and Boley and Haynesworth did not know what was coming next. Keep them guessing wherever possible.

Look at the older players on the Super Bowl team:
Strahan gone.
Robbins replaceable by Canty and Bernard if he cannot stay healthy.
Madison gone.
McQuarters gone.
Toomer gone.
Ruegamer gone.

O’Hara better stay fit or else he’ll be supplanted too.

Time is relentless.

And guess who will be 32 by the start of the season? Plaxico Burress. Just remember it’s bail before jail so you better not fail.

Speaking of diva WRs, overnight we learned that TO was released. Rule 24: # of headcases <= strong head coaches. (If you have a strong head coach you can have up to 1 head case in the locker room. If you have a weak head coach you cannot have any. A strong head coach with 2 head cases means a locker room infestation and problems.) So let's do the inventory down there in Dallas when TO came in…

TO=headcase. Parcells=strong head coach. 1<=1. Check.

And when they made a coaching change…

TO=headcase. Phillips=weak head coach. 1<=0. That math did not work. Either the head coach or Owens was going to have to leave. This is a win for the Giants as long as that weakest link, Wade Phillips is there.

Okay, I know what you are thinking… hmm, if we got TO, we would be over the top and would win a Super Bowl title. There is ONE way to do that. The idea of letting that toxic nightmare into anyone’s lockerroom opens up a can of worms. But the one way I would do it is to give him a one year deal (assuming we have the cap space left). He needs to rebuild. The Giants need a 1 year answer to Burress. He seems to be able to behave for one year before starting to cause trouble wherever he goes. You know he would be a nightmare, running roughshod over Manning. But probably not in the first year. “We are not in the business of well-adjusted human beings.” One thing about Owens, he plays hard and wants to win… joining the Giants and staying inside the division would be quite logical for him. ONE YEAR! One title. The Giants offense could be so scary good with him, it is seducing me to the dark side. Coughlin is the unquestioned, strong head coach. 1<=1. A 1 year deal and a title.