Giants 24 Panthers 17

Lots of good things tonight. Some of it wasn’t pretty, but overall the Giants did fine, and as far as I can tell, NO INJURIES! If that happens 4 games in a row, we are in GREAT SHAPE.

The Good
1) Bradshaw– doing it all
2) Thomas- good coverage
3) Manningham- executing, got behind coverage on bomb
4) Ware– did well when the run wasn’t getting stacked
5) Osi- the cat gets another sack/strip with Alford’s help
6) Evans- nice sack
7) Sintim- ubiquitous, and had a sack/fumble where he looked like LT around the end.
8) Sintim- held again on pass rushing duties
9) Feagles- this guy puts it inside the 20 like a heat seeking missile
10) LBers- good work by committee, Wilkinson/Goff/Kehl all made plays
11) Tentatively, no (serious) injuries.

The Bad
1) Carr- needs to get rid of the ball when nothing is there
2) Beatty- got beat on a sack, otherwise learning, ok
3) special teams punt blocked– man untouched, safety
4) backup OL- high snaps, weak protection
5) RRPK predictability is OK in preseason, but tonight it was so excessive in H2 that it begins to hurt your OL and QBs, because the game might as well be 11 vs 13
6) Stoney Woodson- got beat badly twice on final TD drive

The Ugly
1) Gruden- calling Gilbride “one of the best in the business.” LOL.

The last two TDs at the end of the game are par for the course. Happy to see the Giants escape with a win, they played a good game. The two stars this evening were Bradshaw and Sintim. Some of the LBers made some nice plays. We got beat around the edge a few times. The RRPK is allowed in preseason but it did make it hard on both Woodson and Bomar.

BOTTOMLINE: Sintim as a pass rusher is going to be scary, considering that this is his rookie preseason game combined with him playing with the likes of Osi, Kiwi, Canty, Tuck. You have to love it when a rookie jumps off the page in his first NFL appearance- a very good sign. It happens infrequently and correlates VERY WELL with future success. Lastly, #44 just gives so much juice to this offense.

16 Responses to “Giants 24 Panthers 17”

  1. James Allen Says:

    For a first game it was perfectly fine. The starters got their work in, Bradshaw looked especially good, and no one got hurt.

    And about Gruden, the man might have to work his way into the TV thing because he wouldn't shut the hell up, which is why we got a lot of coach-speak drivel and the already commented upon tongue bathing of a fellow offensive co-ordinator. Aggrivating, but not especially shocking.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Gruden was actually quite humorous overall. I was ROARING when the officials were going to review the empty hand QB fumble.. Gruden did not miss the opportunity to inform everyone that he was an expert on the topic. LMAO! He also kissed Bradshaw's *** pretty good, so it was fine. And he took a shot at himself, poking fun, saying that he likes calling a run on 3rd and 4 on the road because that way, when it doesn't work, at the least the crowd isn't there to boo! Very funny.

  3. Pastime Princess Says:

    I liked Gruden. Jaws is always informative. Heck, this team is much much much better than Theisman and who ever is with him. Goodness, Joe has got to be the worst color guy in history. I have to mute the TV when he is doing a game. Defense looked very very fast. Even the 2nd and 3rd stringers looked quick. I love everything about Eli except his 2 to 4 times a game when he misses open guys. He did it again with Manningham on the a dump off on 3rd down. Ugh. I keep waiting for his off season work to fix it but I guess it's not to be.

  4. Mike Kavis Says:

    Loved Gruden! Might actually listen to the games with the sound up now. My biggest disappointment was Gilbrown. I saw the same play calling that killed us in December. Run-run-pass-punt. No tight end involvement. Next to nothing deep. It is a preseason game, why so conservative? Let's see what the kid WRs can do. Guess he wanted to see their run blocking skills. I was also wondering if any of you shared my thought that maybe none of the WRs could get open. Seemed as though all passes wound up be check downs or coverage sacks.

    Running game is king. I think with Bradshaw in there the running game is much better than last year. Danny Ware is a good back too. Eli looked comfortable. D looks great except for being vulnerable on the edges. Can't wait for the SKins!

  5. John Says:

    How about Tynes? Does anyone else cringe every time he gets back there to kick a field goal? We were spoiled last year with Carney's kick right down the middle almost every time. Even when Tynes makes a field goal, it seems like it is a bit of an adventure. I hope they are keeping a look out for a kicker on the waiver wires. This guy is going to shorten my lifespan by a couple years.

  6. Motown Blue Says:

    John, agreed regarding Tynes. Stressful when he is kicking and sure is no confidence level with me if the game is on the line. KOs were ok but not optimal.

