Tisch and Mara speak to their customers

Earlier this week the Giants reduced ticket prices on their remaining unsold tickets. Yesterday morning Tisch and Mara sent a letter to the waitlist. It was a grim reminder of how much has changed. The takeaways:

1) “Once you purchase a PSL, you will control your seat for as long as the Giants continue to play in the new stadium.” Yes, that’s right, suckers. In 30 years when this stadium is no longer state of the art, we’ll come at you with hat in hand and do this all over again. Can’t wait.

2) “We have attempted to convey from the beginning of the PSL sales process that great thought and care has been given to the pricing of the PSLs and tickets in our new home.” How much can we get out of this group of people without an insurrection?

3) “After literally sitting in many of the seats, we have decided to reduce the ticket price of the outer two sections in all four Mezzanine Club B corner areas from $400 to $250 per game.” These seats smelled, so we had to lower the price on them.

4) “As a reminder, the approximately 70,000 non-club seats have been sold out in the new stadium.” The Club Seats are selling as fast as those Yankees seats behind home plate.

5) “Please note that the ticket prices in our club sections will remain the same for at least the first three seasons in the new stadium.” The economy browns, we can’t sell all of these PSLs at the current price, so we are spinning this as well as we can. Aren’t we great for holding the line on ticket price increases?

6) “As waitlist members, we hope you take advantage of this opportunity to experience Giants Football in one of our new clubs.” Waitlist member? What’s a waitlist member? That list disappeared along with the generations of goodwill that we threw down the toilet. Oh, did we mention how many toilets there are in the new stadium that you are paying for with those PSLs? Alert- new money-raising idea: Maybe we can have naming rights for the urinals.

One Giant fan who also received the letter yesterday emailed Ultimatenyg: “Gotta love them. They are so caring and compassionate.” A little sarcasm there? Ya think?!

2 Responses to “Tisch and Mara speak to their customers”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Never thought in my lifetime that I would refuse season tickets "if" the wait list ever fell to me.

    Never say never!

    My flat screen, proximity to the kitchen and bathroom never looked so good.

  2. Pastime Princess Says:

    Well said Mitch

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