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Phil Simms Week 11

November 16, 2008

Simms on the NFL and the Gmen this weekend…

1) The Tennessee-Bears game last week illustrates what a team has to do when the opponent loads up to stop your running game… it is radical… it is novel… are you sitting down?… answer: you have to pass the ball! The Bears committed to stopping the Tenn running game, they did, and then Collins started to pass the ball and he beat them that way. He was accurate, his WRs beat single coverage, ~280 yards of passing later the Titans had dismantled the Bears. Next. (This Gilbrown public service warning advisory was brought to you by Ultimatenyg.)

2) Jets-Pats, Casell was spectacular on that last drive. Only a few QBs in the league can make that throw to Moss at the end of regulation, he did. Moss catch brilliant too. Re Jets, the Jets offense is designed well. Favre gets rid of the football, quick 6-7 yd passes, screens… “Brett Favre is one of the best (at those types of passes) I’ve ever seen.” Can the Jets take a run at everything (AFC, Super Bowl)? YES THEY CAN. They can stop the run, they have that good short passing game. Their schedule is easy/manageable. They even can give Tenn lots of problems next week because they match up well against them (run defense in particular vs the Tenn run, but alos their offense vs Tenn too).

3) Giants-Eagles, the Eagles are so far behind the Giants from a talent perspective. Westbrook is their guy and he was not 100%. The Eagles coaches get ripped but it is not fair or accurate, because the Eagles coaches did a masterful job of keeping their team in the game with this Giants team… the Eagles coaches got more out of their players.

4) Giants-Ravens, Francesa made good note of the wind that Flacco will be introduced to today. Back to Simms, with the exception of Ed Reed, the Ravens secondary is (paraphrased) mediocre, nothing particularly good. McAllister is not the same anymore, he can be had. With the Ravens’ words, they say they are committed to stopping the run today. But you can throw the ball down the field against this team. Even against Houston last week, the Ravens still gave 3-4 big pass plays. The Ravens can and will be had on the pass. As for the Giants running the ball, there will be some moments during the game that the Giants will be able to run the ball. Why? Because the Giants running game “is just that good.” (Summary: Simms implied that if the Giants offense does what it needs to do, it will come out on top.)

5) Arizona WRs are excellent.

6) Larry Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, these players find out that if they mouth off, the team will simply move on without them, they’ll find someone else to get the touches and get it done. The team marches on.

7) Boys-Skins, Romo will be able to counter some of the Skins’ novel pass coverages used in their first meeting earlier this year, but Simms believes the Skins will nonetheless come out on top in this game.

NY Jets 34 NE Patriots 31

November 14, 2008

This was not supposed to be the Friday Post for a NY Giants blog. But there was simply too much to comment on here. Eric Mangini is a browning moron, and if he ever coached my team I would need to keep a full supply of barf bags handy. I may never have seen a game that was a more glowing example of the insanities of the Prevent Offense and Prevent Defense. This Jets team broke Rules 15 and 16 so many times, I lost track.

The Jets go up 24-6 late in Q2 and Bob Popa and Cris Collinsworth are anointing the Jets for having completely dismantled this Patriots team. And rightly so. But they are forgetting one thing. Manidiot.

Rule # 17: Players are told to play for 60 minutes. Yet who benches the head coach when he only coaches for 50? In this case, if the Jets coaches had coached for 50, that would have been radical. By this count, it was more like 36 minutes. Disgraceful.

1) Forget benching the coach, how about firing him. The Jets defense goes soft, into Prevent Defense1. Belichick has decided to go for it on 4th and 3 (which I believe is a mistake, take the FG) at the 23 with 2:40 left Q2. Sack for change of possession. So now you REALLY think that the Jets will go into the half up 24-6. But there is more.

2) Now the Jets have the Ball and go into the Prevent Offense1. It may not look like it in the stat sheet, but the Jets were doing the coronation, happy and fat.

3) The Jets go into the Prevent Defense2, and with the Patriots in no huddle, they march all the way down the field in ~1:30 and score to make it 24-13 at the half. SINFUL. Terrible.

4) The Potent Jets offense, which put up a zillion yards in H1, went into hibernation, Prevent Offense2. There was NO ATTACK in it. The dial was set to SLEEP.

