Wonder NFL predictions

Short version: Wonder sees all else equal, that the Giants lose 27-20, but does NOT rule a win out by ANY means. He sees the Saints beating the Eagles EASILY in the Linc, assuming Kolb starts.

These picks for division winners are not a surprise

WEST- Seattle
South- Saints
East- Jints
North- Minn

Wild Card: Phil, Atl, GB (2 of 3)


West- SD
South- Colts maybe!
East- Pats
North- Pitt

Wild Card: Jets/Balt/Tenn (2 of 3)

Sleeper: NONE….IF FORCED, Jags

Back to today’s games: “I have Brees…they have Kolb..?? What’s that you say ?? But 2-7 on the road ?? and Phila is a REALLY good team, right ?? True, but that’s why they make this RIDICULOUS LINE*….the NFL is about QB’s !!!! and Saints’ D is getting better…this MAY be a rout after the iglets’ pack it in after Kolb’s 4th turnover….soooooooo, If jints can HANG IN THERE until after their adrenalin dies down, they may be the only unbeaten team in the NFL EAST after the day is out.”

* Ultimatenyg ridiculous line warning. Thanks Wonder, just saw what you were referring to, the Eagles are ONLY laying 2 points? Whaaattt?! This is a classic TRAP game if I ever saw one. So easy to take the Eagles at home. This is why the Saints should win the game outright.


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