Phil Simms 9/20/09

1) NYG vs Dallas: The Boys got pushed around on defense when they played TB. (Gilbride said the heat had a lot to do with it.) That is the game. You can push around that Dallas DL. The Giants can and need to do that. On offense, the Dallas pass protection was not up to the standards they are used to. On both sides of the ball the Giants have the advantage and you would think that the Giants can win. BUT, the new stadium, the Giants have shown they are capable of giving up the big play on defense.. “Cowboys will find a way to win a close game.”

2) Chi-Pitt: Steelers w/o Troy Polamalu is a big deal. His speed and versatility are the essence of why the Steelers defense can confuse a team. He has such big range that you do not know where he will end up on the field. Similarly, Urlacher is a big loss for the Bears because of his PASS defense. Urlacher is one of the few LBers who is tall with long arms- he does a lot in the middle of the field. The Bears were missing 2 DBs or else they beat the Packers last week. Cutler grief is in this moment.. he’ll work out well for the Bears by the time the season is done. The Bears already racked up 6 BIG plays on offense last week, how many big plays did they have ALL SEASON?!! #1 key to the game: can the Bears “average” (at best, he was being kind) protection stop the pressure from the OLBers of the Steelers.

3) NE-NYJ: NE not a fast defense, and unlike the Ravens (and now the imported Jets defense a la Rex Ryan) and Steelers, they do not disguise their looks. So Sanchez will not be facing a tough defense. Sanchez should do well vs the Pats today.

4) Phil Simms the teacher (this is why Ultimatenyg loves listening and sharing his thoughts, keep learning): when you are playing against a team that disguises their looks, you need to spread out your formations. This forces the defense to declare their intentions. (Think about that also on 3rd and 1 when the Giants are going into a very tight formation, where Banks gets to the same conclusion in reverse.. that it is harder to pass out of that formation, so it gives the defense an advantage because they can crowd the box and then go into coverage if needed.)

5 Responses to “Phil Simms 9/20/09”

  1. dberenson Says:

    I haven't checked the numbers, but my recollection is that Eli has always played well against Dallas. Its the defense that has flagged against Romo & Company.

    That's cause for concern tonight, given our injury issues in the secondary.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    yep, this will rate to be a high scoring game.. you have to figure you'll need at least 25-30 points to win this one. This is why Gilbride must realize he has to attack ALL night, 17-20 points will not get it done.

  3. Mitch Says:

    I'm sure Hixon will be running back kicks tonight. Wouldn't mind him breaking one or two. If our special teams can win the war of field position it will be huge.

    I think it is a tall order tonight given the circumstances. New stadium, first ever game, over 100,000 fans. ( a lot of silent snap counts will be needed ) The Giants are banged up in secondary, and Dallas' passing game is one of their strengths.

    A defensive key for the G Men is how well Boley will play against Witten.

    Most experts are picking the Cowgirls. I still say, "if" and I do mean "IF" we can run it effectively…we will have a chance.

  4. Andy F. Says:

    Nice job Wonder, calls the Saints to win "EASILY" and he is dead on, 34-13 in Q3.

  5. Bob Says:

    NYG vs Dallas. last game 8 sacks by boys, believe Eli intercepted 3 times

    Not exactly a good game.

    Need protect Eli, or else………

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