Mario Manningham gets out of his break quickly and gets that separation that you crave. So it is time for the QBs to make practice perfect and start hitting this guy in stride. Those WR fears will melt away IF that happens. Watch the replay of Manningham on that pass that Payne breaks up in Chicago Sat evening. It is only one play, but it is part of the problem and represents part of the solution when corrected and executed.

From Garafolo on his initial writeup:
Coughlin might breathe easier when he sees Eli Manning’s numbers: 7-for-10 for 62 yards. But he’s just as likely to throw down his remote control when he looks at the tape of the first drive and sees how Manning missed Mario Manningham on third-and-7.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Manning said. “He ran a good route, we had the good coverage, I just didn’t throw it far enough near the sideline.”

The Giants need Eli Manning more than ever. Maybe when the DL is healthy and the defense is dominant, Eli does not have to carry the team. But with Robbins and Cofield trying to come back from injuries, with Canty nursing a hamstring tear, Alford gone, this team needs execution and fast. LIFT THESE YOUNG WRs UP, Eli. They may not be Plaxico but they are good enough for a consistent passer.

5 Responses to “MM”

  1. Bob Says:

    This year, more than ever, we NEED
    Eli to show up & have a great year.
    I feel that success this season rests on Eli's shoulders.

    We need him to direct our fine young receivers & lead them to success. We need Eli to lead an effective passing game to make #27
    and #44 more effective. WE need him to dominate the clock & give the D a rest. We need him to earn the big contract he just signed.

    Go Eli !!

  2. Motown Blue Says:

    Concerns will always revolve around his accuracy and this year he will need to calm those fears. Previously, he had a well above average receiver in height to catch his high floaters and a true professional who seemed to catch everything. Accuracy is key to take advantage of MM quickness out of his breaks.

    On another subject Yahoo sports questions the OL strengths:;_ylt=At73_ijLG736dvN49qNX4uOP2bYF?slug=teamreports-2009-nfl-nyg&prov=sportsxchange&type=team_report

    Some of the same points we have discussed are brought up including Diehl's quickness and McKenzie's durability. This is the unit I am most concerned with. All the above is pointless if an opposing DT or DE is in Eli's face all the time.

  3. Russ Wellen Says:

    "The Giants need Eli Manning more than ever."

    You can say that again. Did anybody see Vacchiano quoting QB coach Chris Palmer about David Carr? To wit:

    "Every year is a new year," Palmer said. "Sometimes you break a horse and sometimes he goes out to pasture and when he comes back in you have to retrain him. So we're in the process of retraining him right now."

    Pretty cold, huh? Looks to me like Rhett Bomar's big chance.

  4. Kruunch Says:

    I think we've what Eli has to offer (both good and bad) and it is the wide receivers who need to step up.

    We need one or two to be able to break away down field and provide that credible threat to at least hold those in the box from pouncing on our run game.

    Right now I don't believe we have a receiver that Eli is comfortable throwing to while blanketed. Until we do, our receivers need to be running the best routes of their lives.

  5. Andy F. Says:

    This from Garafolo today: Good route by WR Mario Manningham on an out. But what else is new? The guy does run great routes.

    If Eli has the courage to hit MM in stride, it could be a huge tonic. The difference between hitting Jerry Rice and hitting Jerry Rice IN STRIDE is the difference between Montana & Rice getting completions and both being in the Hall of Fame. So MM needs to get that ball. And if he can get hit in stride (with consistency) it is lights out.

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