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Free Agency about to begin

February 27, 2009

and nary a peep from the Ultimatenyg blog. Sometimes it is what we don’t say that is just as important as what we say. Hit the snooze button when the Free Agency alarm goes off. Reese is so calculated that it is almost boring. He wanted Jacobs done, so he tagged him and then negotiated his deal without worry for the deadline. He wanted Dockery so he put a #2 draft tag on him for compensation. He was ambivalent about the market price for Ward (who still has a small chance of landing back in NY if his age scares enough people away) and Butler, so he let those two go to free agency. We’ll stick with our bias called inertia. Inertia says a body that is at rest stays at rest. So a Reese that has been inactive with high-priced free agents the last two years will remain inactive with high-priced free agents this year as well. One site points to the Giants being hot for TJ Houshmandzadeh. I do not believe it. It means that Reese sees a dire need for WR and feels that he is worth the $10M reach. We have not seen Reese pay $2M, let alone $10M in free agency. So unless Reese can get a (more modest) deal for a player he likes in a position he needs, he is not opening up the wallet. $10 browning million? I like TJH, but not that much, and Reese is more conservative than all of us put together. For $10M, I want Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. TJ Houshmandzadeh… nice player, too rich a price. Wonder: “TJHoushmandzadeh is a 30 uear old version of Steve Smith, so they won’t do that.” Thank you! Wonder just articulated my point, that TJH is not stretching the field for you the way a Fitzgerald or Johnson can. NOT HAPPENING!

By the way, I asked the Wonder what high-priced free agent would be good for the gmen… his answer: BART SCOTT!! “The Giants need Bart Scott so bad, it is ridiculous. I am afraid to admit it, because I want Bart Scott for the Jets, but the Giants would score if they could get him.” AMEN. STOP THINKING WIDE RECIEVER AND START THINKING LINEBACKER! Back to planet earth, as much as I would love to beef up LBer, do not count on Reese going after him because thus far he has been tight with the dollars.