NYG-Dallas Intragame comments

Phillips will start. Look at the list of inactives.. they are almost all hurt:
Ross, Dockery, Canty, Nicks, Sintim, Ware. Koets also inactive (hurt?). I believe Whimper is the only inactive player who is not hurt.


111 Responses to “NYG-Dallas Intragame comments”

  1. Nature Says:

    1st down play pass in the REDzone pls GILBRIDE….defense is gonna have to win this in my opinion lets go blue

  2. Bob Says:

    Hixon too weak in red zone. Being muscled by CB's. Need throw to Boss.

  3. Nature Says:

    id BOSS not getting open? this guys gets no love. what is he 6'4 get em the ball in the redzone

  4. Pastime Princess Says:

    We kick 2 field goals this game and we will lose. It's TD's or give the ball up on downs but go for it. (kicking FG on first posestion on 4 and 9 was right call but should not have come down to that)

  5. YanksFan13 Says:

    It seems like our WR's and TE dont get open in the red zone. On the replay of the 3rd down play, Boss was covered too.

  6. Andy F. Says:

    the offense needs to win this game. gilbride came out great, he attacked early, but then (as u guys noted so well) no TE in the red zone.

  7. YanksFan13 Says:

    He called a nice play on 1st down inside the 20…but Hixon ran a poor route. Where is Manningham?

    And I agree that Boss should be a main red zone target…but he wasnt open on the 3rd down play.

  8. Mitch Says:

    same old gilbride 2nd and long….what does he do? Run Pathetic

  9. Mitch Says:


  10. Andy F. Says:

    ya baby! Bruce Johnson! ok, maybe the defense CAN win it!!!

  11. Mitch Says:

    andy…you know GMen are all about DEE

  12. Andy F. Says:

    "that was an oops".. an oops for US! nice catch by the rookie, doesn't he know DBs are supposed to drop the ball on those plays?!!!

  13. Mitch Says:

    OH YEAH!!!!!fUMBLE

  14. Andy F. Says:

    what a huge lift to have this rookie UFA come in for Dockery, play nickel back, and make an impact like that! he played a nice game last week too. what a lift. we'll need it.

  15. Andy F. Says:

    aanother red zone apearance..

  16. Mitch Says:

    Barden now in the Red Zone PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!

  17. Mitch Says:

    Or Boss

  18. Andy F. Says:

    Rule #5 again

  19. Pastime Princess Says:

    Rule 5

  20. Pastime Princess Says:

    this game should be 21 7 and becoming a laugher.

  21. Andy F. Says:

    keep pitching out instead of using your TE, Gilbride. How's that workin' for ya?

  22. Bob Says:

    Another pathetic performance in red zone. even my wife ( who doesn't follow football) says they never score near the goal line !!

    Need radically new red zone approach.
    spread out & pass to Boss, Barden &
    Beckum….ends with some muscle.

  23. Pastime Princess Says:

    The girls can run and we can't. Ouch

  24. Mitch Says:

    Kevin Killdrive You are the Worst

  25. Bob Says:

    Gee. Romo threw to his TE in the red zone & got a TD.

    Maybe braindead Gillbrown will copy that move.

  26. Andy F. Says:

    TE Witten in the red zone on 3rd and goal. what a shock, it worked using your TE.

  27. Mitch Says:

    never happen bob I'm convinced he's the most stubborn and dumb OC in the league

  28. Andy F. Says:

    yep Bob. TE = end zone.

  29. Motown Blue Says:

    D is over-pursuing and not hitting the lanes. Pierce and Blackburn on Witten forget it and pathetic.

    Gilbrown is killing this team. Appears that he believes there are only 3 players on offense: Jacobs, Smith and Hixon. Oh yeah, forgot about that brilliant pitch call to #44. Down 14-13 on 2 TOs….Browning maddening!

  30. Andy F. Says:

    manningham looks like Burress

  31. Andy F. Says:

    I'll say it again, manningham looks like Burress out there. he has separation every play

  32. Pastime Princess Says:

    That drive looked better. Looks like they are setteling down. It's 1 to nothing.

  33. YanksFan13 Says:

    Why are we having so much trouble running the ball?

  34. Andy F. Says:

    that Phillips play, shoestring tackle, HUGE

  35. Andy F. Says:

    Dallas defense is willing to play the run and let Eli beat them. So far is Eli is faring well until they get to the red zone.

  36. YanksFan13 Says:

    Again…no running game. I dont care what Gilbride does, what the passing game does, what the defense does.

    The Giants WILL NOT win this game if our O line doesnt start run blocking and winning the battle at the line of scrimmage.

    The run game has done NOTHING.

  37. Pastime Princess Says:

    there is Eli's inaccurancy. Cost us a 1st down on the girls 35

  38. Motown Blue Says:

    Cowgirls LBs are being very aggressive against the run. They need to counter with quick slants over middle, TE screens and WR bubble screens. Same stuff we always talk about. The middle of that field is wide open!

