Tampa Bay notes

Canty, Sintim, Ross, Nicks, Ware

Tuck, Hixon, Dockery, Koets


Garafolo’s Preview

Ultimatenyg (Burned Out, 5 stages of Grief Depression stage) Preview: Giants -7

Showtime Phil Simms:
Simms takes NY Giants
Simms praised the Giants, who “can do just about anything” (except score in the red zone), can still rush the passer and Leftwich holds the ball too long. Sapp does not understand what has happened to the DBs/defensive schemes of Tampa.


9 Responses to “Tampa Bay notes”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    When Plax went out last year I was screaming to anyone and everyone that we where in big, big trouble. I don't even remotely feel that way about Phillips. He is a luxury, not a necessity. If Tuck goes down we are in trouble. He is the only person on the D that can't be replaced.
    The O is no longer dependent on one wide receiver to force double coverage and prevent the other team from putting 8 in the box. We take what the D gives us and we can make them pay with big play after big play. If Snee or Ohara or Dhiel goes down then worry, but until that happens don’t sweat it.
    I know you know all this but maybe hearing it might help.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Because we are 2-0 and face 3 bad teams the next 3 weeks, we have this incredible luxury of time to heal and correct mistakes. In that sense, you are 1000% correct that we CAN get past the Phillips loss. But the margin for error has been reduced significantly.

    How much confidence do you have in Michael Johnson/ CC Brown/ Aaron Rouse to help us back there? I should rephrase- to "NOT HURT US" BACK THERE? I will remind you of a play in 2006 when we were in very good shape and then it all went to pot… We are beating the Bears on Monday night, they have the ball with a 3rd and ~20 yards and run a draw or some kind of handoff designed to get 10 yards and keep them from turning over the ball. Will Demps (OUR SAFETY) misses a key tackle, they convert the backbreaker, go on to win that game, and we were never the same. Injuries did us in that year. Tuck. Strahan. Arrington. We had a shot after beating DAL in DAL, ATL in ATL, but it all went south. The Giants got rid of Demps, got healthy, had a good draft and won a Super Bowl. Having good Safety play is still going to be needed. So losing Phillips is not small. Bottomline: we cannot afford more people lost to injury. If all the walking wounded get back to 100%, then maybe gtg exposed by Safety is not a BIG problem. But until everything else gets fixed, it's just one more thing that is currently a weakness for this team.

  3. Mitch Says:


    Yes you are right to a degree with the loss of Phillips.

    But the Giants coaching staff was pretty certain that Phillips was on his way to becoming an elite Safety.

    His quick lateral movement combined with his ball hawking and sledgehammer hits is what excited them most.

    It is a very big loss, but I will still wear my 21 Jersey all season.

  4. Mitch Says:

    Paul Dottino was speaking to Richard Neer on WFAN this morning. He has stated that Ramses Barden has practiced all week with Eli Manning with "one on one" fade routes, and suggests that this "may" be the week that Barden appears in our Red Zone Offense.

    Let's hope he is ready and most of all that TC thinks he's ready.

  5. Andy F. Says:

    A couple more successful fade routes and other forms of red zone conversions can make up for the blown tackle by a Safety that costs us a TD. The offense must carry the team while the defense gets healthy.

  6. Bob Says:

    I am also disgusted and feeling down re the injuries. However, being 2-0 in the division has a soothing impact on my battered psyche.

    I have a number of concerns re Sunday's game. Tampa ran all over Dallas, we had difficulty. Dallas ran roughshod over us. 90 degree heat, only 3 DT's to rotate. We are coming off a difficult emotional win. Tampa is 0-2, backs against the wall & at home. Could be a difficult game.

    The coaching staff needs to do a real good job to get the Gmen prepared for this.

    That's one of coaching's main responsibilities, keeping the Gmen
    up high for ALL the games.

  7. Oxbay Says:

    Yeah, but Mitch, can he play safety?

  8. Motown Blue Says:

    #58 echos some of the cocerns regarding the loss of Phillips and who fills in:


    We lose a player that we have hope for making a big player to CC Brown who we hope doesn't give up the big play.

    Carl also bottom line points to play calling in the red zone as the main issue. Need to involve more crossing routes such as that TD to Smith at Dallas. He calls out for Boss as well. They need to attack over the LBs in the middle, as I was shouting during the live feed in the Dallas game. If they are going to be aggressive with their LBs and load the box that should leave the middle of the field available.

    We get healthy and the DL performs to their billing we will mask the deficiiency at Safety. If it doesn't their margin for error will be much smaller.

  9. Andy F. Says:

    what does it mean when the two leading tacklers on your team are both Safeties?!!! I know what it means- it means that the DL and LBers are not doing a good enough job and this season will be very long if that stuff doesn't stop soon.

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