Wednesday Morning QB

1) Hat’s off to Jim Zorn on the Fake FG at the end of the half. He’s down 17-0, the argument you always hear from the broadcasters (ie Madden) is that you have to get those first points, they’ll kick the FG and be happy to go into the H2 with something to build on. Instead they faked and scored a TD. Rule #8, Do the Unpredictable. There were 77,000 people in the stadium that were completely faked out. Half of our section was already filing out to the bathroom. If the fake does not work, you can rest assured that everyone will be questioning it, but you know on this blog that one of the things we like is shooting the moon. Taking chances. You can only lose the game once. Zorn was smart enough to know his offense was going to need a little help. He gets his team to within one score and an onside kick in part because of this fake.

Parcells faked the punt with Gary Reasons vs the 49ers, or else I am afraid there are probably only two Super Bowl titles up there at the top of this blog instead of three. You can only lose the game once.

Doing the unpredictable, taking a gamble.. has other side benefits. It tells the team you are there to win. It tells the team you as a coach have skin in the game. Every player has to know that Snyder is watching Zorn. So if that does not work, Zorn is going to have a lot of egg on his face. Or does he? Maybe because it was the right thing to do, he earned himself some respect. Now as for that offense of his, that is another piece of egg..

2) One great way to learn is (as an example) listen to Michael Strahan on the voiceover of the Super Bowl DVD. The entire set is worth it just to be able to hear his commentary. He noted how the coaches emphasized to the players to “do the ordinary” things… collectively if they all did those things it would amount to something extraordinary> winning the Super Bowl! What ordinary things? BLOCKING AND TACKLING. Staying in your lane, not abandoning your assignment.

3) Notice how (in the same link above) Umenyiora fessed up on the opening 37 yard running play by Portis. Do you think that mistake happens because, in part, it is Osi’s first game (not counting preseason) since the Super Bowl?! You have to give him that. And the defense too. Look at Chris Canty: “It felt like I played 50 plays and I only played 20. I was a little gassed,” Canty said. “It’s hard to simulate game action in practice. It’s something I was glad to have an opportunity to experience. If I had my preference, don’t miss preseason. Preseason is important.” That was fantastic giving Canty enough plays to tire him but not enough to injure him. The coaches will step up Canty’s plays again this weekend. Pierce wants to see a lot of Canty against his old team.

4) We noted yesterday that the Jets had won only one game. So did Simms. Simms is the trusted voice of reason amidst the hyperbole.

5) The Giants picked up RB Gartrell Johnson off of waivers (Chargers). They released Allen Patrick from the practice squad.

6) Is it me, or are there plenty of poor decisions on fielding punts inside the 10 and returning kickoffs from inside the end zone? Go to minute 1:50 and watch McKelvin return the kickoff. The setup is even more important, because with ~2 minutes remaining the kickoff team of the Bills has a number of players up at the 40 yard line IN CASE OF AN ONSIDE KICK. So why is your return man taking the ball out when 6 to 8 of his ten men will clearly not be set up properly for a normal return AND the kick is 3 yards deep in the end zone? Of course we get to Wednesday morning QB that one, but with two minutes left in the game you have to be protecting the ball and the game.

7) Another big loss for the Eagles.

8) Giants are +3 this weekend in Dallas.

9) Justin Tuck- NFC Defensive Player of the Week. He was saddled with injuries on the back end of the 2008 season, so this is nice to see. Is there anyone on this team (on either side of the ball) who is able to play at a higher and more consistent level than Tuck? I don’t think so. If you do, pls share. Guys like him do not even get much discussion because you know what you are going to get. When we discuss how great the defense can be, it ASSUMES that Tuck will be his typical disruptive self and that we just need the others like Canty and Boley to come around and assist.

10) Speaking about getting the defense to be dominant, healthwise we still need Ross, Sintim and Dockery back. Ross is (99%) out again this weekend. Between Coughlin being pleased with Bruce Johnson, Thomas aok and the chances for Dockery coming back, it seems rather reasonable to let Ross heal that hamstring.


9 Responses to “Wednesday Morning QB”

  1. Bob Says:

    Why did we cut Tutan Reyes ? I thought he was one of our few OL
    subs who looked effective .

  2. Pastime Princess Says:

    Great post Andy. I have nothing to add. You stole my thunder. Agree about Tuck being the best player on the team.

  3. Bob Says:

    The Blue Screen reports this PM
    that both our starting safeties did
    not fully participate in practice today due to minor injuries.
    M. Johnson suffered a "burner" in Sunday's game. K. Phillips has a nagging knee injury that has been bothering him since camp.

    Man, safety is one position where we can't afford any injuries. Even if it's one that just slows them down…..CC Brown scares me.

    I hate to be repetitive, but what the hell did we let Butler go for ?

  4. xtian Says:

    i didnt mind letting butler go for the contract he got, but i expected up to pick up a safety in the draft w/i our top 5 picks. we didnt, so now we are hurting a bit. yes, our depth is not good especially with dockery and ross banged up.

    i remember when tuck made a big impression on me during his rookie yr: he caught and tackled san diegos lt 60 yds down the field. i thought, omg, this big dude is fast!!!!

  5. Pastime Princess Says:

    I agree xtain, Butler was not worth that kind of money.

  6. Cody Says:

    I love this G Johnson kid. GREAT addition; I remember watching him @ Colorado St. He can run straight through people.

    I think this is a total steal. GMen were at the right place, right time with this one. Reese is a total stud.

    He isn't the fastest guy out there – but he is a one cut runner (perfect for the Giants run blocking scheme) and will absolutely run through people. He might be a factor and I think he can definitely play the Brandon Jacobs bone-crusher role for those inevitable weeks that B.J. is nicked-up.

    The lesson as always: In Jerry R we trust.

  7. Mitch Says:


    I've never seen Johnson at all but the book on him is that he is a more than capable short yardage back. The Giants worked out TJ Duckett and went with Johnson. Given the GMen's trouble with short yardage….this might be a great aquisition. We'll see…


    Kenny Phillips is pretty sure he'll play Sunday.
    Also, Michael Johnson said he'll be back tomorrow.

  8. Bobely Says:

    Andy- one thing
    Gary Reasons called the fake punt ON THE FIELD. Parcells didn't call it from the sideline, although he did give Reasons the freedom to call it if he saw an opportunity.

  9. Andy F. Says:

    I never heard of a player being given that kind of latitude. I would have to surmise that a lot of it came from Parcells at the very least giving the discretion you say, in THAT particular situation. Good to know, thanks.

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