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Slim Pickings

April 21, 2009

In the past few weeks we have dissected Wide Receiver and to a lesser extent Linebacker. These are two of the Giants’ biggest needs. But they have needs elsewhere. They will likely use the draft to bring a RB, TE, S, OL, CB .. namely every other position except DL, where they nuked it in free agency.

Wonder Commentary

Tight End
Pettigrew- Not as good as everyone thinks. Can block. Good for the Giants. If he is there at #29, take him.
Cook- Pass catching TE. 3rd Round Quality.
Nelson- 4th Rounder.
Coffman- Small, not fast enough.
Casey- No.
Ingram- 1st Round talent. Best in the draft, but all up to the Doctors. Your medical staff makes the determination on this one.
Beckum- Potential. 4th/5th rounder.

Robinson- LOVE HIM! Late 1st Rounder to early second rounder. If you can get him in mid to late second round it is stealing!
Johnson- Big Motherbrowner. Gigantic size. Good feet. Can he keep his weight down? If so, he can be great. Problem is that if he cannot, he’ll balloon up to 400+ and be worthless to everyone except McDonalds shareholders.
Levitre- solid.
Urbik- late 4th/5th round
Canfield- late 4th/5th round
Vasquez- Some chance 5th/6th round.

Mack- Not as good as Mangold. Good. Solid. Late 1st round, early 2nd rounder. Good for 10 years in the league.
Unger- same as Mack
Wood- Ok, not spectacular.
Caldwell- Interesting, could be good 3rd/4th round

Jenkins- Mistake taking him in 1st round, 2nd round quality. Not a shutdown corner.
Davis- Too risky. Not for me in the 1st round. Needs Cover 2, once again not a shutdown corner.
Butler- LOVE HIM! Best corner in the draft. He can browning cover, and he will stick his nose in to stop the run, even though he is small he is not afraid to do the dirty work.
ASmith- Great cover guy, not good on run support.
Moore- Sleeper at Safety.
SSmith- mediocre, middle to end of 3rd round.
Harris- mediocre.
Byrd- I Like him. Football player. Lacks speed.
DSmith- Has potential. Slow. 6th round flyer.

Running Back
CWells- warming up to him. Got healthier, stronger, faster. VG for Jets. Cold weather horse. Take him mid to late 1st round, good compliment to Reggie Bush if Saints interested.
Moreno- warming up to him as well. Tweener. HB? FB? Neither?
DBrown- YES YES YES! Giants take him #29. Like Curtis Martin with good hands. Love him!
McCoy- No.
Greene- Love him! Late second round is stealing him.
MWells- No.
ABrown- Great 3rd round pick. Underrated. Steal in the third round, lots of potential.
Jennings- Could be great, runs upright, Eric Dickerson. (Take your chances on injuries with that style?)

Note how Wonder did not ‘seemingly’ review many in each of these positions. The crop is thin at most of these positions and there was not much to say after the first handful of names. Even guys he likes or has in the first round, many would have been 2nd rounders last year. His ratings simply have to be pushed up because of the thinness of this draft. Just means less depth in numbers.