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Arnie V’s perspective

January 13, 2009

The email, phone calls and comments keep pouring in. And I can tell you, it ain’t pretty. Everyone needs a Giants grief counselor right now, including yours truly.

Here is one from Arnie V., a diehard Giants fan for 7 decades. Arnie was interviewed by the blog a while back, and I felt it appropriate that his perspective be shared with the ultimatenyg giants blog.

In trying to get over the frustration of yesterday’s game, I thought that I would take the long view of Giant disappointments. I have been a Giant fan since 1940, and we have only won 4 championships in those 68 seasons (1956, 1986, 1990 and 2007). Before the Super Bowl in that span, the Giants lost 8 Championship Games (1941, 1944, 1946, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962 and 1963). They therefore were 1 and 8 in that era in playoff games.

Since the Super Bowl started in the 1960s, the Giants have been in the playoffs by my count 14 years (1981, 84, 85, 86, 89, 90, 93, 96, 2000, 02, 05, 06, 07 and 08), with a record of 16 and 11. However, 10 of those wins were in the 3 Super Bowl Championship years. They therefore lost their last game 11 years out of the 14. Some of those losses were very painful:
1989- The Flipper Anderson TD to end OT
1993- The 44-3 loss in SF, which was LT and Simms’ last game
1997- Blew the game to Minn. at the very end
2000- Terrible loss to Baltimore in the Super Bowl
2002- The 39-38 loss in SF, maybe the worst of all
2005- Blowout loss to Carolina
2006- Close loss to the Eagles by a late FG
2008- Giants were the better team and should have beaten the Eagles yesterday

With this summary, you have to conclude that being a Giant fan will most times result in end of season frustration and disappointment. That is why you have to particularly savor the winning seasons like 2007. Lets hope another one comes along sooner than the 17 years between 1990 and 2007.

We all are smart enough to know that you cherish the wins. I think the thing that is most painful about this loss is that we beat ourselves A LOT MORE than the Eagles beat us. You cannot take away anything from the Eagles. But you have to accept the fact that the Giants let one get away. The Flipper Anderson game for me was cured only by the 1990 championship. The SF 39-38 loss was cured by the 2007 SB XLII title. Call me a poor sport, call me in grief ‘denial,’ but it is going to take more than time for me to close this chapter. Right now I would settle for Gilbrown being booted. That is not happening, for the same reason that Fassel stayed and Fox went. The Giants love that loyalty. I love that thing called championships. This New York Giants Blog is about championships, and when you do not close on a year like this, it is a sin far greater than Detroit 0-16. I never ‘accepted’ the Flipper Anderson result. Neither did Parcells or his players. That gave them plenty of hunger to climb back for a title. Maybe that is what this team needs right now- to not “accept” the outcome in the sense of rededicating themselves to not wasting their opportunities this coming season and to remember the feeling right now as a motivating factor for next year.

Yes, I saw the interview by Michael Strahan of Earth, Wind and Fire on the Fox pregame. And when Bradshaw answered truthfully (with a coy smile) that he did not want BOTH Jacobs AND Ward back, I had a coy smile too. Bradshaw may or may not be the answer next season, but at least we are going to TRY and FIND OUT, which is a lot more than our friend Gilbrown did THIS season.

Deja Blue All Over Again

January 9, 2009

I am at peace. I have serenity within my Giant madness…

So many things about this game are IDENTICAL. THE GIANTS GET A DO OVER.

This is a total gift, having seen them in the exact same conditions. We get to turn back time and play the exact same game over again and prove that W14 was a bad day at the office, that THIS Sunday is the real Giants. This game is a gift. If we waste the gift, nobody to look at except ourselves. And since the Gmen are the better team they will take advantage of this gift and win.

The wind means it will be a tighter game, less points likely. No bet, the gmen could win a bleeder as much as they could win big. Could be Giants 13-10. The wind means Eli will only be able to burn them deep/stretch the field when they load the box in 2 out of 4 quarters. It shortens the game, just like W14. But Jacobs will be back and he will be bad, they’ll need 8, prob 9 to stop him, so Eli will have opptys. In the wind, you simply have to do the things we talked about ad infinitum. If my friend Gilbrown has learned ANYTHING from W14, he should be fine. and we should kick their brown. W/o the wind I really felt good about the outcome, with the wind, I feel we will have some struggling moments but should come out on top nonetheless. The giants are the better team… The Giants had the same exact opponent in the same exact stadium with the same exact manpower loss (Burress) and the same exact weather conditions…. ya think they could learn about what they did wrong and what they need to correct? OF COURSE.

