Giants 23 Redskins 17

For those of you who watched, you know the final score was not indicative of the way the Giants outplayed the Redskins. This was a very good win for the Giants in every way except the injuries.

1) Just like the Giants lost to Philadelphia last year in W14 20-14, the Skins got beat by the Giants in much the same way. Both games saw a special teams TD at the end of the half (punt block by Giants, Skins fake FG), both teams got off the schnide at the half after getting outplayed, both teams scored a late TD w/o much hope of winning and both teams lost by 6. This time we were on the other side of that type of game, a nice win.

2) Every win is a good win early in the season while the defense comes together. We’re buying time.

3) Did Mario Manningham look like Plaxico Burress out there, or what?!! He looks so good against single coverage. He has the separation. He has the moves. 3 catches for 58 yards. Eli Manning on Manningham: “He has a lot of talent, a lot of ability.”

4) How many times have we mentioned what great hands Kevin Boss has, that he is the secret weapon for the entire season?!!! 3 catches for 62 yards. 1 of those catches was an improvised checkdown from Eli, so Gilbride DOES NOT get points for dialing this guy up. HE NEEDS MORE THAN 2 CALLS OF HIS NUMBER. If Manning and Boss have to go over Gilbride’s (vacuous) head to get it done with more checkdowns, more power to them. At least Gilbride had him out in a route, that is an upgrade from chaining him to the line of scrimmage every play.

5) The Rules For Winning in the NFL… Rule #5- Pitchouts do not work in the red zone. So there it is, the pitchout to Bradshaw on 3rd and short, stopped for no gain. Red zone efficiency was a problem last year and it will continue to be a problem when you make blatantly BAD playcalls like this one. Folks, this was written years ago, the observation has been made from over decades of anecdotal evidence. It is a slow-developing play that is being called in an area of the field that has no luxury of time. Next.

6) DeAngelo Hall taketh and giveth away. He is an opportunistic Cover 2 cornerback that is in the right place at the right time for his INT, but he missed the tackle on Mannngham’s TD and he gets roasted by Steve Smith for the big catch (3rd and 5, 26 yard reception) in Q4 that seals the game.

7) Eli Manning was very good today. He had one delay of game when he got to the line with 10 seconds left on the playclock that was his fault. The fumble turnover was a face mask 15 yarder that the refs conveniently missed. The INT was reminiscent of him throwing off his back foot in the end zone of the Eagle playoff game last year to Asante Samuel. This time a tip was needed to cause the INT, but it still was a floater which started the same problem. (Even Eli himself notes how he has to step into that throw. See transcript link in (3) above.) Otherwise, he did a great job everywhere else and was the leader of a strong offensive performance. You can’t put the red zone woes on Manning. The score is a much wider margin of victory if he has help there (see points 5 and 12). Marvelous said before the game that he loved Eli today, and boy was he right on the money. Eli was particularly sweet on the Smith 26 yarder when he looked off the safety before threading the needle on a great pass. That pass was money and the setup was just as important.

8) Let’s throw a bone to the USC boys. Terrell Thomas got nicked on one Randle El play but did fine otherwise. Steve Smith was 6 for 80, a big part of this win.

9) Defense Wins Championships. We saw a lot of uneven play from the defense, but this was EXACTLY WHAT WE EXPECTED. We KNEW the defense was not going to be air tight today by any means. Simms also alluded to it this morning. This is a work in progress. But in the meantime, we will single out three players who were noteworthy:
a) Tuck, who stopped the Redskins after the Hall INT set them up at the 11 yard line. A loss of 6 on a run play on 1st down. A sack on third down. That is how you win games and win championships, with impact plays like that. That is LT-glory-days defense.
b) The Osi-Trifecta. The sack-strip. The fumble recovery. The TD. We were transplanted back to 2007’s 49er win. A good omen. We miss those plays. Nice to have him back.
c) Corey Webster. Let’s read Santana Moss’s line stat from today: 2 receptions for 6 yards. I do not give a rat’s a** who goes to the Pro Bowl at CB, I love Webster, the silence from his corner of the field is deafening.

10) We’ll talk about the injuries as we get more definitive information. As we understand it right now, Ware is the serious one and the rest do not look as serious but need more eval.

