Tollefson comments

Q: Why is this defense going to be better than last year?

DL Dave Tollefson: “We’re getting one of the most explosive defensive linemen in the league back in Osi Umenyiora. Not that we even needed him last year. (laughs) Chris Canty is, to me, everything and more than we expected. He’s a great guy, No. 1, and he practices hard. Within our group, we respect that. Rocky Bernard is right up our alley as a wiley vet and he and Fred (Robbins) are those older, reliable guys. I thought Antonio (Pierce) had a great year last year, but apparently I haven’t been around long enough, so I found out he’s expecting more of himself. You’d have to expect a guy like that will have a better year. Bill Sheridan, I’m very happy with how he’s worked out. He’s very smart and very thorough. He and ‘Wauf’ (DL coach Mike Waufle) are very similar in that they do the work and we just go play football. And just the way last year ended. We had it in front of us and we let it get away. That’s going to motivate us – and it should.”

Nice color from Tollefson. Re Canty, pls remember that the Dallas defense underachieved. The coordinator is gone and so are many players. It is possible, without getting our collective hopes up TOO high, that Canty makes this defense HUM, especially after getting in rhythm with guys like Tuck and Umenyiora. If this thing can come together and Boley can get healthy, there is no telling how good the defense can be. A lot of things have to go right, but there is POTENTIAL for a great defense. LBer LBer LBer. Crazy, eh?

5 Responses to “Tollefson comments”

  1. Russ Wellen Says:

    Considering the personnel, barring a rash of injuries, this defense can't miss. My main concern remains whether Eli can continue to play at the high level he has for the past two seasons without a starting receiver over 6'4".

    Ultimate readers: Please tell me I have no cause to worry.

  2. xtian Says:

    i agree that the defense is loaded. i worry about the depth at safety even if 1 of those late round corners is turned into one for this year. if boley gets back we will be fine at lb–don't have big expectations anyway–if not, kehl has to step up as the cover. unfortunately, we can not count on wilkerson.

    i think the wrs will actually surprise ppl cuz we will have more speed and now the field house allows us to practice the long ball.

  3. Harry Geelen Says:

    Watched the replay of the Pittsburgh Giants game from 2004, when Plax was on the sideline of the Steelers. Eli put up 30 points on the Steelers with Shockey, Toomer and Tynes.

  4. Mitch Says:

    The Defense may have to wait….

    The Giants suspend Michael Boley

  5. Bob Says:

    I agree with Russ. The D looks great.

    The O is our big question.

    I think the season rests on Eli's
    shoulders. Can he work well with the young receivers & put together a solid O. Can he be consistently
    accurate ? Its time for Eli to step up, big.

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