NO EXCUSES, it is ALL on the Giants and their coaches for not getting it done if they somehow fall short. They will get it done, I have enough confidence in all of them, and in this spot, I do have (barely) enough confidence in Gilbrown because he had 5 weeks to figure it all out. If he does not get it now, then shame on him. But with the better skilled players, Spags will certainly figure out ways (esp with Cofield and Pierce and Robbins (and Tuck?!) healthier) to stop McNabb and Westbrook.

A shout out to Ron, who points out that “McNabb is most dangerous when he runs outside on 2nd down and gets his 8 or 9 yards rushing to set up a short 3rd down play..and since he has turned his game around after the benching he has been doing that every game.”

Reread the postgame of the Eagles in W14 for some perspective on what was learned. Wake up and smell the Bradshaw. There are so many ways to improve from the last game we played vs this team. It is all there for them to figure out. Rest easy, Giants fans. The element of surprise is essentially gone. Coughlin is always stressing preparation. They should be prepared and the the Giants will win. Bring it! Next stop, NFC Championship.

Bradshawlic’s Anonymous Meeting #3

December 18, 2008

For those of you who do not get the reference, on my blog profile I have a quote from Casablanca where the Nazis are trying to close up Rick’s (Humphrey Bogart) Night Club.

I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here,” exclaims Captain Renault (Claude Raines), when coming up with charges to appease the Nazis so that the club can be closed. Renault is the local corrupt police officer who regularly takes payoff money from Rick, and the hypocrisy is laid on thick when the crupier coincidentally gives Renault his “winnings” (payoffs delivered thru a rigged roulette wheel).

Well, I’m shocked, shocked, to find that another outside voice of sanity asks aloud why on earth (or fire) #44 does not get more touches. Motown gives us a second nugget in the same day..

Matt Mosley: “For some reason, Tom Coughlin doesn’t trust Bradshaw enough to give him meaningful carries. That’s the guy who needs to touch the ball more. He’s a game-changing player who touches the ball about three or four times a game. Makes no sense to me.”

Would others find it shocking that we had a list of quotes from Super Bowl XLII eve on #44? No, I didn’t think so.

Did anyone else NOT see the 16 yard slip screen they ran to this guy? Like maybe they should be using this guy as the scatback Dave Meggett-type to spread the defense and make the opposing defense account for him? Wait a second, hold the phone, Tom Coughlin was ON the coaching staff of the 1990 team with Meggett. I’m shocked!

If Bradshaw is playing hurt, limiting his touches, then at least be smarter about it and use him on MANY of those 3rd downs to stretch the defense and leverage those touches you CAN give him.

You’re probably not shocked to know that the day that Osi Umenyiora was put on IR, we asked for TWO things: Kiwi back on the DL, and #44 starting in order to have a shot at winning another title without #72. Well, adversity is here (a little later than I thought, obviously) with #17 gone, and now we need some more help. WAKE THE BROWN UP. The championship is still within reach. Of course it is not too late.. it is 4 wins away. You lose one game-changer, use the one wasting on the bench, and while you are at it, (like everyone has suggested numerous times here already) put the other game-changer Hixon back on kickoffs to maximize the utility of this team. You can only lose once, so if you are going to go down, you might as well go down swinging.

Motown finds a Michigan guy

December 17, 2008

Motown woke us up to a Michigan guy. His name is Carl Banks, and he called out Kevin Gilbrown on everything, even at two points by name. He speaks to the issue of rhythm that Wonder stresses. He speaks out to ALL the things we ALL said on Sunday night. He speaks out to all the things we said in the recap.

“From an offensive standpoint they need a defibrillator, because there is no rhythm to it. Not making use of their short and intermediate passes with their backs as well as they should. They are getting beat with the same thing they should be beating other people with.”

Get a back in the flat. Move the chains. It is about moving forward. Stay in manageable yardage situations.

“Now comes the time to make the adjustments. When Eli had time to throw the ball, they were coverage sacks. Everyone is downfield and no one down short to dump the ball off to.”

paraphrased.. “They put Bradshaw in as a WR, they did a slip screen… Not that huge of a challenge because of the talent they have. They’ve got more than enough. They’ve got guys with skill sets that they just have to find ways to utilize.”