11) Cooley 7 receptions for 68 yards. You have to know that the Giants are vulnerable to a good TE. We see Witten next.

12) Let’s not get too crazed this early in the season about the playcalling. We’ll make it very simple for now- get Boss more involved in the red zone.

13) Canty is going to see more work next week. He did fine this week in limited snaps.

14) CC Brown was garbage on the last TD. Is there anyone better out there we can get at Safety? We threw out some ideas of Bernard Pollard, Emanuel Cook, Kevin Kaesviharn and Brian Russell. I’d bring them all in for tryouts and put one on the roster to compete with Brown. At the moment we have ONLY three Safetys. Why does this guy have a free pass?

15) Osi, this may sound like nitpicking, but pls no Leon Lett’s with the ball as you are about to cross the goal line.


21 Responses to “Giants 23 Redskins 17”

  1. Bob Says:

    Although I'm happy with any win, I
    don't see how you can call this a very good win when the O scored only 1 TD. We're back to our old problems of scoring in the red zone.

    Didn't we learn anything from last year ? Why aren't we throwing to Boss & Barden(inactive ??) when we're
    near the goal line ?

  2. Nature Says:

    Gilbride blew my mind a few times (no play pass on 4 short yardage plays) but we did it the BIG BLUE WAY d-fense. romo is a little banged up (ankle) so hopefully that can hamper him next week, really worried about WITTEN

  3. GoodPunk6 Says:

    There was a screen to Bradshaw tonight that ended horribly. I felt terrible about it, but then I couldn't help but smile. Andy, those flash cards that helped you learn about football when you were a little kid ended up being useless. Much like you and this blog are. Justin had it right a few days ago. You know a lot about gambling but you don't know SHIT ABOUT THIS SPORT.

    I've worked at major exchanges that have traded futures about commodities and let me tell you, your ideas on where particular, "markets," are going are totally without reason. I must say, your ideas have gone far, but without reason. No investor would side with you based on logic alone. Performance would be the major factor. In which case, you haven't done so well. Just bring up your own stats to everyone on this blog and I'm sure you'll agree. Player predictions are my fav.

    How did Hakeem Nicks do today?? In fact, KG called several of your favorite plays today. They didn't work out so well.

    In fact Eli found his WRs pretty well today on post and go patterns pretty well. Sure a couple of plays were the result of plain luck, but hey, its the NFL. He made the best of it. I'll even go as far as saying that those plays were the result of at the line audibles. But how in the world woudl we know?

    The point of this post? Please tell me and Justin how you come up with your predictions. You bounced around it in your reply to him. Its really something you should address if you feel that this blog is worth the trouble.

    I'm a big fan by the way. Just when I think that you have nothing interesting to say, (which is often when you attempt to impersonate KG) about the team, you suddenly have insight.

    So please, explain to someone who has dealt with futures all their life, about how gambling works.

  4. GoodPunk6 Says:

    Watching the replay of the game… please stop CC brown. In the second quarter, he is looking at the sideline perhaps looking for a clue as to what to do. Fuck. This guy needs to go.

  5. GoodPunk6 Says:

    Grrr. I have to agree. Kevin Boss is too good to pass up. Andy, you aren't an idiot. You just don't know what you're saying most of the time.

    Are you Carbo from's blog?

  6. Nature Says:

    hey GOODPUNK sounds like you need a release….go get laid or get a rub down with a happy ending. There are some spots in EDISON, go get one rubbed out!!!! LOL at myself

  7. Pastime Princess Says:

    Why are you here?

  8. Justin Says:

    FWIW, I never said that Andy doesn't know anything about football. I just disagreed with him about definitions. I actually agree with him on quite a few things, including the screen passes, which I was glad to see at least attempted yesterday. Also that in the first 11 passes, Manning went to 7 different receivers. Also that we passed on 2nd down (!).

    What Andy said about our defense, that it needs time to gel in the first 5 weeks apparently applies instead to the offense — the defense looked solid to me, even the secondary (Brown defended several passes well, including a potential touchdown).