  39. Andy F. Says:


  40. Andy F. Says:

    ya babay!

  41. Motown Blue Says:


  42. Pastime Princess Says:

    don't know if it will be a td but it will be our ball. the girls are trying to give us this game.

  43. Pastime Princess Says:

    I agree motown

  44. Andy F. Says:

    no whistle, td

  45. Andy F. Says:

    we'll take it, but now gilguy has to finish

  46. Andy F. Says:


  47. Motown Blue Says:

    wow again…..Andy u are correct Burress 2

  48. Pastime Princess Says:

    That seperation by manningham was great. he blew by newman like he was standing still

  49. Mitch Says:

    I said before the season that manningham would be the man!

  50. Andy F. Says:

    Manningham is the X receiver. No disrespect to Hixon, but he needs to return kickoffs and be a backup to Manningham.

  51. Mitch Says:

    I agree

  52. Pastime Princess Says:

    Oline doing a great job protecting Eli. We get killdrive to do something in the greenzone and we have an easy 35 point already.

  53. Mitch Says:

    It is obvious that the Cowboys game plan was to stop the run because they got torched last week by Tampa Bay. It becomes imperative that Gilbrown adjust to this philosophy. If he can't do it then we can't expect our Defense & Specials to win this game.

    I'm starting the groundswell now…

    I'm sick and tired of Gilbrown and I'm not gonna take it anymore.

    Tom Coughlin…fire his a** and take over the Offense yourself. It has been done before…

  54. Andy F. Says:

    Eli has 150 yds in the first half- why? because he gets Smith and Manningham in single coverage. Keep passing the ball into single coverage and then the running game will loosen up. At this point Dallas is beating us in both lines of scrimmage but we are getting good protection of Manning, so keep passing. Btw, 1 pass in the half to our TE (incomplete), what are we trying to accomplish with that?

  55. Bob Says:

    TC is too rigid & inflexible to do the right thing & can Gillbrown.
    It was obvious at the end of last season that was necessary. this is adding insult to injury.

    In the meantime the team suffers.

    Note… not that much pressure on Romo. what's going on ??

  56. Andy F. Says:

    Hedgecock in red zone? how about beckum?

  57. Pastime Princess Says:

    someone please kill me. should be 38 17

  58. Andy F. Says:

    I do not know what else there is left to say. they got the running game to go off of a busted play at the beginning of the drive when Jacobs was stopped, he reversed course and turns a 1 yd gain into a 9 yarder. that sets everything else up, they put together a nice drive and it ends in a fizzle. and then tynes puts the cherry on the cake. still waiting for Boss in the red zone.

  59. Motown Blue Says:

    Is Boss on the IR? Eli was bad on that drive. Tynes will always give me heartburn….totally browns

  60. Pastime Princess Says:

    Boss was wide open on hedgecock redzone pass

  61. Mitch Says:


  62. Motown Blue Says:

    Can't get the play in?? Hmmm whose fault is that??

  63. Mitch Says:

    This is a winnable game….It is so frustrating!

  64. Andy F. Says:

    that huge play by Jones is what Simms is talking about. porous.

  65. Andy F. Says:

    all of these rb successes are on the edge

  66. Mitch Says:

    See what happens when you split wide in the red zone…you can do anything.. Hey Gilbrown do you see?

  67. Pastime Princess Says:

    I have never liked Osi. He killed us on that drive.
    He should be a 3rd down specialist pass rusher only.

  68. Mitch Says:

    Hey Gilbrown keep using Hedgecock as your primary,,,that works real well

  69. Motown Blue Says:

    All on counters and cutbacks as the lane discipline sucks. Osi is out of position too much and the LBs get blocked inside.

    You think Gilbrown may have learned anything from that…line 4 out wide and leaves the middle for a QB sneak or draw.

    Tuck out I am afraid they are dead in water.

  70. Mitch Says:

    Hey pastime…I'm angry too but don't dump on Osi…

  71. Bob Says:

    All the preseason hype about our incredible D line rotation seems
    laughable now.

    Hardly any pressure on Romo.

  72. Motown Blue Says:

    Thank God Romo sucks or this would be a laugher.

  73. Andy F. Says:

    that Manningham bomb was… PLAY ACTION!!

  74. Bob Says:

    There is no doubt. Manningham has stepped up to lead the WR pack.

  75. Bob Says:

    S Smith & Manningham both over 100 yds receiving.

  76. Andy F. Says:

    I have an idea, let's stop every drive at the 20 yd line or greater and then just throw three passes into the end zone. that might work a little better.