“It wasn’t like they didn’t know (that they would be without Plaxico and Brandon Jacobs).”

(quoted and paraphrased..) “How do you offset pressure? You have backs that can catch the ball. They have the same types of players as the ones beating them the past two weeks. Ward and Bradshaw are not as good as Westbrook but they are better than Choice and Barber and can do ALL of these things.”


Webster’s Dictionary

December 16, 2008

1) Negligent– failing to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances
Incompetent– lacking qualities for effective action
Of the two, negligence is far more serious. It implies known neglect. Yesterday’s post dealt with Gilbrown’s incompetence. But the more I thought about it, Gilbrown allowing his QB to get sacked 8 times in one game is NEGLIGENT. How dare he not protect his QB if his OL cannot?! He put the entire franchise at risk, given that Eli Manning is the franchise.

2) Speaking of Webster, I have zero problem with allocating a lot of resources towards a good CB. Once again, Webster was very good Sunday. He was part of the answer, not a question.

3) Speaking of protecing Manning, where was the ref with the nonsense browning flag when Brady James body slammed Manning to the turf?? And they give Tuck a flag for something half as bad in the first Dallas game? Ridiculous.

4) Everyone who doesn’t trust David Carr in there, just let Manning get sacked 8x per game and Eli will morph into David Carr. I saw Eli Carr out there Sunday night, come to think of it.

5) Perhaps I was not completely clear in my rant yesterday about Gilbrown. He is not the ENTIRE reason why the Giants dropped from 29 points to 3 points per game. This may be semantics, but to quantify in broad strokes, lack of Burress chops down some points, poor OL play chops down some points, not having that bully Jacobs chops down a couple of points. Gilbride cost the team double digit points. If they were able to have an identity, a game plan, an ability to adapt, the team could still manage to score 17, 20 points per game. The way the Giants defense was playing, that would have been enough to win.

6) Dallas was playing hurt too, so we did not exactly lose to a great team last night. Dallas is improved, but they are not great.

7) Mr. Platitude (Eli Manning) spelled it out after the game, wondering aloud : “Just because you miss one or two guys, we’ve got playmakers, we just didn’t get it done.” This is Mr. Manning being polite and saying that 11 men here still have plenty of talent to score more than 3 points per game.

8) Did everyone on the OL have the flu? David Diehl looked like he was sleepwalking on a couple of those sacks.

9) This team is banged up. It needs that bye in the worst way. Maybe this is part of the reason why the OL is not playing as well.. showing some wear.

10) I do not really subscribe to the theory that the Giants ‘miss’ Jacobs as much as others. As long as #44 is playing hurt, I admit Jacobs will be good to have back this weekend. Ward is not a big dropoff. The only point here to concede is that Ward is not the emotional leader that Jacobs is. If Bradshaw was 100% and being used properly by Gilbrown, no one would be missing Jacobs at all. In fact, Bradshaw would have delivered another Buffalo W16-type performance, in my incredibly biased opinion.

11) Reese did the right thing in not re-signing Jacobs. Yes, if he wants his services again he will have to pay more, but the only thing we learned from this year about him is that it is more true than ever that a 6’4″ RB will get injured during the year.

12) To my long-suffering Chiefs fans out there… There are a few of you who visit Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog. For these Chiefs folks, it is 40 years since Len Dawson. Alas, there is HOPE! Peterson was fired! (Anyone who would PAY to have Herm back must need a lobotomy.)


December 8, 2008

Into each life some rain must fall.

Even the magnificent Bears defense of 1985, the best defense I ever saw, and probably will ever see, lost one game. Life is not perfect. The Eagles had 10 days of rest, and I strongly believe that that had more to do with the Giants’ loss than anything else. Westbrook was healthier than at anytime since the beginning of the season. (How about shadowing him on 3rd down with a Safety instead of Pierce?) They wanted the game more than the Giants. The Giants are 11-2, they are division champions, they are going to bounce back from this loss the same way they did after Cleveland. And if they cannot make the adjustments necessary, then they don’t deserve the bid for SB XLIII we all feel they have a legitimate shot at. I believe they will get the answers. And if they don’t, then we can look for answers ourselves.

