In CC Brown We Do Not Trust

Thursday: Phillips was back to practice (even making a few INTs).
Friday: Phillips misses practice; status for Sunday questionable.

NY Times: Among the injuries to the secondary, the most worrisome seemed to be the one to Phillips, who could be hampered all season. “We are going to manage this for the year, yes,” Coughlin said of Phillips’s knee injury.

When asked if he would play Sunday, Phillips said: “I hope so. It kind of gets you down a little bit. It’s up in the air right now. I want to make sure, if I play, I’m 100 percent.”

If Phillips is out and we have to rely on CC Brown as a starter against a fairly potent passing attack led by Tony Romo/Jason Witten et al, this will definitely be a MAJOR obstacle to winning on Sunday.

As we stated 2 months ago, depth at Safety was one of the 5 issues this team faced this season. Now that Coughlin has disclosed that Phillips has an injury which will need attention all season, it means Safety depth is now a season-long reality, no longer just a blip on the radar. Master of the obvious- Reese is looking everywhere for roster help at Safety.

Alford, Canty, Boley, Phillips, Ross and Dockery. ENOUGH ALREADY!

There is good news: Osi is back in 2007 form, Boley is practicing well, Bernard is contributing and the knee guys at DT (Robbins and Cofield) seem to be doing well.

Tomorrow night’s keys to the game.


7 Responses to “In CC Brown We Do Not Trust”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    We have a good enough DL to stop the run and put pressure on Romo. Without a healthy secondary we will not be able to shut them down but with our offense we should not need to. If Killdrive puts the peddle to the metal we should have not trouble beating this team.
    Final Giants 35 Girls 17

  2. Mitch Says:

    Andy says….

    As far as the Giants offense is concerned:
    a) Give help to Diehl on DeMarcus Ware
    b) Exploit a vulnerable Dallas defense that will try to stop the run

    Yes that is true for sure. It becomes paramount for the Giants to help Diehl ( probably keeping Boss in a lot to help and also doubling with the guards…( keep mixing it up )

    But, I'm hoping Killdrive can also start screening to the backs on Ware's side, wherever he lines up. That will slow him down some as well.

    Can we exploit the Dallas D?
    Yes we can.

    The Cowboys allowed 174 yards on the ground to the Buccaneers. Only four defenses were worse in Week 1.

    News alert:

    The Giants are better than Tampa Bay. We gained 103 yards on the ground in the opener, even though Washington flooded the line of scrimmage with extra defenders and had Haynesworth to boot.

    Smash-mouth first!
    Play action next!
    Screens! Quick Slants!
    Stretch the field w/ some shots!

    Get on top (important)… and then let our D takeover.

  3. Andy F. Says:

    Will our Offensive Coordinator take responsibility for WINNING this game? His unit is healthy, Sheridan's is not. It is incumbent upon Coughlin and Gilbride to stress to themselves and to the Offense that the "peddle to the metal" is a necessity for victory.

  4. Bob Says:

    I would run a 2 TE set more often,
    let Darcy Johnson ( or a guard playing TE) help block Ware, keep Boss free to catch passes.

    Reese has to pull out all stops to find a "real" backup safety. It's very early in the season & we need to plan for bad surprises at safety.Do we have be a logical candidate to move over from CB to S ?

    Killdrive take responsibility for winning the game ? A nice concept,
    but first he's got to start thinking out of the box, i.e. mix in more pass plays while third & short. Throw to Boss & Barden in the Red Zone. I think " old School"
    TC may be part of the problem here,
    talk about inflexible.

  5. xtian Says:

    our defense is quite banged up. i just hope by the end of the season we are relatively healthy.

    the DT situation is not as bad as it seems because tuck slides over to tackle quite a bit. shame that canty misses his 1st pro game here. he will be back though.

    phillips knee could be big trouble, but i think right now it will just be swelling and sore, and not limiting. it is better than plaxs in 2007. still very nervous about safety because our lack of depth. dockery should be back and that will help a lot–maybe thomas can slide into cover safety slots. ross should eventually get back.

    agreed that we must be aggressive and throw the ball downfield. i would love to see more play action and hurry up offense. we get to see barden this week.

  6. Bob Says:

    Last game, Dallas sacked Eli 8 times and I believe he had 3 INT's. First priority tomorrow is protecting Eli so he can work on their secondary.If our STD line protection doesn't work, we must get creative, ie put in an extra TE/OL to neutralize Ware, he sacked Eli 3 times last game.

    Gillbrown & TC need to start thinking out of the box. AS Andy says, the NYG are too predictable.
    Can't do that when your D is not
    at full strength. Should NEVER be predictable in the NFL. I'm afraid
    this stems from TC…." stuff the football down their throat" mentality. Only works if you have the right personnel matchups. Didn't work vs Wash D line.

  7. Pastime Princess Says:

    Kevin Gilbride, the Giants' offensive coordinator, analyzed that game and said "the heat factor (in Tampa) had a lot to do with it, and they were able to go no-huddle and exploit it. Unfortunately, those things won't be available (to the Giants)."

    What a %$@#

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