Paul Dottino gives color on Giants Training Camp

Paul Dottino spoke with John Schmeelk of and gave 16 minutes of video commentary on numerous player/unit developments at camp.

Although we strongly recommend that you listen for yourself, here are some quick takeaways:

1) Defensive Line – “having a terrific summer”
2) Bryan Kehl – biggest surprise is his leadership
3) Ramses Barden – “great hands, two spectacular catches today, I think this guy is going to be really special. Old time folks will remember Harold Carmichael of the Eagles. He kind of reminds me of him.”
4) Derek Hagan – “great camp here in Albany”
5) Danny Ware – “I think he is terrific; he’s got the hands, strength, maturity”

1) Gerris Wilkinson– It was what Dottino did NOT say. Time is running out.
2) Center depth behind O’Hara

1) “5-1-5” Defense
2) William Beatty is “intriguing”… “he will eventually be a starter in this league.”

Ultimatenyg comments: VERY pleased with early encouraging words from both Dottino and Schmeelk on Kehl. Kehl’s draft comments a year ago alluded to ballsmarts and leadership. Beggars can’t be choosers, so we’ll take a LBer making progress from anywhere we can get it. Kehl’s speed was never anything to get excited about. WE NEED SPEED. That was what the promise of Wilkinson was about. That was what the Boley free agent signing was all about. But make no mistake, if we can have Boley, chip-on-his-shoulder Pierce and Kehl out there playing good football together, then this will be a positive development. So much more information will come from the first few preseason games.

Just because Barden is making some very good catches in camp does not mean he will be making an impact this year. We were reminded by the Beckum comments on Monday’s post – if a rookie wants to get on the field he NEEDS to take care of his blocking assignment, not to mention getting past the jam at the line of scrimmage. So while we hope to see Barden see snaps in the red zone, we are cautious to glean too much from the practice catches themselves. In the preseason games, look for how well (quickly) Barden gets separation at the line from his defender, NOT for whether or not he makes the catch. But we’ll end this Barden note on a positive by saying that ANY comparison of a rookie to Harold Carmichael is a GREAT uptick. Good good stuff.

Separately, Q&A with Ahmad Bradshaw noted how the injury not discussed last season was his calf, which slowed him down. He was missing a gear. Wait. Let’s repeat that. He was missing a gear! Good thing we had him out there running back kickoffs instead of Hixon. $%^&*(#@! If we can see more open field speed from #44, all the better.

7 Responses to “Paul Dottino gives color on Giants Training Camp”

  1. Andrew Says:

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  2. Mitch Says:

    Sounds like Bill Sheridan is his own man and will try to take the Giants Defense to the next level. You've got to love when coaches try to get as many playmakers on the field and utilize their personnel to the max.

    This 5-1-5 Defense sound very exciting. This could be another confusing look for a QB to decipher when faced with 3rd and long. If Osi and Kiwi are outside, either one can drop into coverage, and one of the 5 DBs would be the SS acting as a 3rd LB. It's a pre-snap read nightmare. I'm curious to watch it in preseason ( although they might not show it there )

    I wonder if it will be Pierce or they could be using Sintim in the alignment. It bears watching.

  3. Justin Says:

    Probably you've seen this, Andy, and I'm stealing your thunder, but the mention of Kehl seems to warrant its inclusion here:

    Giants’ Kehl Adds Aggressiveness to His On-Field Style (NY Times)

  4. Motown Blue Says:

    Wish Dottino mentioned anything about Sintim. From what I have read so far his pass coverage skills have exceeded expectations and his speed has been a plus. Don't count out Sintim in having an impact on the LB unit this year.

    Based on the poll result looks like everyone is buying into the hype about Barden and immediate impact. The guy is coming from a division IA school where you do not get anywhere close to the physcial press coverage ala NFL. The kid is smart and physically super talented but immediate impact NFL receivers are as rare as you get. I just hope I am totally wrong.

  5. GoodPunk6 Says:

    Michael vick is an eagle

  6. Mark Says:

    "The Giants’ defensive line ran a few plays with five players in three-point stances, instead of the usual four. “We’re just getting started playing around with that kind of stuff,” Tom Coughlin said."

    NYT LaPointe's Extra Points section today 8/10

    August 10, 2009 5:29:00 PM EDT

    I located this out a few days ago and I was hoping this alignment would dare opposing QB's to second guess their play calling leading to more defensive stops, sacks and take aways!

  7. Mark Says:

    Michael vick is an eagle

    After two years away his throwin skill, which was always suspect, will need lots of practice and game time to get up to snuff. His presence in camp will cause McNabb much consternation no doubt! He is a wild card though!

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