1) 5 days till camp, 6 days till first practice.

2) Morgenthau wants as many as two years from Plax.

3) The NY Post says Pierce is ‘still on the hook‘ for his involvement in the Plax mess.

4) Vick has been reinstated, and Myers thinks he will become a Redskin.

5) Westbrook out until mid August. He went under the knife June 5th.

6) The Giants top 3 picks have not yet signed. Here is a link to keep track of all of the first round signings.

7) ESPN’s lack of coverage of Roethlisberger’s civil rape case and Marvin Harrison alleged gun shootings?!!! The parade continues.

4 Responses to “Misc”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Regarding Antonio Pierce…

    I had a feeling he was not out of the woods in this whole scenario, but I do not believe he will do jail time. The DA is out to get Plax. He is exerting as much pressure as he can. Although Pierce is not totally innocent in this matter…put yourself in his position, his friend is bleeding and he is trying to get him medical attention. Yes he has the gun in his car and is transporting it back to Totowa. Who put the gun in his car? Someone at the club? Did he?


    All he is doing is trying to help his friend.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    I still believe that the failure to report a gunshot wound at the hospital is playing into this, most likely against Burress. Either it taints Burress badly for a stiffer sentence or it potentially falls on whoever else may have asked for the obstruction.

  3. Oxbay Says:

    2&3 I think the DA is going overboard. Charges for Pierce are absurd. Jail time for Burress is too much. Because of that if I was on the jury I would acquit.

    7 I heard that ESPN required its hosts to refrain from speaking about the Roethlisberger matter. Saturday morning I heard Eric Kasilias (I don't know the spelling) talking about the whole thing on ESPN radio.

  4. Mitch Says:


    Failing to report a gunshot wound lies exclusively with the attending physician who treated Plaxico.

    If anything, why didn't the attending doctor report this?

    My belief is….

    Ronnie Barnes was called by Pierce. Barnes advised him where to take Plax. Plax then came in and changed his name for privacy purposes, and I believe that some favor was done by the hospital or the ER doc who treated Plax. It seems to me that is what the DA is most angered by.

    The DA will get his pound of flesh.

    The Giants were right to rid themselves of Plax….no matter how talented he is. Look at how many people he has affected with his actions.

    and now we can expect this distraction with Pierce as we ready ourselves for the season.

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