When Osi was put on season-ending IR, I nearly jumped off the skyscraper, but came to my senses a few hours later and said two things needed to happen: they needed to move Kiwi back to DL and they needed to start Bradshaw. Hours after that, they moved Kiwi back, but I am still waiting like the jackbrown that I am for #44 to get the ball. At this point, all I want is touches for the guy because he is #3 on the totem pole. He got 5 touches (all runs, all to the right(?)), and the Eagles are playing run as much as possible. So you see, the point here is that we are at a moment where someone is going to blink. The Giants have a tool in the shed, a card in their hand, that needs to get played in order for them to show YET ONE MORE GEAR in their engine, the GEAR that can put them over the top. The gear that can “help” them win a championship. I strongly feel that this card would have changed the offense this afternoon. Why? Because even though the Eagles are undersized, they were committed to stopping the run and that is why Hixon would be able to get behind everyone while Burress would not. So the answer is delayed pass to the TE or RB after they chip. It blows my mind that you have an open field runner like Bradshaw who can make people miss and yet you do not use him. Everyone keeps telling me (except my politically incorrect clone Nature) that Jacobs and Ward are fine, we can go all the way with them, and my answer is: fine, let’s go all the way with them but please get #44 the ball too. On days like these, it is simply impossible for me to believe he would not have made a difference, and probably a big one. I see the things #36 did and I say- let #44 do those same things.

So who is going to blink? When do the Giants coaches acknowledge that w/o Burress, it would be nice to be able to have something ELSE in the offense that stretches the defense? If the Giants offense keeps getting stacked at the line of scrimmage, it is going to be IMPERATIVE that the gmen find passing answers, and when the weather is inconducive to passing, what are you going to do? Blink? Or admit I am going to lose if I do not try something a little different, like using my fastest and most versatile back to take some pressure off of Eli and Hixon and the rest of the WRs. Like I said, necessity is the mother of invention. Nothing like the defense loading the box and losing your double covered WR for you to either respond by embracing change or BLINKING.

Remember, IT IS THE WIND. There was no wind in Tampa Bay or Dallas or Green Bay or Glendale AZ. There was no wind this season vs Washington (when we had no Burress and they loaded the box). YOU HAVE TO ASSUME MANNING IS GOING TO HAVE WIND IN THE MEADOWLANDS IN JANUARY. How do you meet that challenge? Tap that versatile asset sitting (okay, Nature, WASTING) on the sideline and get him in the game. If we get dealt this hand and do not play this card, then the Killdrives and Kilbrowns et al will come out of (wind) storage.

Eagles 23 Giants 0

December 7, 2008

Overall- Look at the score above, that is the true score, the true story. The FG block at the end of H1 and garbage time TD at the end of the game should not cover up the fact that our offense scored ZERO points folks. 0.0 In the last few years this blog has made only a few predictions/point spread outcomes, but this morning’s was spot on.

Feel free to skip straight to The Ugly below, if you want to read anything that is significantly on the margin.

The Good:

1) It is one loss, enables the team to get a wake up call and correct some things. No damage from this one loss in terms of getting the bye, in terms of still getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Bad:

2) Let’s remember that Dallas limped into the playoffs with homefield advantage in the playoffs last season, and a lot of good that did them. They were one and done, so there were lots of things that went wrong today that cannot continue…

3) The pass drops. These are the fundamentals, blocking and tackling, catching passes. If your receivers are going to drop balls it does not matter if you have the greatest OL or a passer putting it on the money. I lost track of all the guilty parties to this sin, and if I have the energy/time to go back this evening and watch the tape, I will come back here and edit in the names and numbers, but it was not pretty.

4) No pass rush on McNabb. See comments from NYG 36 Eagles 31 post.

5) POCKET CONTAIN ON McNABB was NOT THERE. Where have you gone Michael Strahan, our lack of pocket contain turns its lonely eyes to you.

6) Defensive coverage of Westbrook and the TE. Our linebackers are not our strong suit, and this is where they can get exposed. Westbrook 1 on 1 vs any LBer when healthy? It is going to be a field day for him. He is one of the best players in the entire NFL when healthy.. we forget (well, to be fair, not this blog, who mentions a healthy/Westbrook whenever we face the Eagles) this because we have not gotten a 100% Westbrook in quite a while. Believe it or not, as Andrew (see one of the very last comments in the prev post) states, the defense overall played okay enough for us to still have a chance despite all of the transgressions mentioned. It gave up many third down conversions, but its play would normally keep the team in the game.


