Dallas Preview

1) Read it and weep: Canty (calf) is out for the game on Sunday.

2) Dallas Game Preview

Wonder Game Plan for the Giants defense:
a) Do NOT let WR’s get “over the top”
b) Treat WITTEN as a WR
c) POUR in on ROMO…he does NOT like pressure
d) RUN BLITZES should also do well
e) ATTACK CONSTANTLY; their Oline is not as good as it was

And Ultimatenyg will add one more:
f) Maintain pocket integrity because if you let Romo out of the pocket he buys time and is far more effective.

As far as the Giants offense is concerned:
a) Give help to Diehl on DeMarcus Ware
b) Exploit a vulnerable Dallas defense that will try to stop the run

Mike Francesa points to the limping Giants secondary for why he likes Dallas to win the game. Considering the Boys are home and favored in their new stadium, that is not an outrageous call. Phil Simms likes the Cowboys. Add that weaker handicapper Warren Sapp likes the Giants, and it is not particularly encouraging. Simms is not infallible, but all else equal we’d rather have him on our side.

No forecast from us, but two reasons why you should not count the Giants out: the road warriors and Wade Phillips.

3) Did you ever ask yourself why sportswriters, during the game, have TWO recaps being written, one for each possible result of winning and losing?

How convenient it is to have two versions of the game, one dialed in for a view with rose-colored glasses when they win, one with a coroner’s autopsy glasses when they lose. How come no one rips these journalists for that bs? At least around here, we take shots at the Offensive Coordinator, win OR lose! Today we’ll just let Banks do the dirty work for us instead. Take it away Carl…

4) Papa and Banks Show on Giants.comCarl Banks on why the team struggles and is 10% below league average on short yardage/red zone (see minute 12:30):
a) spread out your formations so that you are not predictable
b) pass more

7 Responses to “Dallas Preview”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    I just love Carl. I don't know if he is as good as Simms because I don't know if he can analyze other teams like he does the Gmen but if he can he would be right up there with Phil. I have been screaming at the TV to get out of the bunch formation on short yardage.

    I said it last week and I will say it again. There is no team in the NFL that should be able to play with us. For the first 10 games last year no team could beat us unless we beat ourselves. This years team is basically the same team as last year with improvements on the DL and WR. As you all know I was a very very big proponent of Plax but with the addition of Nicks and Manningham coming on they are just as good. Throw in Ahmad getting more touches and Osi back, who is better? This is the same Oline that dominated Ray Lewis and the Ravens last year. This is the same Offence that marched up and down the field at will against the Steelers in Pittsburg.
    Who can play with this team?
    NO ONE

  2. Mitch Says:

    In years past…Jason Witten has killed us! I am glad we will finally have Boley on the field. If we are to win this game it will be his ultimate responsibility to stop Witten.

    Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan said he considers the Cowboys' two-tight end set with Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett to be their "number one grouping." Having Boley and his athleticism on the field will help counter that situation.

    "We're counting on it," Sheridan said. "As much as anything, our motivation for acquiring him in the offseason was because he's an athletic kid in space and can really cover."

  3. John Says:

    All of the injuries piling up so early in the season could be the team's downfall. Its a shame. I've thought for some time that most NFL teams are very close in talent level, and it often comes down to who can stay the healthiest. The secondary worries me with all the injuries. I think the Cowboys will try to take advantage of it all night long.

    Plus, the combination of playing in the Cowboys new stadium before 100,000 people, a PRIME TIME game, plus the injuries, AND its the Cowboys. I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling! The Giants are not exact at their best on these prime time games, like Sunday night and Monday night. Not sure what their record is, but i bet its pretty abysmal over the years.

    Having said all that, how great would it be to beat Jerry Jones in his new stadium, before 100,000 people in prime time?! Seems to much to ask for! Please……

  4. xtian Says:

    boley is going to be rusty; count on it. i would think he is in for about 20-30 plays max. don't expect a lot.

    this game could go either way. of course, i want the giants, but will not be surprised to see dallas win. we seem to have more away games on 'monday night ftball' and it affects our record there. we are banged up a bit, too. a shame canty cannot play. even thou rookie fa bruce johnson played well, will be very nice to get dockery back.

  5. Motown Blue Says:

    Injuries abound which makes me quite pessimistic. Go to any NY media site to view the current injury news on Phillips on the sidleine, Dockery on the sideline, Sintim on the sideline but Johnson was back. Sintim could have contributed on pass rushing situations.

    So far from what I have read Phillips situation is not good as he stated he will miss practices each week due to his knee. I fear he could be headed to the IR in the near future.

    Since the D is so banged up I hope they attack, attack, attack on offense. I just can't see them limiting Witten, Romo and Barber with the injuries to Canty, Phillips, Dockery and Boley will be rusty as Xtian so acutley pointed out.

    Sometimes I wonder if Banks visits this site and perhaps may even be the 'Wonder' that Andy quotes from?

  6. Cody Says:

    Last night Schlereth on ESPN said that the Cowboys will do anything in their power to put the Giants in 2nd and lond/3rd and long situations, ie they will be stacking the box on first down to try to take away the run and put the giants in longer down/distance scenarios; which is where their D is strong.

    According to ESPN guys, 1st down on Sunday night will be the key. Suggested that Gilbride MUST be aggressive on 1st down and mix it up. Otherwise you can count on many three and outs from the Giants O. Have to avoid long down/distance – that's the absolute key to the game.

  7. Justin Says:

    @ Motown Blue:

    I doubt Carl Banks is such a big Jets fan as Wonder.

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