Eve of Preseason Game 1

1) The Vick-Eagles signing needed some time to simmer. So why did Goodell even let it come to this in the first place, letting 31 teams play the prisoner’s dilemma? There is ALWAYS SOME TEAM THAT IS GOING TO DEFECT AND PISS IN THE POT. In this case, there were allegedly 5 teams with “interest.” Once again outstanding grades to Commissioner Goodell (uh, NO) for letting this guy back into the league. Vick was every bit as bad as Pacman Jones, yet Goodell has decided Vick is getting another opportunity. The muted reaction on Friday’s post was due to the fact that WE ALREADY HATE the Eagles, so this signing was not going to do anything to move the needle.

One of the advantages of letting this story get out more facts is that we learned afterwards that Vick drove up to Lurie’s residence to get under the radar of the media. And that Vick was offered a deal without even a workout! After not playing since Dec 2006! Folks, that is classic Prisoner’s Dilemma Defection. Get the lowball deal quietly while no one else is aware of what you are doing. They can say all they want about not trying to create a media circus, but in this case they did not want a bidding war to start by having their interest leaked. The Eagles are only interested in Michael Vick’s rehabilitation because the price was right.

2) Things to watch on Monday night:
a) LBer speed to the ball. We play against Peterson, Sproles, Maclin, Harvin and Vick now too, so that speed in the middle of the defense is going to get tested.
b) Terrell Thomas
c) Chris Canty is out- we’ll have to wait until Saturday for his debut
d) Osi’s side to side agility
e) Eli’s accuracy, YAC, deep ball
f) Of course, the WRs
g) backup OLs (center exchange, protection) and Safeties
h) any rookies starting? (Sintim?) anyone making an impact?
i) REPETITIONS for Boss and Bradshaw

3) How many of you remember the Hall of Fame Game in 2002? It was the Giants vs the Texans and there was this rookie named Jeremy Shockey who was shot out of a cannon, his first (preseason) game as a pro. He breaks one tackle, then runs over (former Jet DB) Kevin Williams and turns him into road kill. How many of you remember Amani Toomer’s preseason in his 3rd year when he broke out? That was the year when he took karate in the offseason. He got off the jam with those skills and never looked back. So this is the game to watch to see new faces make a splash.

4) Speaking of Jets and first preseason games, how many of you saw the first offensive play from Mark Sanchez of the Jets? It was a bomb to David Clowney, a WR who Wonder has been sky high on for a while now. Clowney has had problems staying healthy, leading some to nickname him Mr. August. But at least the Jets understand what they have and are willing to use it. For the Giants, this means throwing screens, flares and checkdowns to Bradshaw. REPEATEDLY. How many times do the best teams get thwarted offensively, only to find a way to keep the chains moving on a dink and dunk? Brian Westbrook? Kevin Faulk? THESE GUYS ARE NOT GLAMOUROUS BUT THEY KEEP DRIVES GOING, THEY SPREAD THE FIELD, THEY GIVE YOUR OFFENSE RHYTHM, THEY GIVE YOUR DEFENSE REST. Everyone was happy with Ward last year, but Bradshaw can do much more out of the backfield as the scatback than Ward EVER did. That is no knock on Ward. As long as Bradshaw stays healthy and protects the ball, he can be to Manning what Faulk is to Brady. It is not pretty, watching a ‘cheap’ and scrappy first down, but it is football and it wins games. It is what distinguishes the boxer from the puncher. Let’s see some boxing tomorrow night. Practice makes perfect.

addendum- note Canty and Ross are out tomorrow evening. This makes watching Terrell Thomas (singled out by Bob Papa for having a good camp) all the more important, as his chances of getting the starting job rise with every missed game from Ross.

12 Responses to “Eve of Preseason Game 1”

  1. Mitch Says:

    1st game:

    2b – We won't see Ross
    2c – We won't see Canty

    I am curious about Kenny Phillips. When I saw him last year in camp he was flying all over the field making hits that reminded me of Jack Tatum. He seemed to get ovewhelmed during the season and wasn't playing instinctively. Now with his rookie year behind him I expect him to play with reckless abandon and become one of the top players in the NFL.

  2. Pastime Princess Says:

    You forgot Marshall Faulk with the Rams and the high stepping guy with the 49er's back in the 80's. I can't remember his name but I do remember Harry Carson’s book from that year and how much attention the defense paid to him. The elusive back that needs to be accounted for is a killer.

  3. Bob Says:

    What Vick did was disgusting.
    But the American footfall public
    has very short memories. All they'll remember a year from now is how many TD's he threw. The Eagles will put together a PR campaign to schmooze the whole thing over.

    The Eagles did a brilliant deal.
    Paid $1-2M to tie up arguably of the greatest football talents of the past 10 years. And then a $5M option for them to hold on to him the second year. If Vick can return to his old form, this is a very , very cheap deal. If he doesn't, it only costs them about $2M. Very smart.

    How could the Vikings not pursue & sign Vick ? They wanted the aging
    & ailing Farve. Couldn't they see
    the better upside in a 27 yr old
    Vick ? The Vikes could have owned
    the SB trophy in 2011 with Vick.
    Imagine, Vick, Peterson, & Harvin
    on the same O.

    No guts, no glory.

  4. Bob Says:

    typo in my post

    the second paragraph, second sentence
    should read

    Paid $1-2M to tie up arguably one of
    the greatest football…………..

  5. PD2LISN Says:

    I hate the Eagles as much as any Giants' fan, but this was brilliant for the Eagles and Vick. The Eagles cost vs. potential benefit is low risk. They will pair Vick with Donovan McNabb for the entire season. McNabb has been a good character guy and the Eagles will allow McNabb to tutor Vick both on and off the field. McNabb will then be able to give testimonial regarding how Vick has changed.

    For Mike Vick, he found the perfect situation. McNabb has been around for 11 years and probably doesn't have much more left in the tank. Vick can get himself back into football shape and then take over the reigns of a solid team. By then the dust will have settled and Donovan's testimonials will give Vick newfound credibility. The whole thing makes me sick…

  6. Andy F. Says:

    Mitch- I think I am already a little spoiled by Phillips. I have a high degree of confidence he'll be very good tomorrow.

    Pastime- You thinking of Roger Craig?

  7. Pastime Princess Says:


  8. Pastime Princess Says:

    Vick will never be great. He is too fragile to play full time in the NFL. He just will not be able to stay on the field and his QB skills are just not good enough.

  9. Oxbay Says:

    I wonder how the Eagles plan to use Vick. Is he their backup QB? If yes he can't really play the wildcat or return punts because you can't risk him getting hurt.

  10. Pastime Princess Says:

    He is going to get hurt anyway so use him till he is.

  11. James Allen Says:

    The Eagles are only interested in Michael Vick's rehabilitation because the price was right.

    Bingo. Anything Reid or the Eagles say about second chances is garbage. They got a high quality back-up on the cheap, and that's all this is about.

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