Giants Redskins Intragame Comments

It’s a swan song appearance today for Andy at the “old” Meadowlands in Section 307.

Is our OL able to get to the second level (LBers) on run plays with Haynesworth and Daniels potentially blowing things up? Is the DL of the Giants playing cohesively, keeping Campbell inside the pocket, staying in their lanes and winning that battle? How well conditioned are the Skins and Giants in Q4? (Big break for these big guys to be playing at 415PM instead of 1PM.) How is Bruce Johnson doing, are the Skins picking on him? I’ll leave it to Nature to police our friend Gilbride. See you after the game.

51 Responses to “Giants Redskins Intragame Comments”

  1. Nature Says:

    i didnt turn from that new NFL channel not once today….just thought i would toss that out there.

  2. Craig Says:

    manningham early, like what i see

  3. Nature Says:

    GILBRIDE at his worst…..a pitch?

  4. Motown Blue Says:

    2 and 2….would have been perfect opportunity for play action to Boss or Manningham in the end zone.

  5. Nature Says:

    let him know about himself

  6. Nature Says:

    Danny Ware finished…..

  7. Nature Says:

    someone have WARRICK DUNN's number?

  8. Nature Says:

    Line looks good

  9. Nature Says:

    Mr. B-Shaw….line looks goos

  10. Nature Says:

    we need TDs fellaz…..i was a little nervous about the OL coming in…how about an audible when the guy covering the slot reciever is 10 yards off?!?!

  11. Steve Says:

    easy guys. give gilbride a chance. we've seen more diverse looks on these 2 opening drives than we saw all last year

  12. Nature Says:

    run right up the middle on HAYNESWORTH original…..2nd down should of been a play-pass….how many times last year did we get into the REDZONE and not score and after the game EVERYONE on the BLOG says second down playaction….if anyone has an ounce of FAITH in GILBRIDE changing his DREADFUL style of playcalling good luck, we will have the same problems this year

  13. Adam Spyksma Says:

    Good to see we addressed redzone issues in the offseason

  14. Steve Says:

    10 should be 21, no doubt about it. but its too early to get down. good diversity between the 20's. bradshaw lined up wide – love it. bradswaw split and brandon behind eli will cause havoc for opposing d's all year.

  15. Adam Spyksma Says:

    Where is Osi?

  16. Nature Says:

    that should of been a 15 yard penalty for facemask on the sack

  17. Nature Says:

    but Steve no play pass in the redzone? name me the other team in any league who dont go play-pass atleast 1 time in those 2 situations

  18. Steve Says:

    there he is 🙂

  19. Adam Spyksma Says:

    There he is!

  20. Steve Says:

    Nature – my head is spinning at how brain dead the goal to go play calls were. absolutely no excuse for how sad and predictable that was. But I like some of the other stuff we're seeing… so I have hope.

    this game should be 28-0 right now

  21. Adam Spyksma Says:

    There is something to be said about being unpredictable.

  22. Nature Says:

    i said it before and i will say it again fake punts/fg should never ever work…there is nothing else to be worried about

    cant take all the credit my coach used to say that

  23. Nature Says:

    looks like we need more push up the middle

  24. Nature Says:

    we need a blitz on this 3rd down

  25. Nature Says:

    if we cannot score a TD we need to give the defense a break with some 1st downs

  26. Nature Says:

    why cant we get the play call in faster? Eli loves to make small adjustments right? so why dont GILBROWN get the godbrown play in faster……he was the blitz but had to time to call it all…..cant keep wasting time outs either

  27. Motown Blue Says:

    2nd and 1 and play action…geez what an original idea. Manning missed it. 3rd and 1 and a delay draw to Jacobs….where does he come up with this stupidity. Let's give the D a head start with our darting quick RB Jacobs.

  28. Andrew Says:

    Uh oh, Michael Johnson down.

  29. Andrew Says:

    with our depth issues at safety, he better be alright.