7) Gilbride made many mistakes this game and his largest one was not playing within the field conditions. THE WIND CHANGED THE ENTIRE COMPLEXION OF HOW AN OFFENSE COULD RUN ITS GAMEPLAN. So Gilbride’s playcalling was mostly weak. The Giants went against the wind in Q1 and Q4. Manning could not throw the ball downfield, yes, it was not an accident that Gilbride made a great playcall on the very first play he had the wind, airing it out for Hixon. And yes, it is not Gilbride’s fault for dropping the ball. But where Gilbride goes awry is precisely where the Eagles did well… THE SHORT PASSING GAME. Where were the screens to RBs? Where were the checkdowns to your RB? Where was the QB scramble? Where were the RB slip screens? Where were the 5-7 yard slants to WRs to give them a little more confidence in not dropping the ball? How many balls were thrown out of the backfield to Ward and Bradshaw?

A guy like Westbrook is great on a day like today because he is great in small ball. And when the wind is what it is, small ball is not a good idea, it is a NECESSITY. The closest thing to Westbrook that the Giants have is Ahmad Bradshaw. Yes, this NY giants football blog is home of the Bradshawlics, we are completely biased and we fully admit that. But this game CRIED OUT for his EXTENSIVE USE. You have a tool box loaded with tools, use them! When you look at how the Eagles got their yardage today, they:

a) dinked and dunked to their TE coming out of the backfield AFTER blocking (that is a checkdown, folks) for a chunk of those 44 yards
b) hit Westbrook on checkdowns for 72 yards
c) McNabb scrambled for 20 yards.

That is a total of ~120 yards on bs, which was is over 1/3rd of their yardage on the day. That moves the chains and makes them control the ball, especially in spots where the wind was against them. WE TOUCHED THE BALL FOR EXACTLY ONE TIME IN Q3 WHEN WE HAD THE WIND. So the Eagles did precisely what we did not do. (And please do not forget how it keeps the defense on the field and demoralizes them, they do everything they need to do except stop them.)

We have been the nitpickers when ripping Gilbride, when asking for Eli Manning to run ONCE per game to keep the defense honest, when asking for them to use Bradshaw’s speed in the short pass out of the backfield, when asking for Manning and the RBs to practice those plays more so that the ball does not end up at the player’s foot instead of in his chest. Maybe these things become more important when the weather gets tougher. Maybe these things become more important when Hixon replaces Burress on a full time basis. Better to have this wakeup call now and let necessity be the mother of invention for Gilbride in W14 instead of Jan 10th-11th.

Summary: The Eagles came to play, the Giants were flat, not as sharp, but there is a lot to improve on, a lot to learn from. Better now than the Patriots in the Super Bowl or the Cowboys in the Divisional playoff round. Plenty of time to correct mistakes. It was not our day, but we will come back much stronger, assuming the normal adjustments are made and they come back hugrier, which I fully expect.


December 7, 2008

1) THE MAIN STORY FOR TODAY’S GAME: WIND. “Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph… Increasing to 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph this afternoon.” This will shorten the game, as two of the 4 quarters will limit offenses. If I were a betting man, these conditions favor the Eagles covering that large (+8) point spread. The Giants have won and covered 7 straight games, so that mitigates it somewhat. But as we mentioned earlier this week, they brought the line out to try to compensate for that. We’ll be happy if they kick the snot out of the Eagles, but if these conditions deteriorate as the game goes on, why lay so much wood? There is going to have to be much more running, the clock will tick. And wind gusts will happen in mid play, creating more volatility on thrown balls. Welcome to December.

2) Rob points out the draft of 2005: Corey Webster (2), Justin Tuck (3) and Brandon Jacobs (4). Ernie lives. Not bad, considering you DID trade away the (1) and (5) and only had 4 picks that year! 3 out of 4 pro bowl players, if not in name. Pretty impressive.

3) With Burress gone for the year, you have to expect the Redskins (and Arizona and Bengals) defensive approach to keep resurfacing now. The Eagles learned that they are not big enough to beat us with a 7 man front, so with Burress out, I expect more 8-man fronts. If you have a 100% chance of losing with a 7 man front (because the Giants will run it down your throat), then why not make Eli beat you with an 8 man front, where your chances for losing are only 85%? As we said earlier this week, you pick your poison against this Giants offense; w/o Burress and the double over the top, you have to play more 8 man fronts and take your chances. Hopefully by now, Gilbride has figured this out and knows what he needs to do, namely passing about 70-75% of the time if that hand is dealt to him. PUNISH THEM. Hixon et al can punish them.