5) Naturally the Patriots keep chipping away, until they score with 10:16 left in Q4 to tie the game 24-24. Remarkable. Effectively, the Jets coaching staff took off from 2:40 in Q2 to 10:16 in Q4, about 22 minutes. Very nice.

6) Wait a second, the game is tied? Okay, Okay, say the coaches. Time to wake up and play again. So the Jets drive down into the red zone, get a questionable holding call on Vrabel (breaks my heart) and a few plays later score the TD to go up 31-24 with 3:10 left.

7) Kris Jenkins makes a key sack on 2nd down and when the Pats miss on 3rd down, they actually have to kick (2:24 left), hoping and praying that they can somehow get another chance to get their hands on the ball.

8) Their prayers are answered! They are playing against Manidiot and the prevent Offense! I’ll give you a hint, where have we seen this before? EXACTLY LIKE THE GIANTS EAGLES GAME FOUR DAYS AGO. Prevent Offense3. RRRK special. Just like the Giants with 5:30 left, the Jets run three plays in a row and … I am shocked, shocked…. they don’t move the chains! Well blow me down!

9) So now the Patriots get the ball back with 1:04 left and no timeouts. Time for Manidiot to roll out Prevent Defense3. The old 3 man rush technique. The Pats move down the field like a hot knife through butter and get a TD to tie the game with 0:01 left. You should have seen the look of #4 when they scored… Favre is thinking, what do I have to do, coach the team too? He knows his coaches killed this effort.

10) Then a miracle occurred for the Jets. They won the coin toss. Time to turn the offense back on. On a key 3rd and 15 from the Jets 15, Favre hit Keller for 16 and a first down. Favre led the team all the way down field, and Feely nailed the 34 yarder.

Had it all the way. If Manidiot does not win the coin toss his team loses that game, and it goes down as one of the ugliest collapses in Franchise history. And the Jets know collapses. Let’s quote Cris Collinsworth: “The only thing the Prevent Defense (/Offense) prevents you from doing is winning the game.” Shameful.

Btw, Brett Favre was fantastic. (Jenkins, Keller, Washington were also excellent.)

For any Jets fans out there, your last 5 games are very winnable, your team can easily be 12-4. Incredible. Despite the horridness of the Prevent, that the Jets were lucky enough to manage to hold on (thanks to the coin flip) can portend good things for them now. This is a tremendous win for that franchise. It was only a few weeks ago that this team lost to the Raiders and then barely escaped vs KC. But like we saw last year in Washington Week 3, all it takes is one special game to turn an entire franchise around. The Jets got some special mettle out of this victory over the Patriots. If only they had a head coach with half a clue, they’d be dangerous.

Phil Simms Week 3 Around The NFL

September 21, 2008

1) If you noticed from Friday’s Q&A with Wonder, I was in a little disagreement with him on whether the offenses of the Eagles and Cowboys were that good as opposed to the defenses being that bad. Simms (who covers the Eagles today vs the Steelers)came to my side, at least on the Dallas offensive part of the story, by his remarks about Tony Romo. Simms argues that Tony Romo is a very special QB who continually makes plays. Versus the Eagles, Simms counts no less than 8 fantastic plays he made. He does it on his own, says Simms. He adds that Romo is a terrific thrower of the football, with an underrated (strong) arm.

2) Praised Roethlisberger and said the Pittsburgh offense is perfectly suited to him and his talents. Feels that Big Ben could also fit into almost any scheme, but that the situation in Pitt is perfect. Separately, he felt that Roethlisberger did great in the very windy conditions he faced last week.

3) Desean Jackson is the real deal. Very good route runner, As good hands as you will see. SO much better than he expected. Jackson puts the Eagles over the top. They now have the receiver for Donovan McNabb.

4) Francesa ripped Romeo Crennel, and Simms politely deferred but did seem to concur that the decision to go for the FG on 4th and 7 vs the Steelers was wrong. I did not see it, but checking back, I do not know what planet Madden and Michaels were on to say the decision was a good one— to quote Simms, going for the FG “gave you one way to the win the game and going for the first down gave you two.”

5) As a quarterback , YOU NEVER TRASH YOUR OFFENSIVE LINE. Holt opened his mouth, and even though Bulger was not as bad as Holt, it was not a positive at all. Damage that comes from this is irreparable.