  77. Pastime Princess Says:

    Sorry Mitch. I have alwasy always always felt that way about Osi. He lived off the coatails of Stray and now Tuck. He is not good against the run and he has either a monster game or no game. I'm not angry, just stating the facts as I see them. Who i am extremely angry at is killdrive.

  78. Motown Blue Says:

    Ironically, they haven't scored a TD inside the 20 yet this year. Andy, PLAY ACTION….ghee that Gilbrown is so coy. He waits until almost the 4th qtr to use it.

  79. Bob Says:

    Its the only thing working

  80. Pastime Princess Says:

    great idea andy. was thinking the very same thing

  81. Mitch Says:

    Ditto PP on Kildrive

  82. Nature Says:

    play action again please killdrive

  83. Pastime Princess Says:

    Killdrive has to put this game away NOW. Romo is too good to keep giving him chances. The D is playing great concidering all the injuries.
    Playaction on first down and go deep to Mario/smith/moss. Pick your poison.

  84. Mitch Says:

    Well Andy you said 30 pts were needed…why do I believe that that missed FG is going to loom large…Go DEEE!

  85. Motown Blue Says:

    I understand they need to burn the clock and keep the defense off the field but there are other plays to draw other than running up the middle. Screens? RB dumps? freakin' TE?

  86. Bob Says:

    Disagree passtime. secondary is playing great. think D line looks lousey. very little pressure on Romo.

  87. Bob Says:

    they're running thru the D line like its a swiss cheese.

  88. Pastime Princess Says:

    D looks bad because O did not back them up. Dallas should have had to throw every play to catch up. They would not have had the time to make 5 minute drives. Giant should have 40 plus points on the board with all the turnovers they got. Eli can win this game with ease now but it has to be done with no time left on the clock.

  89. Motown Blue Says:

    D hasn't looked this bad in a long time. That was horrendous. Totally manhandled.

  90. Nature Says:

    the Defense has not been able to adjust to the draw our kicker has killed us tonight. defense did everything they could we should have 40 plus points

  91. Andy F. Says:

    that clock management was HORRENDOUS…. they let off 1:30 of clock for like 1 play

  92. Bob Says:

    the boys have 250+ yds rushing.

  93. Mitch Says:

    We miss Spags

  94. Raymond Sultan Says:

    unbelievably bad clock management. gah.

  95. Mitch Says:

    Sheridan will have to improve

  96. Pastime Princess Says:

    Just about every single one of those runs was to right. They are blocking that side of the Dline with ease.
    I believe we are going to win this game if we score with no time on the clock. I believe we will score but Dallas cant have time left to work

  97. YanksFan13 Says:

    Defense did everything they could? Allowing 251 rushing yards is EMBARASSING. No gap control.

  98. RobLaragh Says:

    Their O-line is big and our D-line is injured. Hopefully this is a short term problem that goes away when we have both Tuck and Canty.

  99. Pastime Princess Says:

    OMG the game is in tynes hands. I can't watch

  100. Andy F. Says:

    Is it safe to look?!

  101. Bob Says:

    It's GREAT to win.

    But the way we did it was SOO painfull !!!

  102. Motown Blue Says:

    Love watching Jones face on the FG and Phillips do his 'oh shoot' jump in the air………What a way to spoil little Jones coming out party!@!!!!!

  103. Mitch Says:

    Can you say…"How 'bout them Cowboys?"

    That was an out right steal of a game

    2 win against division opponents enjoy guys..

  104. Bob Says:

    Eli earned his money tonight.

    Smith & Manningham were brilliant.

    The D line sucked, before & after
    Tuck was injured. especially after.

    Our running game was weak.

  105. Bob Says:

    All the B.S. questions re the young receivers are answered. Once again,
    in Reese we trust.

  106. Pastime Princess Says:

    Dallas did not dominate this game. They did one thing good. THey ran the ball to the right. Take that away and they did nothing. They never got to eli and could not cover our WR's. If killdrive did not insist on running the ball all night and having no creativity in the redzone it's not a close game.
    Our Dl and blitz put enough pressure on Romo and our secondary did outstanding in coverage.

  107. Pastime Princess Says:

    What happened to Nature tonight?
    Hope he flew down to Dallas to take a buddy ryan swipe at killdrive.

  108. Pastime Princess Says:

    Romo 13 for 29 for 127. Thats great D

  109. Bob Says:

    I think Romo 13/29 means great play by our secondary & a big choke by Romo.

  110. Steve Says:


    not much more to say. emitionally drained. Oh yea, one more important thing to add. At this point, I am now officially putting our red zone woes on TC's shoulders. 2 games in a row with zero creativity in the zone and no willingness to adapt. ultimately, if this is the work of gilbrown, it is TC's responsibility to step in and fix it

  111. Elliot Says:

    It WAS kinda hot there…turned into something of a track-meet game, and that gasses defenses even in the most comfortable weather.

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