Jets Saturday night

I’ll be missing this preseason game, but will catch it on tape thereafter. Please everyone.. give color on what happened. Some of the important things to watch vs the Jets:

1) Boss has the Blutarsky (0.0 receptions). Please correct.
2) Manning should play into Q3. Let’s see rhythm, accuracy, YAC.
3) How is the execution of the screen pass? This is the box-buster, practice makes perfect, KG.
4) Diehl and McKenzie should be back to their old selfs, reliable, seen and not heard. Correct?!
5) Snap from center after O’Hara is taken out of game.
6) Of course, WR progress.
7) How many of the walking wounded on Defense play this preseason game?
8) Lane control on run and pass rush addressed and corrected?!
9) Goff/Wilkinson/Kehl MegaMillions LBer sweepstakes.. any winners?!!
10) Tynes adventures in groin babysitting.
11) Improvement by CC Brown needed immediately.

14 Responses to “Jets Saturday night”

  1. Shavedape Says:

    Zero point zero.

  2. Mark Says:

    After all the high expectations a few weeks ago, all I have seen so far is an fairly average team that is playing bland grade football.
    OK, it's preseason but the first team has not lived up to the hype, especially on defense. Receivers are MIA, Manning is swallowing footballs, and coaching is…well…nothing we haven't seen before; boring, predictable and unimaginative!
    Other teams are showing their stones in preseason, why aren't the Giants?

  3. Mark Says:

    I really want to see what is put on the table tonight against the Jets. After tonight I don't care if they rest everybody against the Patriots. As a matter of fact I expect the chicken shit coaches to do just that even though I think it should be approached as a early, regular season "statement" game. On the road vs the AFC pick and favorite to go all the way! Throw the gauntlet down right now or pack it in.

  4. Nature Says:

    we have one in Manningham….

  5. Nature Says:

    alot of 3 step

  6. Nature Says:

    eli got them to jump offsides 3x in 1 drive

  7. Nature Says:

    RB's are catching passes this preseason……

  8. Nature Says:


  9. Brian Says:

    You gotta catch those. UGH.

  10. Brian Says:

    Catch the damn ball!

  11. Nature Says:

    eli is on point

  12. YanksFan13 Says:

    Eli has looked much better then his line. Perfect deep throw to Smith that would have been an 90 yard TD–drop. Brought back bad memories of Hixon's drop against Philly last year. Hixon also has a ball go off his hands that results in an INT.

    Giants defense has looked good for the most part–except for CC Brown. This guy is friggin awful.

  13. John Says:

    I think this is going to be a l-o-n-g season. I don't get a good feeling about this team at all. They have to get some consistency. Where are the midrange passes? Not good…

  14. Mitch Says:

    I know it is pre-season but this team looks very predictable on offense as usual.

    We know the Giants can run the football. That is a given. Jacobs, Bradshaw and Ware all looked good. Jacobs also is showing that he can catch the ball, unlike last season.

    The receivers look below average. From what this fan sees is this:

    Steve Smith is a slot possession receiver at best. (That drop he had tonight was inexcusable) Hixon cannot catch the ball consistently. He should go back to running back kicks. He is a weapon there anyway.

    The starting wideouts should be Manningham & Nicks. I would rather take my chances with them. MM shows good quickness. He made some mistakes tonight notably not turning upfield instead he sat down on a route, but that is correctable. Nicks has great hands and he is physical…we all can see that. That's my opinion anyway.

    It frustrates me that TE is an afterthought in this offense. I think Boss had two thrown to him, and he did make a nice sideline catch.

    On Defense, the DL is solid. The LB's played better tonight. The secondary is another question mark. They worry me. Phillips looked very good but the corner play was very weak. The communication also was lacking. The play where we got tremendous pressure on Sanchez and it looked like he was just throwing the ball away was the real back breaker tonight. Dockery lets the WR cut across the middle expecting deep side help and it never came. That was ridiculous.

    I am curious to see now where the cuts are going to be. The thing that most disturbs me is I really just don't know enough about our WR's….unfortunately neither does our coaching staff.

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