6) If the Jets cannot throw it versus the Chargers defense, they are not going to be able to throw this year. I would not go that far, given that Favre and Coles are still learning their timing, but I would agree that this has to be a day the Jets can (and should) rip apart that defense. Favre has called this a must-win game(saying they are all must-wins), obviously sensing the opportunity.

7) And under the category of what is UNSAID by Simms and everyone else… when the NY Giants are the biggest favorites of the week there is little to say about their matchup. Play for 60 minutes and destroy this team.

Week 1 review

September 8, 2008

The loss of Brady for the year is quite devastating. Seismic. I thought their defense was suspect (aging LBers and thin secondary), so now you have to realistically think the curse of the SB bridesmaid will continue.

The blitzkrieg of the Eagles and the Cowboys was impressive. Considering that Dallas did it on the road vs a credible team means more, but none of us should jump to huge conclusions on one week in the schedule. It certainly means something, but only the next few weeks combined with that will tell us just how significant these teams’ chances are. The Eagles play Dallas on the road next Monday night… that should be a good one to watch.

The Bears defense was always good when it was HEALTHY. Guys like Brown and Harris were dominant, so it is only a question of whether they can reestablish that Pro Bowl form assuming they do STAY healthy. Last night we got to see that old Bears defense.

Is there any doubt that the presence of a guy like Brett Favre changes the outlook of a team? There answer is NO, there is NO doubt. So for 3.5 quarters they look fine, are up 20-7 on their way to a win, and then the Prevent Offense and Prevent Defense arrive. The Prevent Offense is the complete opposite of why you have Favre. Everyone can say- ‘oh, but it did not matter, they won 20-14,’ but that is not how it works. It works with QUALITY WINS by more than 10 points so that you do not have to worry about something stupid happening at the end of the game, like a jump ball being come down with in the end zone by the WRONG player. This time it was a Jet, next time vs a better opponent it will be by the opposing player. WHY mention this on a Giant blog? Because if the Giants hung on to win that game 20-14, I would have been going nuts the same way. There is simply no need to make the game that close… all you need to do is play the game with 5 minutes left the same way you played it for the first 55… but NO, Mangenius does the R-R-R-K routine. Forget that he has an experienced professional at QB. Instead the Dolphins are a play away from winning that game. Disgusting. I do not care if it is with 3 minutes left in the Q3 of a playoff game in SF in Jan 2003, if there is 0:14 left vs Dallas on Monday night in Sep 2003, if there is 9:27 left vs Dallas on Jan 13, 2008, these are the ways you lose games. PLAY 60 minutes. Not 42 minutes, Not 59:46, Not 50:33.

Wonder predictions for 2008 Season, Part II

September 6, 2008

ariz 7-9 will win some as dogs, lose some as favs
atl 3-13 actually a “good” future-looking year..go RYAN !!
balt 5-11 where’s McEnroe…Flacco?ARE you SERIOUS ???
buff 9-7 could go 7-9 to 10-6…JASON PETERS ?? hello ??
car 9-7 make or break year Fox…Stewart/Williams STRONG
chi 4-12 lovie’s last year..UGLY
cinc 5-11 BYE MARVIN…DEFENSIVE genius ??
clev 9-7 woulda’s, shoulda’s, could’s..CRENNEL?? wake up ?
dall 12-4 IF T.O. plays 16 games…plays in S BOWL !!
denv 7-9 time to get a new coach
det 6-10…not so bad..they’re “moving forward”
GB..9.5-6.5 they get “docked” .5 for Favre fiasco
Hou 6-10…not as bad as it looks..TOUGH SCHD!!!
Ind. 11-5…BETTER than their record..MAY go to SBOWL!!
Jag 11-5 ..tiebreakers decide fate of colts/jags
KC 4-12..and actually worse than their record..go away herm
Mia 5-11 start off 0-5 and actually right the ship..
Minn 9.5-6.5..they get “bonus” for Favre fiasco..TIEBREAK !!
N.E. 12-4..God do I hate BeleDICK and the PRICKriots
N.O. 11-5 IF Sean gets it PERFECT, headed for big dance
NYG 10-6 IF start out STRONG..brutal end of schd
NYJ 10-6 start out1-2..rattle off 4 straight wins..end 4-1
Oak 5-11..sleeper team? are you KIDDING me !!
PITT 10-6 despite BRUTAL schd…BIG BEN YEAR !!
SD 12-4(or 10-6)IF Merr AND LT play HEALTHY (and well)
SF 3-13..bye nolan..oh, where have you gone JOE/JERRY??
SEA 10-6 easiest over on the board..nice division to play in
ST.L. 4-12 bye scott..nice knowing ya..
T.B. 9-7 MEDIOCRE despite EASY schd
Tenn 8-8 GET vince some RECEIVERS !! (NINE IN THE BOX!)
Wash 6-10 welcome to the NFL MR. ZORN

