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Weather update, injury update, random comments

January 17, 2008

Injury Update:
Sam Madison (abdominal) and Kevin Dockery (hip flexor) did not practice today. Aaron Ross participated in the workout on a limited basis. Ross wore a harness on his shoulder. He said he will wear a less-cumbersome brace in the game. “I can still move, I can still intercept the ball,” Ross said. “Things I need to do I can do. I’m getting treatment three times a day. It’s feeling a lot better. I have a good range of motion. By Sunday I should be a hundred percent.”

Weather Update:
Single digits, Wind 10mph… (wind chill would be -10F assuming 5 degree temps).

I keep reading random stories from friends that are great to share. Andy L remarks that even his totally sports-ignorant wife was able to figure it out that the game was won when a roar was heard two flights up in his home. Charles says that apparently his reaction to the McQuarters INT was so delirious that the cat took a few hours to come out of hiding. My loudest reaction of the night? A yell that shook the house when Webster dropped that easy INT pick.


Video link

January 16, 2008

This one’s for all of you out there who can’t stand Dallas as much as I can’t stand Philly. Giants Celebrate Win Over Dallas, Romo, TO, … Thanks Mike. (disclaimer- some might find the content in this video immature, childish, stupid, classless, objectionable… AND YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!)

Manning Improvement

January 16, 2008

Some raw Manning stats:

Games 1-15: 19 TD, 19 INT, passer rating 70
Games 16-18: 8 TD, 1 INT, passer rating 123

Also note that the last 3 weeks have been against the 4th, 2nd, and 9th rated NFL defenses. (fyi GB is the 11th ranked defense, the Giants are the 7th ranked defense.)

Manning has played in 59 games. In his first 56, he had TWO games this caliber. 2 out of 56. And now 3 excellent games in the past three starts. For ideas on what has happened to manifest this change, click on the link to an earlier post which discusses the Manning Pump Fake.

This is the story of why the Giants are here. Yes, there are 44 other guys that suit up each game, and football is a team sport. But Manning’s contribution as QB has been volatile, from game to game, from quarter to quarter! In the past three games all of that has gone out the window. We have seen Manning lead his team down the field to score TDs before, but perhaps not in the same game that he also threw 0 INTs as well. The games are getting more complete.

Those who have been regular readers of this blog know that we think the change came from playing against people like Ronde Barber. They jump routes and get INTs, and Manning led the league in INTs and knew he had to do something. The pump-fake changed it all. On the 52 yard TD to Amani Toomer in Q1 of Dallas, Manning calmly looked to the right side of the field before going to the left side and getting the ball to him. He was not doing that regularly the first 15 games. If Toomer was his first target, that means he was looking off one side of the field. I do not believe that that was the case, but if it was then it was helpful in giving Toomer adequate space. More likely he was simply going through his progressions and found his safety blanket… but going down the list of his options was not done well by Manning either, so this is improvement too. (Last year he would have hurriedly looked to dump the ball off to Barber.) All I know is that Toomer got the ball with space, so he was already moving with the ball when he broke the pivotal tackle attempt of Henry and went the distance. If Manning is locked on him the way he seemed to be games 1-15, I do not think the play has a result the way it does. The smallest things in football are the difference between a play that works and a play that doesn’t in the NFL. Fractions of a second. Manning is getting those fractions of a second right now and he needs to keep doing what he is doing. The best QBs (duh, Favre and Brady) do this ALL NIGHT LONG. They go through all of their progressions, they look off defenders, they pump-fake to get separation for their WRs, they telegraph as little as humanly possible.

Speaking of telegraphing, we have another safety to be wary of this weekend, Atari Bigby. He covered so much ground in the Seattle game that Daryl Johnston was almost lovestruck. The secret to his ‘success’ was a combination of good speed and playing centerfield with Hasselbeck’s eyes. He closed in on pass plays because he knew where the ball was going and was seemingly everywhere. If you want space between your receiver and Bigby, you better look him off SOME of the time or else he is going to lean on that tendency ALL of the time, just like Landry and Sharper have done to Eli in the past.

“He studied and he’s been able to utilize that to pull people out of position,” Tom Coughlin said with a chuckle before adding: “You’re seeing Tony Romo do the same thing if you look at tape.” Any QB who wants to survive in this league MUST do that or else their numbers and performance will suffer.

“The old Eli would have just fallen down and took the sack,” (Terence) Newman said. “But this guy is making smart decisions, dumping the ball off, keeping drives alive. He’s playing a lot better. We sure hope we can make him be the old Eli.” Sorry Terence Newman, you did not get old Eli. Let’s keep seeing the new Eli.

Two tickets to the NFC Championship in your locker

January 16, 2008

Dallas hadn’t won a playoff game in 11 years. TO told us to getcha popcorn ready. Jerry Jones put two tickets to the NFC Championship in the locker of every player before the game. Wade Phillips says that Dallas was the better team despite the loss.


As an appetizer, here is one of the first previews of what we will see this weekend.

Coughlin Injury Update and Latest Weather

January 14, 2008

Coughlin interview link

Any update on Aaron Ross or any other injuries from the game?

