Wonder on the Giants and the NFL

Guest commenter Wonder throws in his remarks on developments with the Giants and around the league.

1) Recap of Giants-Jets preseason game: “DON’T look at stats…Eli played GREAT…best I’ve seen him look in AGES…Nicks is NOT the answer THIS year…in spots, yes..but Smith still the most solid…and yeah, I know he dropped a PERFECTLY thrown bomb…Hixon MUST catch that ball..terrible..sh*t happens but NOT THAT..your QB will get “cold feet” throwing that pass to you…and Boss is not “awesome”…he’s a good player who is often the beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time…O-line and D-line will be great…BUT, they MUST get SOMETHING out of their LB’s..and their secondary is a real issue…Phillips…as I stated, he’ll be ok-good..but “really good-great” ? NEVER…any plays he makes will be due to DL pressuring the QB….if I were Jints, 2 things worry me:

1. Opp teams load up the box and dare the WR’s to make plays; and
2. Opp teams max protect and air it out against the D…plus run screens, bubble screens, quick slants

I think the Jints need a GAME PLAN that includes screens, short circle routes and dumpoffs to Bradshaw and Ware…I also don’t believe they run NEARLY enough play action with crossing routes to take advantage of opp LB’s “creeping up” to protect against the run..of course, they executed perfectly the play action post bomb to Smith that he dropped..but don’t give up on that…”

2) Andre Smith INJURED: “Gee, what a shock…that a FAT, OUT OF SHAPE PIG would get hurt trying to do something “athletic”….do you think he was working with a kick*ss personal trainer the last 5 months?? duh, I don’t think so…I can’t think of ANYBODY who thought that he was “overrated” in the draft..can you???

3) When I commented to Wonder about wanting Maualuga but did not know about the ‘roid use, he had an interesting comeback: “You WANT guys who HAVE already “roided up”…so they don’t NEED TO DO IT IN THE PROS SO THEY DON’T TEST POSITIVE !!!!!….as long as they keep “working out”, they keep MOST of their built up muscle mass…BUT, they can’t just stop or take a vacation..or they might “lose it”…soooooo, I think MAU would have been a stud classic 4-3 MLB TACKLING MACHINE….critical in a good 4-3.

Ultimatenyg here. MORE screens. MORE play action. To Gilbride’s credit, he uses play action, but NOT ENOUGH. You cannot overuse it if the defense is loading the box as much as they did late last season and as much as you know they will be doing again this season.

11 Responses to “Wonder on the Giants and the NFL”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Wonder – "Phillips…as I stated, he'll be ok-good..but "really good-great?" NEVER…any plays he makes will be due to DL pressuring the QB"

    I have to respectfully disagree with that statement. I think Phillips will prove this year that the Giants were right about drafting him. He has good football instincts, very good closing speed and hits like a "Mack Truck"….and btw, all DB's benefit from a good pass rush on the QB.

    just a note….I would hope that Amani Toomer comes back to sign a "one day contract" so he could retire as a NY Giant.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Wonder contributes to this blog but that does not mean yours truly agrees with everything he says. I like Phillips. He progressed well last season, despite the DL weakening and becoming less of a factor. It is still to early to tell, but there is potential for him to be "really good."

    Fwiw, I obviously disagree with him also on Boss. If Boss had an accurate QB (and a coordinator who used him) he would a lethal weapon. Manning threw to him 3 times and missed him twice badly. The one time he put it "in his zip code" Boss made a great catch. It is worth noting that Boss had his man beaten by a step into the end zone and Eli threw it, well, in the NEXT zip code.

    As for Amani, I suspect he will keep in shape and wait for injuries to appear so that he can get more looks during the season. He's not giving up just yet, that is my read. When he does give up, it would be nice if the Giants could end that relationship well. 13 years in the NFL deserves that.

  3. Mitch Says:

    Andy..I'm sure you read this but maybe Wonder missed it.


  4. xtian Says:

    1. eli did play well. hixon is a very good returner, but will he be as good a wr–not sure, but i think he has more than we ability than hester who is pure returner. not worried about smith's hands. was pleased to see him get open deep. boss is a very good te who blocks and catches, but he's not a speed h-back type. he is underutilized in the passing game. ol and dl should be fine, but they are banged up now–esp dt–so that is the worry. phillips will be one of the better safeties–wonder is out to lunch on this one. agree with wonder's worries and gilbride adapting to quick passes and screens.

    2. who cares, not nyg fans.

    3. dont want roids guys. they almost always fail when they stop. but interesting comment nonetheless.

  5. Motown Blue Says:

    They should trade their deep talent depth at WR and/or DT given that they have 3 fundamental areas of weakness 2dary, OL depth and LB. The DT injuries with the exception of Alford are not major and may even be beneficial as they will be fresher in December and January. Trade Moss, Tyree and/or Hagan for any of the above positions and the bring in Toomer for a veteran presence. There are a number of teams in dire need of WR help such as Baltimore, KC and Denver. Baltmore has great Defensive depth and has similar Defensive schemes.

    I want to see Phillips in game action on a consistent basis before we anoint him either way. A lot of talk and practice highlights but doesn't mean brown until he shines in real game situations. Boss is special as he has great hands, positions his body well to box out the defenders and is intelligent. Pure and simple neglect by his OC.

  6. Kruunch Says:

    What's your guys' opinion on Terrel Thomas?

    I really get good vibes seeing this guy play (ball hawk vibes).

  7. Kruunch Says:

    Oh and I think wonder has got it right about Phillips. I think he's good (read as slightly above average) but won't improve much beyond that.

  8. Russ Wellen Says:

    Wonder said: You WANT guys who HAVE already "roided up"

    As Xtian said: interesting comment. Like almost everything Wonder says. Which brings me to my question: How come his comments always come in the form of quotes instead of him posting a blog himself?

    After almost a year of reading every post of UltimateNYG, I can't help wondering (no pun intended) — is he a soothsayer you contact, Andy? Or maybe your imaginary friend?

    I can understand if he wants to remain anonymous, but can you tell us anything at all about the wise, but mysterious, Wonder?

  9. Damn Mongolian Says:

    Thoughts on Marshall to NYG trade speculation? http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=tsn-planebearinggiantste&prov=tsn&type=lgns

  10. Kruunch Says:

    Mixed feelings on Marshall.

    His talent is exactly what the Giants need (almost desperately).

    His attitude is exactly what we just got rid of.

    Plax of last year or Randy Moss of the Patriots … I can't tell which way he's gonna break (my guess would be the former sadly).

  11. Oxbay Says:

    The main thing for this year is whether Eli plays like he played the last 5 games of the 2007 season or better. If he plays great the Giants will excel. If he doesn't all the other weaknesses of the team will be magnified.

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