NFLN previews the Giants

NFLN video link previews the Giants for 2009.

Jamie Dukes smartly downplays the issues at WR. Between all of the talent they have, there is no reason why they cannot get it done this year. If they do not, it is either because of injuries, Gilbride or a combination of both. Moss is playing better, Manningham is playing better, Boss needs lots more touches, Nicks looks like he make a significant rookie contribution, and Hixon and Smith have already proven (when healthy) they have the game.

What is missing is a serious discussion of two items.

1) LBer. The injury to Boley sets this unit right back to 2008. Where is the speed? Where are the impact plays? Where is Pierce after midyear when he slows down? Sintim pulled a hamstring in OTAs, so he better be very healthy and very active in camp. Kehl? Waiting for GodotWilkinson?

2) Lack of depth at Safety. Knight and Butler are gone. Johnson and Phillips should be fine. But this unit always had rotation, and now there is CC Brown and that is about it folks. If they stay healthy, okay. If they do not, trouble.

And as a footnote Giants fans, if #10 can play at a consistently high level for an entire season, the Giants can collect a title ‘EASY.’ In 2007 Manning played at that consistently high level for 5 consecutive games. It was the right 5 games. So let’s start putting some pressure on Eli Moneybag$. When he signs that contract to be the highest paid player in the NFL, he better know the responsibility needs to be there. Jerry Reese said so.

5 Responses to “NFLN previews the Giants”

  1. Coleman Says:

    i know it's early, but this is NFLN, not ESPN

  2. sturat Says:

    Actually, we should know soon. Teams will focus on stopping the run. They'll stack the line from the first game on. So, can Eli beat them? Are the receivers good enough and is he good enough to make teams pay for that strategy? Do the Giants need a #1 receiver to take up an additional defender?

  3. xtian Says:

    i agree to worry about the LBs since boley is hurt. i just hope he can get to his normal self by midseason. if so, we'll be fine there.

    i like our starters too, but there is a serious lack of depth. i think they'll move one of the CB draft picks there. also, thomas could play in a pinch. i was surprised we didn't draft a S high, maybe next year unless there is another FA find.

    i think our WRs will be surprisingly good. they all are young, so over the next 2-3 years we will only get better at that position.

  4. Andy F. Says:

    coleman, thanks

    sturat- this topic has been debated and will continue to be debated. from my pov, the coaches have to make it work. If you are a coach and they pull that maneuver against them, then clearly you have to be able to make them pay.

    xtian- ditto on ALL.

  5. sturat Says:

    I agree that the receiver question been wellll covered. I guess I meant to emphasize that we have two potential concerns for the year. One is conditional — that is the question of depth. If injuries aren't severe, we never see the problem. If injuries to the secondary or LB are high, we see problems. The other area is the receiving corps, in which we will see from the season's outset the extent to which the Giants have addressed the concern. The team is aware of the potential problem — teams tried to make Eli beat them last season in the latter games.

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