    I hate to ever give Gilbrown a pass but the back OLs were atrocious and limits what they can do. No QB and RB can do much when the opposing D penetrates up the middle that easy. I just don't think any flares or screens would have had as much success with that OLine. Beatty I thought did pretty well and fought hard against a darn good rookie DE.

    The 2ndary reserves were a little concerning as the tackling was below par and there was too much space given out there at times. I wanted to see more from Phillips but it looks like he wasn't in position to make anything happen. Thomas played like a vet on that ball he nearly picked off. Clearly read the receiver and adjusted back to the ball.

    Sky's the limit for #44. Complete package: power, elusiveness, speed and receiving.

    I said it before don't count out Sintim having an impact on the LB crew. He excelled as well as the entire crew by committee. I just want to see him match up against 1st string OL to get a complete analysis of him.

    Bottom line with the 1st game of preseason is the 1st qtr to half is all that matters in terms of a win. They clearly dominated in the first half on D and Bdshaw did the rest.

  7. Pastime Princess Says:

    I think we should start calling Tynes Kildrive Jr.
    Gruden scared me with is talk of Vick. I believe the Eagles are going to do what I suggested in an earlier post and put Vick in as a HB in the wildcat offence. I think Jaws is right that it will never be a big part of NFL offences but when you have the likes of McNabb and Vic together in the backfield watch out. Who would you cover?

  8. Bob Says:


    The Real problem is the Eagles will put Mc Nabb, Vick, Maclin,Westbrook, De Sean Jackson and Selek on the field at the same time.

    Who do you focus On ?

  9. Pastime Princess Says:

    You’re scaring me.
    Good thing we have a fast defense and like Gruden said, like 2000 DL's.

  10. xtian Says:

    jaws is my fav. love his analysis. not sure about gruden, but he has to be better than tony korn-hole.

    was impressed with sintim's pass rush.

    the thing to remember is most of those 2nd half guys wont make the team, which is a good thing because they were lousy. but this hurt barden and nicks from being showcased.

    i think evans beats out tollefson.

    tynes will be fine. he might not be the best, but he isnt the worst either. his kos are way better than carney.

  11. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    I think we saw a lot from this first team defense. They were beastly. Teams are gonna struggle to get past midfield. Also SINTIM!!!!! Goodness gracious… Sintim gives us so much depth in the front 7 it's insane. This guy played outside LBer in college and is learning DE now. He is just another flex player for our D. This team will destroy QB's. Also I loved that little screen pass to Jacobs, and the quick pass to Hixon… this is exactly the kind of thing that will stop teams from stacking 8 in the box. Because if they do that, and we dump it quickly to Hixon… with his YAC ability, that ball can be taken to the house every time.

  12. Oxbay Says:

    Bob writes,"The Real problem is the Eagles will put Mc Nabb, Vick, Maclin,Westbrook, De Sean Jackson and Selek on the field at the same time.

    Who do you focus On ?"

    I say let the QB catch the ball, either McNabb or Vick, and then kill him every time. Knock them loopy.

  13. dberenson Says:

    They looked good but not great. Bear in mind that Jake Delhomme was really bad last night, and not all because the Giants harassed him. He missed at least three very make-able throws that could have put the first half in a different light. I don't think McNabb or Romo would have made those blunders.

  14. Slater Says:

    Andy- Any projection of a 53 man roster? How many WR, DL, LB, OL do we keep? What notable players do we cut? Do we have any trade bait?
    I made an attempt at a 53 man roster, but ugh its hard. How does a guy like Maurice Evans make this roster? I had trouble slimming it to 57.

  15. Andy F. Says:

    slater- woof. it is still way too early to make a roster. there is literally NO ONE who can comment with any certainty about special teams, and that is the gatekeeper on a lot of these last 5-8 spots. We discussed the DL before camp and even that was extremely hard to pin down. We got it to around 3 players and now that Evans looks like he is in the mix.. too tough.

    re the allocation of the 53, that is doable.. WR6, QB3, TE3, OL9, RB5, DL8, LB6, CB5, S4, K1, P1 and that leaves 2 more depending on which unit has too much talent at the end (hint:injuries NOT present). So you could have 7 WRs and/or 9 DLs, but do not be surprised if it goes to a different unit because of specials needs.

    Trade bait? The WHOLE team is trade bait. DL, RB, WR probably are deepest.

  16. Kruunch Says:

    Wasn't Andre Woodson the trade bait prospect? He looked awful the other night and I can't remember him even putting in a pedestrian level performance.

    While Carr could learn to get rid of the ball earlier, I feel comfortable with him as our backup if Eli should go down for a few games.

    Sintim looks really promising …. dunno about grooming him to replace Pierce … I'd like to see a little speed added at the MLB position when Pierce's time is done.

    Overall, this preseason game made us look like there is a lot less rust to shake off then most other teams. Good times!

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