  9. Pastime Princess Says:

    It looked to me like Eli's throwing motion has changed. He looks like he is throwing more over the top. He was dead on accurate yesterday. Not one missed throw. I don't count the long ball to Manningham as an inaccurate pass.
    Our biggest trouble yesterday was not being able to pick up any 3rd and shorts. We went out and drafted Jacobs just to make those 3rd and shorts.

  10. Motown Blue Says:

    GoodPunk6, if Andy, and pretty much all those who visit this site regularly, is an idiot why do you keep coming back for insight? Everyone should have thier own opinion and insight but to hide behind a screen name, GoodPunk6, and drop personal attacks and f bombs is cowardly. Apparently you need to start your own blog as your insight is superior to Andy's and everything Andy says here is brown.

    Lately, things have gone off track on this site with personal attacks and banter about non-football subjects. Go express this brown on other sites or email each other personally instead of hiding behind your screen name.

    Pastime Princess, I agree as it appears he was much more crisp yeaterday and even had a few spirals. The one to Hixon that he dropped as he was falling to the ground was perfect.

    I think they need to re-evaluate short yardage offense. The OL has always had difficulty against behemoth DTs and perhaps using Bdshaw or Ware (when he returns) would be a better option. Their burst and quickness versus Jacobs may give them a better chance.

  11. Mike Kavis Says:

    Great win. Total domination.

    The weakest link is the red zone play calling. I thought the play calling between the 20's was decent with a nice mix of run & pass (although a few more looks at the TE would be nice). But in the red zone…Geez. Not one ball thrown into the endzone. We have big targets in Boss & Mannignham. How about a play action pass? When we do throw in the red zone, it is for a 3-5 yard gain. That game should have been over by the half.

    Anybody else think that Sheridan depends too much on a 4-man line and doesn't blitz enough like Spags? Almost everytime he did blitz it was effective. I hope we put more pressure on Romo because he folds like a cheap tent under pressure.

    Sounds like a lot of complaining but I was actually very pleased. Great team effort. Few penalties. Solid in all phases. Webster is the man. Smith was gold. Manningham looked great. Too bad Nicks got hurt. Hope he makes it back soon.

    Go GMen!!!

  12. Steve Says:

    +1 on Corey Webster. Moss wasn't a factor yesterday because Webster owned him. that fight scene was Moss's frustration – it was clear on the replay that moss had thrown some shots under the facemask before webster retaliated. and the INT was pretty; WR quality grab and toe tap and the quickness to get back in position on Moss. Game ball for Webster!

  13. GoodPunk6 Says:

    Game ball for Eli. He played great. His INT was a gutsy throw and tight coverage lead to a tip. Otherwise he was solid.

  14. Russ Wellen Says:

    Wonder is off to a good start, too (he picked 24-14). Some quick thoughts. . . notice how much more quickly Eli is throwing? Because of his quicker receivers. Beneficial for him because he's a rhythm passer. (Think how good he is at no-huddle).

    Also anybody else notice how much more efficient Jacobs's running style is this year? He stays low now and isn't bothering with smashing opposing players with his forearm.

    No, not enough Boss, whose speed is underrated because of his rumbling style.

    Andy, what's with this "Gilbride" stuff? What, did you and him go before a truth and reconciliation commission? He needs a new nickname, even if it's Gilbride's maid.

  15. Bob Says:

    I used to enjoy reading this blog, but I'm afraid it has deteriorated due to too many personal attacks and similar egocentric garbage. This stuff needs to stop. Andy, I urge you to edit out any further long winded tirades on this blog.

    GoodPunk6,please either start your own blog, or get off this one. You are becoming a very negative distraction.Andrew, please clean up your act and limit your opinions to the NYG.We don't want to hear your personal opinions about other matters, especially politics.

    Regarding the NYG yesterday, I'm
    personally amazed at the lack of
    dicussion here about what I consider to be one of this team's ongoing major issues.That is the continued difficulty with scoring in the red zone. Our Red Zone efficiency yesterday was ZERO.
    This is what killed us in late 2008. I was hoping that this would
    be addressed as Offensive priority
    # 1. Apparently not enough. And what was Barden doing on the inactive list, when he is a possible solution to the problem ?

