Osi mea culpa

1) Osi Umenyiora beat a hasty retreat, admitted this AWOL incident was entirely his fault and conceded that this whole thing should never have happened. This was about the best outcome we could have hoped for. Please let that be the end of it. Next.

2) On Monday night this blogger let loose on Wide Receivers with a remark in the comments section of the post. It is nothing most of you have not already heard before. Just go to Rule #3 of The Rules for Winning in the NFL. Then on Tuesday night, I got some good company from none other than the Dean of Wide Receivers, Jerry Rice. The good news for the Giants is that our crop of WRs are pretty grounded and not totally infatuated with themselves. Diehl raves about Nicks. Manningham is a fallen (3rd round) angel. Smith is a 2nd round piece of steak, hold the sizzle. No more Plaxico. Do you really want a player like Marshall who will drop a ball on purpose? Just give me a meat and potatoes LBer in the first round, for crying out loud.


7 Responses to “Osi mea culpa”

  1. Mitch Says:

    I know it's tempting, in light of all the drops, but Giants fans resist the temptation…because I know the Giant organization will…

    I would never ever want a receiver like Brandon Marshall on our team…PERIOD!

  2. Lou Spevack Says:

    Amani Toomer was just released by the Chiefs. This lends weight to Reese's position that Toomer needed to move to a backup role but wanted to start. He clearly has more value to the Giants as an icon and knowing the system. But if he was still here, one more of the current receiving crew would need to be cut. Still, I would not be completely surprised if we see him back.

  3. Pastime Princess Says:

    David Tyree needs to stay a giant just for his special teams play. Between him and Feagles they make an outstanding pin the other team inside the 10 combo that should not be broken up.

  4. Bob Says:

    Why don't the GMEN take on Toomer
    as an assistant coach-mentor for the young-ones ? Now that he's got the "message" from two teams that he's beyond his prime, he might be more ameniable.

  5. dberenson Says:

    Tyree is injured and won't play the last preseason game. It looks very bad for him, given the pressure from all the younger guys.

  6. Russ Wellen Says:

    Ever since I first saw Osi speak I was impressed with not only his personality and intelligence, but his lack of pretentiousness. In the age of the qualified apology, his yesterday was sincere and total — no "buts."

    Speaking of butts, doesn't he deserve something better than a picture with strippers? (No offense intended to women in that biz.)

  7. Kruunch Says:

    I see Brandon Marshall as being either Plax last year (great but ultimately self destructive) or Randy Moss with the Patriots.

    The front office (and hopefully) the coaching staff will have to make the determination on which they think they can get out of him.

    But his talent could potentially get the Giants to the Super Bowl … with confidence.

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