You ask about Ross, he is sore, but we will see day-to-day what is going to happen with that.

Can you talk about the status of Sam Madison, Kevin Dockery, and Aaron Ross for this week?

In terms of Madison and Dockery, progress is being made, but it is something that is going to be evaluated every day and really I don’t have any comment on it right now. I would like to see where we are on Wednesday before we comment on anything. I know that Aaron is sore but that kind of an injury has been controlled and is being controlled by a young man on our team right now in terms of Mike Matthews. Hopefully we can get the strength back where it belongs and we can do some things here to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Aaron, who wants to play and has talked about it, we can get him right back on the practice field. We are looking to be able to do that first.

Latest GB Sunday Weather:
Temp 8-12F
Winds 10-15mph
Wind Chill -5F to -15F
Perhaps a chance of snow showers or light snow.

Trivia Question

January 14, 2008

How much time was remaining when Coughlin went into the tank and rolled out the prevent offense (runrunrunkick)? 5 minutes left? How about 6 minutes? No, and no. Guess again.

He had a 4 point lead, be nice, he knew that it would hold up, so we were all wrong and he had it all measured up, it was okay to burn clock!

9:27 left.


Fassel was a total meathead for going into the tank with 17 minutes left and a 24 point lead. This time it is 9:27 left and a 4 point lead. I am not sure which is worse. You play with fire and you WILL get burned. Try doing that with Favre next week, we’ll see who needs a skin graft.


January 14, 2008

Game time 630PM Sunday January 20th.
Temperature 0 degrees F. Wind speeds cannot be forecasted yet, but they could be light.

Getcha Popcorn Ready! (Pt. 2)

January 14, 2008

So many players gutted this one out. Webster on TO all game with man coverage. Wilson with shoestring tackle of Barber, and goal line broken up pass to force a FG instead of a TD. Umenyiora for going up against Adams all afternoon until the dam finally broke in the Q3. Strahan doing it all. Ross playing inspired, making great tackles until he had one too many injuries. McQuarters making special teams plays, passes defensed and the final INT to seal the win.

The rookies Boss/Bradshaw/Smith making key plays. Toomer all world with 2 TDs. The offensive line protecting Manning. Diehl having a great game vs Ware. Manning (brilliant in late Q2 drive) with 2 TDs and 0 INTs, held back by Gilbride but getting it done.

Special teams solid, and beat Dallas noticeably. Hixon with a return to midfield. McQuarters w a return to the Dallas 40.

3 penalties, yet again not beating ourselves with mistakes, contrary to Dallas racking up 11 and arguably costing them the game.

And now for some humor from the ailing NY Giants peanut gallery:
“Kevin Gilbride is an incompetent!! His offensive game plans and use of his players has sucked all year. He tried to run Jacobs outside and ran Bradshaw inside. Bradshaw would have made those first downs. He didn’t even try to pick up a first down in the Giants last two possessions. We were lucky that Dallas just crumbled. Bradshaw is a game breaker yet he hardly plays. He is, in my opinion, the find of the season maybe the decade. Chosen right at the end of the draft.”

“If Giants lost game on that last pass intercepted by McQuarters, my plot is in Long Island–etc”

“Second greatest underdog win in (our team’s) life. I hate to say it, but I really want to see this team beat GB. I am greedy now. These opportunities come so rarely and this one is a total surprise.”

“What were the odds of Peyton watching his kid bro play & he was knocked out???!!!”


“I heard that Jerry Jones taped a pair of tickets to next week’s championship game at (Texas stadium) to the locker of each of his players. Ha you smug pr*ck.”

Pack is -7 favorite over the Giants

January 14, 2008

NYG 21 DAL 17 Part 1

January 14, 2008


Outside of the PREVENT OFFENSE, which prevents you from winning, this was a great win.

Coughlin and Gilbride better kiss Spagnuolo’s toes, because the two of them SHAMEFULLY WENT INTO THE PREVENT OFFENSE and did not have to make this game go down to the wire. The defense deserves accolades for playing 60 minutes. We are up 21-17 WITH THE BALL and we runrunrunkick. We are up 21-17 with the ball and we runrunpasskick. It is a minor miracle that we survived the last two Dallas possessions to live another week, two possessions that arguably were not even required to jeopardize a potential victory.

WHERE IS BRADSHAW? Do you realize that until the last offensive possession, Ahmad Bradshaw was in on only two possessions (which both netted TDs) and was part of 14 of the 21 points scored?!!!! THIS TEAM COULD HAVE SCORED AT WILL HAD HE BEEN IN THERE ALL GAME.

The defensive line had no pressure until late in Q3, and the game turned when they started getting to Romo. The secondary of this team played ACES, decimated by injury, held together with scotch tape and sticky glue. They shocked the world. They even shocked us diehard Giants fans. When Ross gets hurt, gets hurt again, all I am thinking is that our nickel back is Geoffrey Pope, who as of a week ago was on the practice squad! Maybe we can get Madison back next week. Maybe Ross is not seriously hurt. No matter- we are going to Green Bay!