4) Mike Francesa is ready to b(r)own Manning, Francesa is in love with him now, “he just wins.”

5) Steelers face Dallas with Demarcus Ware (probable) and Marion Barber out (did not even make the trip). Those two would be huge losses. With Barber out, the edge is already with Pitt, but if Ware is out also I would fully expect the Steelers to win the game. Even if Ware plays, it does not look like he will be 100%.

6) After the Dallas-Seahawks game, Ware and Romo on the sideline..
DeMarcus Ware: “Your were hot, you were hot today boy. I’m glad I’m not chasin’ your brown out there.”
Romo: “Me too.”

7) Yes, Westbrook will be healthy. That is a problem. Just like the Colts are a different team with and without Sanders, so it goes with a (HEALTHY) Westbrook.

8) Robbins, O’Hara and Bradshaw are Probable, Webster is Questionable. Webster practiced Friday but he remains a gametime decision.

9) The Steelers right now are perceived to be the #2 team in the league. The Dallas game will tell us a lot about the AFC and NFC, strength-wise.

10) No love lost between Burress and the bartenders at the Latin Quarter. “Burress was an a**. He was rude and disorderly and didn’t acknowledge anyone unless they were in the VIP section. He didn’t treat anybody with respect. I’d rather work with regular customers. Celebrities like Plaxico just cause more problems. He gives the club a bad rep,” the bartender said.

11) Ultimate timing: The tickets for today’s game against the Eagles have which player on them? You cannot make this up.. yes, Plaxico Burress.

12) Fwiw, I’ll be at the game, and if they name the defensive starters, I will be one of those supporting Pierce. After all of the misery he has been put through by that moron, he needs to know that Giants fans appreciate his efforts and are 100% behind him.

13) Another year, another Eagles game. Get ready for some fights in the stands.

Drink, Eagles fans, drink, on the road to binging-spree!
Fight. Fight, Fight! Score a sucker punch one two three!!
Hit em low, hit em high,
and watch our fists fly!!
Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to penitentiary!
A-N-I-M-A-L-S, Eagles!


December 3, 2008

1) From Police also want to talk to Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who they now believe was at the club as well…. Bradshaw has been contacted by New York City police and will make himself available for an interview, according to his attorney, Charles A. Stacy, of Bluefield, Va.

Mr. Bradshaw has been advised he is not suspected of any wrongdoing and is to be interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation of the incident involving Mr. Burress,” Stacy said in a statement sent to The Associated Press.

2) Separately, those diuretic suspensions came down.. as expected the Vikings are hurt by it and we will face them W17 w/o Pat and Kevin Williams.

Bradshawlic’s Anonymous Meeting #2

November 26, 2008
Bradshaw Math: 44-52=77

My name is Andy and I am a Bradshawlic. It has been many weeks since my last Bradshaw TD. When he got a few carries against the Ravens, then proceeded to fake Ray Lewis out of his jock strap on his way to that 77 yard carry, it was sweet music. Two more yards and the world would have known what we already KNOW. 4 more yards for the day and he would have had 100, a noteworthy accomplishment. Instead he once again was buried in the back of a 200 yard performance. Yes, there is no “I” in “TEAM.” And the Giants are 10-1, so I am not going to be a LenDale White and cry about the carries when my team has won 91% of its games.

But I can be a Bradshawlic!

It is bad enough that Bradshaw gets so few carries. Check out this little ditty- Bradshaw has 3 pass catches this season (1 of which is for a TD, a coincidence?!)… and Ward has (gulp) 31 pass catches! Whatthebrown! 3? 31? What is going on around here? And just to make me not commit myself to Bradshawlic Rehab, Ralph Vacchiano (Bullet 2)has given us a reality check for wondering aloud, is there a Bradshaw conspiracy when Jacobs goes down and Bradshaw still only gets 4 carries?



Hand the ball off to Bradshaw. Throw the ball to Bradshaw. Bring in Bradshaw in short yardage. Bring in Bradshaw in the red zone. I keep saying there is no reason we can’t score 40 points per game with this offense. If Bradshaw were playing the sane minutes he deserves, this offense could score 50 points per game. You think I’m nuts, right? I do not kid about these things, Giants fans. Dead serious. START YOUR BEST BACK ALREADY. His name is Ahmad Bradshaw.