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Wonder on the NFL, A to Z

August 15, 2008

1) The Steven Jackson holdout does not make sense. He is the best RB in the league inside the tackles. Trade?

2) The Giants are CRAZY not to sign Burress. Shockey is gone, Burress won you a Super Bowl, he played hurt for you- what kind of message is that to your other players? How can you not reward him? (you had me at hello, Wonder)

3) Matt Ryan can be very good in the NFL as a top 10-15 QB but you cannot rush him along… with that fast turf in Atlanta they will have DEs running around end killing him. Where else did something like this happen?… None other than …

4) David Carr. David Carr is a GOOD QB. He got annihilated like no QB ever before. Crippled by OL and because he was rushed into service. Same thing can happen to Ryan if Atlanta feels the Vickless shadow too much.

5) The Jets QB kid Ratliff has a bazooka arm. Wonder almost went nuts last year when they put him on the practice squad and left him vulnerable to being picked up by anyone willing to scoop him up.

6) Don’t fill rookies’ heads with all this information. Example: stop teaching DE’s the entire playbook and keep it simple. Point them to the QB and say “kill.” Let them PLAY! The inundation of all the complexities of the schemes is overkill for these kids and it can ruin them. (The Giants, to their credit, kept it simple for Kiwi in his first season and did not put him in too many early downs, preferring to use him to simply rush the QB.) Wonder specifically does not like the tentativeness of Gholston… he wants the Jets to just let their #6 pick in the draft go North to the QB.

7) WR Hardy, taken in the second round, looks great.

8) He is a little surprised by the early word on Phillips, but admits it looks good.

9) SIGN BRANDON JACOBS. I disagree with Wonder here. Wonder simply believes Jacobs won’t (necessarily) get hurt, admitting that would be the only way it (signing him now) does not pay to do that. I think that Jacobs runs too high, he will get hurt, so make him take care of himself and if he makes it through the season w/o gtg hurt and has a great year, you pay the man.

10) Big mistake for the Giants to cut Moss. We went through the math and the conclusion was in yesterday’s post that you have to put Tyree or Manningham on IR.

11) If the Giants are lacking depth at TE, look at what the Jets may be forced to do, because the Jets are loaded at that position. Get Pociask if/when he is cut by the Jets.

12) Olivea is a load.

13) Dallas was smart to go Felix Jones over Mendenhall because Jones is a much more different look vs Marion Barber.

14) Dallas is a LOADED. The only spot they are not deep at is WR, so as long as Owens stays healthy they are ok, the achilles for them is if something happens to Owens. As long as Owens ok, Dallas is going to the Super Bowl. They will be 13-3 at a minimum, more likely 14-2 or 15-1. No one in the NFC will stop them. They pratically have a bye into the Super Bowl.

15) Steve Smith will have a GIGANTIC year for the Giants. He’ll be pushing Toomer for that #2 depth chart spot. VERY BIG ON SMITH.

16) Josh Johnson of TB will be a very good QB in 4 years.

17) Lynch forced out, cut by the Denver Broncos. What does this say about picking BARRETT in the 7th round?!!! It means they have to like how things are going, because they certainly feel comfortable with the rookie as a second stringer already, doing that move so early in preseason.

18) Confounding draft day move… Jax trading up to #9 for Harvey and then NOT signing him? Sign him already. You wanted to go up to the top 10 where the prices for rookies is insane? TFB, now pay up for that move.

19) Giants and Jets both to win ~9.5 games. Giants are a very good team but they are playing in a division that is loaded, so the math means they have to lose games.

2008 NFL Draft Preview- NY GIANTS ON THE CLOCK

April 25, 2008

1) NEEDS. The biggest offseason losses were Mitchell and Wilson. So LB and S are the biggest needs. Reese picked up Danny Clark and Sammy Knight to enable FLEXIBILITY in going after as much VALUE as possible. Those acquisitions are not long term answers, so you still have to expect the Giants to target those positions early. Reese is smart- he gets stopgaps so that he can maneuver on draft day.

2) Which returning starter is the WEAKEST LINK on DEFENSE? S James Butler. Butler is an overachieving UFA. While he is a competent tackler, his lack of speed is consistently a liability. The Giants can AND NEED to improve here.

3) Which returning starter is the WEAKEST LINK on OFFENSE? LT David Diehl. It pains me to say this because I am such a huge Illini fan, but I think that makes my objectivity even stronger here. David Diehl is an unbelievable 5th Round draft choice who has not missed a start in FIVE seasons (86 consecutive starts). Great Guard. Weak tackle. Too vulnerable on the edge. Second in the league in sacks allowed in 2007. Abused by Adalius Thomas in the Super Bowl. Reese loves Diehl for his work ethic and durability, but he’ll be pragmatic and draft a LT HIGH. VERY HIGH.

