Sunday Tom Coughlin Conference Call

Here is the transcript to Tom Coughlin’s Sunday Conference Call.

Coughlin’s Positives:
1) Run Defense
2) 3rd down defense (1 for 9)
3) punt coverage.. and physical on kickoff coverage
4) Eli cadence to draw penalties on opposing DL
5) Guys are getting open downfield
6) David Carr, Hakeem Nicks
7) first string OL
8) penalties (4 for NYG, 12 for NYJ)
9) Boley progressing well, perhaps we see him this Thurs(?)
10) Good to see Bernard out there, did some good things

Coughlin’s Negatives:
1) Defense still giving up big plays, altho there were less
2) Offensive kickoff return
3) Punt Return ball drop-in (Crazed Giant Fan correctly alluded to this one)
4) Two minute drill
5) The Hixon tip for Jets INT
6) No turnovers for Giants defense

Kudos to Mitch for being ahead of the game on Nicks. He wanted Nicks (and Manningham) to start and Coughlin spelled out that Nicks was going to be moving up the depth chart. Good.

6 Responses to “Sunday Tom Coughlin Conference Call”

  1. Ken Says:

    Here's an excerpt from a NY Times article on Nicks' play against the Jets:

    "But he certainly did not hurt his chances by finishing with six receptions for 144 yards. On his second touchdown, Nicks read a corner blitz and accelerated past a safety, a move that pleased Carr.

    'I was just praying, Please, Hakeem, know that,' Carr said. 'For a young guy, sometimes they don’t know that. They’ll stop right where the guy is and I’ll have to throw it away. But he read it just like a veteran. It was very heady and, obviously, he’s got talent, too.'”

    I find that very encouraging. He's got the physical talent and football smarts, perhaps, to make some significant contributions this year.

  2. Nick Says:

    Mitch? I was the one calling you a clown for blasting the Nicks pick in April.

  3. Mitch Says:

    I just heard that Osi walked out of practice because of a dispute with Coach Sheridan. He did not tell Coughlin he left either.

    That is not a good sign at all. Osi is a leader and he just undermined his new D.C.

    Two weeks away from the first game and now this…

  4. Mitch Says:


    I didn't remember blasting the Nicks pick, so I checked the archives…

    On April 29th this is what I wrote.

    Mitch said…

    Thanks Andy…

    Great piece that I missed on Garafalo. That's why we all love ULTIMATENYG.

    Now it seems to me that our GMen are trying to find different ways to help offset the loss of Plax. I can see the H-Back being used a la Pete Mitchell (remember him)…Barden in the "Green Zone" along with Boss & Nicks creating mismatches. I just hope that Gilbrown knows how to share the wealth and play with his new toys.
    April 29, 2009 6:48:00 AM EDT

  5. Bob Says:

    I agree with Mitch that Nicks & Manningham should start at WR.
    They seem to have the talent advantage over the other wideouts (nicks–hands, m-ham–speed). Give them the reps & let them mature. They are both very young and have great potential. Nicks looks like a
    young Amani Toomer to me.

    How did we wind up with CC Brown ?
    He looks terrible. I know Butler wasn't great, but he would have been an adequate safety BACKUP.
    CC Brown is NOT !!

  6. Andy F. Says:

    Nick- please call me by my real name, Mr. Clown!

    Just check March 3rd and April 23rd posts and still tell me that Wonder (who on May 6th merely liked Britt better, did not dislike Nicks) is still blasting Nicks. He likes the potential of Britt, that's all. He likes Nicks too.

    Me? I wanted the LBer, Maualuga. Every time Pierce is hurt or loses a 1/4 step, I'll be pining for a #1 draft pick at (middle) LBer. 25 years and counting. All these high pick WRs, Britt, Nicks, THEY ALL CAN KISS MY ***. This position always becomes available in free agency etc… For every Amani Toomer (as second round steak, not first round sizzle either), there is a David Patten, Tim Carter, Lewis, Hilliard, Moss, Alford, Jurevicius, McCaffrey that either leave and win a title somewhere else or just or not worth it as a DRAFT investment. WR is on the NFL merry-go-round, oh, don't look now, here comes another one named Brandon Marshall, and then Boldin, then Edwards, Burress, and then TO after this year is up, and then…

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