Plaxico Burress sentenced to 2 year prison term

The end to such a sad story with no winners, except maybe the Super Bowl XLIII champion Steelers.


1) We agree with the Defense Attorney, that he was given a harsher sentence for being a celebrity.

2) We have said previously (and little has been said which would lead us to believe otherwise) that the DA had more leverage in this case because of the obstruction of justice. We have no proof but we nonetheless believe that since no one from the hospital was brought up on charges, that those involved were used to roll on Burress.

2a) A jury would have been at least mildly sympathetic to a person w/o a criminal record. That Burress took a 2 year PLEA w/o going this route makes us more willing to believe in the leverage from possible obstruction.

2b) An explanation for why obstruction did not make it to the media was because the DA wanted to look as good as possible under the PREVAILING circumstances. And the Burress camp had no interest in discussing this facet of the case because it could only damage the accused further. Once again, just our take, nothing concrete to substantiate this.

3) The timing of this is VERY LOGICAL. Burress tried to delay this forever under the mistaken theory that he was going to get picked up by someone else and play a la Keith Hamilton. Goodell got wise to this strategy and leaked it out to the remaining teams that Burress was facing a suspension this season. Interest by the few teams seriously considering the free agent WR quickly dissipated and Burress realized he had no other choice but to serve the time asap so that he could get back on the field.

4) That this sentence can only get reduced to 20 months with good behavior is another joke. HE SHOT HIMSELF.

4a) Vick got 2 years, the same amount of time as Burress?

5) The way this all went down is why the Giants cut bait in April. They probably knew how much DA prison time was being asked for and realized it was going to take too long to end. Great move by the Giants. Next.

6) Thankful that Pierce not involved. He’s playing with all of this behind him, he must feel reborn. Good for him and good for the Giants.

7) From same link above: Plaxico Burress is not under contract to an NFL team. In light of his plea today, Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Burress and informed him that he is ineligible to sign with any team until he completes his jail term,” the statement reads. “Commissioner Goodell said Burress will be reinstated and eligible to sign with an NFL team upon the completion of his sentence.”

8) Burress will be 34 years old when able to hit the football field again. How many millions and how much of the prime of his career did this man blow because he was worried about getting mugged for hundreds or thousands of dollars? Insane.

3 Responses to “Plaxico Burress sentenced to 2 year prison term”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Let me first say at the outset, I do not agree with "all" that has happened today, but the facts are these….

    1. Yes that is partially true, but anyone caught in NYC with an unlicensed firearm (Class C felony 3 1/2 min to 15 max is allowed to plead down to Class D – 2 years )

    2. Absolutely correct. The Defense had no case, DA had all the power.

    2a. Yes a jury would have possibly been sympathetic, but because the Grand Jury had decided to indict Plax there was too much evidence to suggest that Plax had no defense and he would have been convicted and the judge would then have had no choice but to give him at least 3 1/2 years minimum. (Terrible risk)

    2b. It wasn't that the DA wanted to look good, the mayor is very powerful and it was his edict to play hardball.

    3. Agreed

    4. WRONG! Yes he shot himself but that doesn't matter. He could have injured or killed someone else. The law is this… "It is against the law to carry an unlicensed weapon in NYC." PERIOD!

    4a.. Doesn't apply…Vick's jurisdiction was not New York State. ( That doesn't make it right…but it is what it is…)

    5.Absolutely correct!

    6. Couldn't agree more.

    7. True.

    8. If someone in his position feels he is being threatened by going to a certain place, then he shouldn't be going there or at least have the sense to hire a bodyguard. We've said this before. Plax is probably guilty most of all for just being plain dumb.

  2. PD2LISN Says:

    Like Mitch implies, you cannot compare Burress to Mike Vick, or even Donte Stallworth. This is NY State law. Criminal possession of a firearm is going to be punished. There is no wiggle room. It is a good law that most NYers support. Plax is not being punished because he is a celebrity. He broke a law that we all must abide by.

  3. dberenson Says:

    As to #8, there is no question of the monumental stupidity in Burress' behavior here. Both in going to a place where he perceived the possibility of danger (oh, by the way, on the eve of gameday) and in carrying a loaded weapon (oh, by the way, in a manifestly unsafe way).

    What puzzles me most about the latter is that Burress did not perceive how safe he probably really was. He's a very tall, heavily muscled young man. Who on earth would provoke trouble with such a person. Particuarly since he was in the company of two very physically imposing friends.

    The only explanation I can come up with is that Burress, like a lot of guys in the NFL, grew up in a subculture where the prospect of violent danger is both ubiquitous and romanticized. Carrying a loaded gun reconnects him with his roots and validates his enduring connection to a world that money and fame allowed him to leave behind.


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