    I thought the D progressed nicely
    after a lackluster preseason. It will only get better. Manningham looks brilliant. Apparently, he's
    a real slow learner. Get him his own personal coach if necessary, he could make us forget about Plax. I hope Nicks only has a minor injury. With Nicks,Smith, Manningham & Boss, we've got
    plenty of great receivers.

    Now if Gillbrown could only figure out how to use them in the red zone

  16. xtian Says:

    nyg short yardage was horrible yesterday. but we were quite successful last year running jacobs. i have to give the redskins credit. they out executed the gmen and stuffed jacobs/bshaw. not every team has their def capabilities. but gilbride should have thrown in a pass action pass one of the times. the other team has to bite on it cuz we run so well.

    i agree. keep this blog to nyg football. šŸ™‚

  17. Craig Says:

    Short yardage is going to Jacobs, I know that you know that, the Redskins knew that. Jacobs can pound the hole (no pun intended) better than anyone in the league, but when the D has 9 guys in the box, PLAY ACTION with a flare to Bradshaw or Boss OR EVEN HEDGECOCK. Play action with the speedy receivers would be LETHAL. So much potential. The Giants run the ball first! Punish teams for thinking this.

  18. Pastime Princess Says:

    Agree 10000%

  19. Mitch Says:

    Hello everyone. Back from Rhode Island and I just finished watching the game. I pretty much agree with all the comments except for ….oh well he shall remain nameless….but a few observations….

    Pleased with the win of course but am still concerned about our Red Zone efficiency. Can't understand why as Mike Kavis said…play action isn't used and finding a target like Boss would seem to me as a play that would work. I am thinking that Jacobs hits the hole too slowly and that is part of the problem. After all with that offensive line and a back as big as Jacobs we should be more efficient. I really think Jacobs is too slow to the hole.

    Pastime Princess…I agree with you about Eli's motion it is much more compact and is more over the top. He has definitely worked on it during the off season. I kept rewinding the DVR and it looked much much better.

    Glad to see that the WR's all got into the act and Eli distributed the ball everywhere. We just might have this receiver by committee until a leader or two emerges.

    Osi…well he looked like Osi and that is great news. I don't know how many snaps he had but it looks like they will work him in. The D at times looked great but there were a few breakdowns which probably will get better over time.

    I think kudos for Ahmad. We Bradshaw-aholics were seeing again what we saw he will become. Any time he touches the ball he is a threat to take it to the house.

    Finally, was it me or did it seem to you that the Giants fans were "UNUSUALLY LOUD " yesterday. It almost seemed like a playoff atmosphere in the 3rd & 4th Qtr.
    Andy, I know you were at the game…was it like that live?

  20. Andy F. Says:

    Goodpunk- You are done here. Do not comment here anymore. Go somewhere else.

    Just to finish up the disinfecting, the screen to Bradshaw was a WIDE RECEIVER bubble screen, not the RB screen and TE midscreen that this blogger advocates.

    Bob- Patience. I know Gilbride browns, but if the defense ascends to the level it is capable of down the road, it won't matter.

    Justin- The defense has much higher expectations than this. The defense is not playing well yet. The Redskins offense is bad (which made our defense look better), and wait until Boley and Canty are in synch at ~Week 12 or so. This defense on paper needs time and health, it will be fine.

    Russ- I had to give Gilbride a honeymoon in this new campaign. When his incompetence starts costing us I promise to be far more forthright.

    Mitch- I was hoarse after the game. It was pretty loud, a lot of drinking before the game in the parking lot by people who had all day to party in great weather.

    We'll talk red zone and short yardage tomorrow.

  21. Crazed Giant fan Says:

    I hope we can keep this site about the Giants and only about the giants. The internet is full of many other sites regarding politics, wall street etc. This site consistent provides spot on analysis and inquiry about the Giants. And I have the utmost respect for the opinions of the site host and most of the people who take the time to post. But with regards to the personal attacks regarding Andy, they are totally inappropriate, uncalled for and unnecessary. If Goodpunk6 feels so negatively about the site and the information on it, he should simply stop visiting the site.

    Just for the record, Andy was right on target about Bradshaw, (who had more yds in fewer carrys than BJ) and Manningham who showed himself to be a difference maker.
    He was almost spot on with the final score. I guess I would simply say to Goodpunk, do us all a favor and leave.

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