Jerry Reese comments

Jerry Reese did Q&A with Giants fans. Bob Papa moderated.

Re expanding the season to 18 games: “Still in the early stages.. a lot of red tape.. Players Union will have to sign off on a lot of stuff. If you go to a longer season you will have to expand your roster a little bit.”

“Mario (Manningham) has really come on.. He really looked fast during the minicamps and OTA’s. Just talking to Eli, after a couple of practices, you really have to get the ball out quick to get it to Manningham, he comes out of his routes so fast.. We are really excited about him.. We expect him to have a breakout season for us.”

First, note how Reese mentions how the roster gets expanded as soon as they go to more games. So now teams would have a ~57 man roster instead of a 53 man roster, so the extra ~4 players you add would be the weakest players the coaches would select, the ones on the fringe. And these guys are going to play LATER in the season when the first 53 can no longer field a team. This is precisely the dilution of the quality of the game we talk about. This is tangible evidence that the game suffers when you increase the length of the season.

Second, strong words from our GM on Manningham. Positive sign.

2 Responses to “Jerry Reese comments”

  1. Lou Spevack Says:

    The Giants lost 2 players and drafted 9. That's seven players that will be cut that we would rather keep. Some of the cuts will be really tough. Your comment about marginal players may apply to some teams but not the Giants this year.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Agreed Lou. The Giants/Reese are a deeper team, draft well, research the waivers well, so they stay deep and the players they cut end up finding homes on other teams now. When we speak of the 54th-57th player, it is representative of the entire NFL, so in aggregate for the NFL it will mean dilution.

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