This is where Jets fans run aground

August 11, 2008

Scene at Hofstra, Hempstead NY: One fan shouted, to nobody in particular, “This is where the action is now, not in Albany,” a reference to where the Giants — with their recently acquired Lombardi Trophy — train. LOL.

Just as we applaud the Jets’ signing of Favre, we also do not think it is in and of itself a panacea. The Jets pulled a Snyder, so now their coaches need to put it together while their new players simultaneously honor the dollars Woody has forked over for them. As was mentioned before, the move to get Favre enables your team to be competitive. In the longer term the Jets still face issues with fielding consistently competitive teams.

The Giants have Jerry Reese, who has thus far done all an organization can ask of his scout/player personnel director/general manager. It is too early to tell, but thus far the first looks at Kenny Phillips indicate Reese has done it again. Having a decision-maker who can consistently bring in talent no matter where he is picking is a tremendous skill offering the franchise the ability to remain competitive for the foreseeable future.

New York Jets vs. New York Giants in the Super Bowl?

August 7, 2008

Ultimatenyg blog is not full of insane predictions or ‘pie in the sky’ dreams. What we are saying here is that it is not unrealistic to think that either of these two teams should be “live” for competing strongly for a Super Bowl appearance in the next two years. Sure, the Giants need Burress to get “healthy.” The Jets need to get over that snake-bit loser mentality. But Favre changes a lot of things. Jenkins and Faneca change a lot of things. BOTH teams have realistic championship aspirations, that is all that needs to be stated here. There are so many variables of luck involved, injuries etc… to make a statement that ANY team in particular is headed to the title. All we can say is that both teams are going to have very respectable shots.


August 7, 2008

and Wonder also guarantees 4000 yards for the season assuming late season weather not an issue. Favre is perfect for the Jets, says Wonder. Cotchery and Jenkins to have big years. Keller will benefit as the rookie TE. Jenkins, Rhodes and Revis will go to the Pro Bowl if they can make the playoffs. With Favre, Thomas Jones will have a good year. Duh, Coles will be a very happy WR too. Jenkins all pro guaranteed. Mangold says it takes two guys to handle him. Favre will add tremendously to the team. “D’Brick-a-pussy is now the weakest link on the offensive line.” Jets should trade Pennington to Minnesota, KC or Atlanta for ~5th round pick. He can mentor Ryan. Minnesota will win its division if they start Pennington- he does well in domes (lack of wind).

Brett Favre is being traded to the NY Jets

August 7, 2008

Jay Glazer reports Favre is going to the a NY Jet. .. for a conditional draft pick.

Brett Favre, Aaron Ross and Sanya Richards

August 4, 2008

1) Yesterday Goodell reinstated Favre. What this means now is that the ball is in the Packers’ court. The Packers tried unsuccessfully to buy Favre out by offering him $25M in a lifetime personal services contract; Favre turned it down because Favre wants to play (we can take that for face value… this is where all the oldtimers chimed in about offering their services). So now the Packers have to decide if they pay Favre $13M per year to ride the bench or trade him to someone else. The Vikings are rumored to be the ones most willing to pay up for a trade. What a mess.

Time is against the Packers, unless there is a high profile injury. If (as an example) Eli Manning went down for the season in a preseason game, would the Giants be willing to trade for him? For a one year solution to his injury, absolutely they should. That is how the Packers might play it, simply willing to use the insurance until someone outside of the division is willing to pay up for his services. It is easy to understand why they would not want to move him to Minnesota, but if they get a credible offer from someone in the AFC, the deal will come together quickly. Considering that every year a prominent QB or two gets hurt in a manner that destabilizes the team (because of lack of credible backup), I would not be surprised to see something happen along this path.

2) It would certainly be interesting to watch Aaron Ross race Sanya Richards in the 200 Meters. They should stage it promotionally for charity. Even Ross admits he doesn’t know who would win. She will certainly be getting a lot of attention at training camp (and obviously the Olympics).