Lots coming

1) DBerenson wisely reminded us yesterday not to get too ahead of ourselves in anointing this team or its defense. Keep improving. Something the offense did not do at year end.

2) No injuries (confirmed) was great. Some players (Smith, Ross, Webster, Snee, Seubert) looking to rejoin practice, if even just for individual drills.

3) Wonder thinks this should be Pierce’s last year and work Sintim in at MLB. Right now they have Sintim rushing from the edge. He can still do that. “They need a hard-hitting MLB who can run and cover a LITTLE! Groom him!”

4) More extensive recap of the preseason game from Garafolo.

5) The punt block was caused by 10 Giants on the field. Isn’t that Feagles’ job?! Damn, I’m moving him from ‘Good’ to ‘Ugly,’ the man cannot be trusted to do anything right. (Guys, that was a joke.)

6) Bradshaw moving up on Coughlin’s Death Chart

7) “And that’s why they call me Mr. Loser!” … How would you like to have the Panthers +3 in that game on Monday night??!!! The 2 pt conversion to TIE, and then the Douzy-able loss?!! Get me off the ledge! Or better, the Over/Under may have gone over at the end on that 15 points of insanity!

8) Wonder won’t keep quiet, I have to hear about Britt getting 5 receptions for 89 yards and a TD. I didn’t want Nicks OR Britt, I wanted a LBer. Old school. Defense wins championships.

7 Responses to “Lots coming”

  1. dberenson Says:

    I agree on Sintim. He'd be wasted in the middle; that's just not who he is. They need a dedicated post-AP replacement, and I don't think that person is currently on the roster.

  2. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Sintim could play strong side sometimes. Don't know about MLB. He does seem to be very promising tho. Dude is a beast. Prototypical NYG body type. Once again, instead of Nicks, we should have taken Maualuga in Rnd 1 of the draft. He's raw but very talented. Learning under AP would have been perfect situation for him. I think Reese pushed the panic button on that first round pick. We had enough receivers to get by without nicks, barden was greAt value anyway. This is the only pick Reese ever made that I think was unwise. Nicks might contribute in the second half of the season but even if he does, we already got guys who can do what he does.

  3. xtian Says:

    lol reese doesnt panic. come one now.

  4. Mitch Says:

    I know it is very early, but Clint Sintim has to get you excited. I don't think his future is in the middle. Personally, he looks great on the outside….but watching him Monday night making that sack & strip…well….it was "Tayloresque!"

  5. Kruunch Says:

    A little early to put Nicks out to pasture … especially given his pedigree.

    But hearing the "#1 ready to play in the NFL" wide receiver coming out of the draft is having problems with the playbook and what routes and assignments he's being asked to perform isn't very encouraging.

  6. Andy F. Says:

    kruunch- One of the things agreed on here in this forum is that WR takes 3 seasons to make that jump for most players. The route trees, the jamming at the line of the scrimmage, the blocking assignments, the detailed need to run extremely precise patterns, the blitz checkdowns, the massive playbook… it's not an easy job for a 22 year old out of college. As we clearly mentioned in the post, Nicks will simply need (MORE) time to develop than we might have quietly hoped for. Everyone wants that guy to get shot out of a cannon. And your #1 is supposed to have a better chance than the rest to do that. Maybe the lightbulb for Nicks goes off in Week5 of season 1 or in camp of season 2 or whenever. I think he'll be a very good pro, if for no other reason than the comments made by Diehl earlier this offseason.(June 15 post) Patience for all of us. The Giants are very good in the patience dept. It'll work out.

  7. Kruunch Says:

    Andy F: Oh I wasn't saying that Nicks wasn't going to be a good receiver eventually but even before Draft Day he was being touted as the "most NFL ready receiver" in the draft. While not as explosive as the Michael Crabtrees of the world, he was supposedly more polished and this is specifically why the Giants drafted him (versus grabbing an established receiver in free agency).

    As this hasn't turned out to be the case (thus far) it's a bit of a let down. Especially if he can't contribute meaningfully this year.

    Some players do better in game situations then on the practice field (and vica versa) and thus far Nicks has done neither. Still *very* early to tell obviously but as I said previously, so far the signs aren't encouraging. As it stands, our wide receiver core is filled with a bunch of 2s and 3s. With no credible down field threat, teams will load the box and man up on the receivers which will effect our run game to a great degree. This is what worries me most for the coming year.

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