  30. Nature Says:

    Motown we are on the same page with this guy

  31. Nature Says:

    bad ELi….very bad

  32. Nature Says:

    cant blame em really….it was also a good play by LANDRY

  33. Nature Says:

    i hope we can return a kick…have no faith in GILBROWn ive reached that point…..Eli has to protect the ball that close to your own TD

  34. Nature Says:

    how do you rip off a guys helmet and not get a flag? you get 15 f
    om tackling from behind but you can rip off the helmet from the back?

  35. Nature Says:

    Haynesworth should have to 2 hand touch BRADSHAW, he is gonna kill my guy

  36. Nature Says:

    GET THE DAMN PLAY IN hhow hard is it

  37. Nature Says:

    if i had hair i would be pulling it out….WHY CANT THEY GET THE PLAY CALLED IN A DECENT AMOUNT OF TIME….even the worst teams can do that sheesh…..why dont the HC get it in order.

  38. Nature Says:

    screen can kill them now

  39. Nature Says:

    if TYNES cant make this we need to cut him and get a kicker

  40. Nature Says:

    TYNES cannot kick off and i do believe that has been the problem for years….no one in the front office have a number for a kicker who can also kickoff….

  41. Steve Says:

    nice 3 and out when we needed it. Now Eli ManningHam can come in and put this away. Lets get 7 and end this.

  42. Nature Says:

    smart check downs…if Bradshaw catches the second one we have a btter 3rd down

  43. Nature Says:

    what the BROWN was that? why did the team get so relaxed

  44. Andrew Says:

    Decent first game, got the W. D looked wonderful except for letting loose on that Wash TD drive in Q4. Thomas is a solid starter now for sure. Eli showed some things he never has before. Manningham is gonna be a star. Very concerned about Johnson, Nicks and Ware. We need those three guys. The Eagles spanked the Panthers, but it was all because Delhomme sucks so bad. The Eagles offense wasn't as good as the score makes it look. 10/18 for 79 yards is nothing to write home about for McNabb.

  45. Andrew Says:

    Gillbride did a much better job today. We saw a lot of different looks, and a lot of second opp passes to Jacobs and Bradshaw. Also he is learning how to use boss better. That being said, those failed red zone visits worry me. Boss could be used more here I think.

  46. Nature Says:

    Andrew i have had this picture since last year #1. #2 people like you are the reason AMERICA is so pussified nowadays every BROWNING thing hurts your feelings… you wanna control what i have as a picture who the BROWN are you CASTRO? STALIN? POL POT? or HITLER?

    i wanna go tell you what to do with your opinion but THAT isnt needed on the blog

    thats not a PHOTOSHOP picture brownhead it a real picture. you dont know the PRESIDENT smokes cigarettes go look it up.

    and for your information i have no problem with the President you BROWNHOLE, just thought it was funny my household voted for him (wife and myself)

    so go BROWN yourself, dont ASSUME anything about me or anyone else……

  47. Nature Says:

    ohh yeah ANDREW go BROWN yourself !!!

  48. Andy F. Says:

    Andrew and Nature, I didn't know this was a doubleheader! Everybody pls keep it all Giants.

  49. Motown Blue Says:

    Nature and Andrew, I visit and respond to this site because the the vast majority is a) well informed b) highly intuitive and c) dead on about what we believe our team needs to win it all. Last thin we need is personal tirades and political attacks. Andrew if you disagree with Nature post comments on his site and not use Andy's site as a sounding board.

    Keep the political BS out as we escape this brown when we visit and talk the Gs on this site.

  50. Andy F. Says:

    I do not believe in censorship either. If you want to talk politics, there are loads of places to go. In my previous comment I specifically asked for Giants only. This is why I am deleting the NON-GIANTS comments thereafter. NEXT. Thank you.

  51. Nature Says:

    never wanted to go there….you guys know i keep it about football but you have to admit this guy came waaaay out of left field….i apologize to the blog but he can go BROWN himself

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