4) PICK #31. Ultimatenyg’s expert draft analyst is “Wonder.” Wonder dissects the first round like this…You can easily see

6 OL (Long, Clady, Albert, Otah, Williams, Cherilus)
2 QB (Ryan, Flacco or more likely Brohm to GB)
3 DT (Dorsey, Ellis, Balmer)
4 DE (Gholston, Long, Merling, Harvey)
5 DB (100% RCromartie, McKelvin, Jenkins, combo of 2 from Flowers/Talib/Cason/Phillips)
2 LB (Rivers, Mayo)
4 RB (McFadden, Mendenhall, Stewart, Jones)
2 TE (Keller, Davis)
4 WR (BUFFALO????+TENN+PHIL+WASH+DAL???? taking Thomas, Sweed, Hardy, Kelly)

That adds up to 33 players for 30 spots before the Giants pick. This means that at worst you could end up with LB Quentin Groves from Auburn or Safety Tyrell Johnson from Arkansas State. Wonder loves Groves. There is volatility in the pick but the upside is a total home run, great value at #31. On Johnson, he is a very good pick at #1, he STARTS AT SAFETY ON OPENING DAY and would not be able to get out of the starting lineup for years to come. Two keys before the Giants pick… who does Buffalo take at #11. Wonder thinks it is quite possible that they take WR Devin Thomas, and if they do it is CELEBRATION TIME IN EAST RUTHERFORD, because that means an extra team taking a WR and leaving a great oppty for other players to fall to the Giants. Second key… If Denver does NOT take Mayo it is possible he could fall all the way to the Giants.

The draft is loaded with Offensive Tackles; Gosder Cherilus (Boston College) can fall to #31 simply because there are 5 OLinemen rated above him by consensus.

WR James Hardy (Indiana) may somehow fall to #31, that is another Wonder steal at that slot. Take the tall 6’7″ Hardy and now you can definitely trade Shockey, says Wonder. The same argument is even easier to see if TE Keller falls to #31.

5) PICK #63. Wonder has Bryant, Avril, Nicks and Barrett as potentially there and representing value for the Giants at this spot. My favorite is Barrett, because this is a Safety at the right spot and right time. He can get the help of Knight, does not need to be an immediate starter, he’s a good quality pick that matches need and lastly you are not wasting a first rounder on a position like Safety. If the Giants are keyed on getting interior DL help (it depends on their outlook for Jay Alford), then Bryant is your answer.

6) PICKS ON DAY 2. Wonder offers the following Day 2 names as players representing value in later rounds: Carl Nicks, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson, Curtis Lofton, Cliff Avril, Jeremy Thompson, Kellen Davis, Mike Pollack, Chilo may be available in 3rd round if LUCKY… also have Patrick Lee, Marcus Howard, Justin King (steal !!)…after that you have guys like Tyvon Branch, Donnie Avery, Brad Cottam, Eddie Royal, Jeremy Zuttah, Craig Stevens, Tom Zbikowski, Terrell Thomas…Mike McGlynn…ALL would have great value anytime after round 3…total speculation as what to expect, and who will fall in 5-7….have to wait until AFTER the first day is over to have any clue…

7) There are a few potential first rounders that Wonder says to avoid. They are LT Chris Williams, S Kenny Phillips, LB Dan Connor, WR Desean Jackson, TE Fred Davis and WR Malcolm Kelly.

8) Wonder separately points out a scenario in Round 1 where Oakland picking #4 would choose from Chris Long or Gholston, not care who it is, and let time expire to have the Chiefs pay more at #4 and let the Raiders save cap space too. The Top 10 salaries have gotten so out of hand that it is making a mockery of the ‘reward’ you get for picking high. Gene Upshaw and the Players Union are awol.

Summary- LB, S, OT are biggest needs. Groves, Johnson, Mayo, Cherilus and Barrett get the Wonder seal of approval for meeting those needs, if they are available.

Live draft coverage on Saturday and Sunday.


April 21, 2008

The Giants Pick at #63. Here is a list of people Wonder says if available at #63 the Giants are out of their mind not to take:


This is the spot where I like Barrett. He is a good safety. When you have a need for Safety, taking someone at Round 2 is smart, not Round 1. According to Wonder (a diehard Jets fan and hater of ALL New England sports teams): “if the bastards grab Barrett.. I shoot myself.” So here is to hoping that the Giants get Barrett at #63 and the Patriots do not take him at #62… for our sake AND Wonder’s health. Wonder is hoping that both the Giants and Patriots pass on Barrett and that the Jets take him early in Round 3. That could happen because Barrett could easily be a third rounder from OTHERS PERCEPTIONS. If the Giants are able to get Barrett at the very last pick of Round 2 that is akin to a third round draft choice anyway, so get him there and have a smart player in Knight groom him.