Sinorice Moss

Kevin Gilbride on Moss:

Q: What makes you think Sinorice Moss will flourish?

A: Because I think last year he had his best year and again, I said to him a couple of times at the end, “We are sitting you down but it is not because you are not contributing.” Because I think he was playing pretty good football. And every time we threw him the ball – I may be off by one – but I think every throw we made to him, he made; he made the catch. And there is a place for his speed and his quicks that I thought he did a much better job last year. And he always, for a little guy, gets after people blocking, which helps in the running game; he does those things. So I think his confidence is a little bit improved. I think our confidence in him is a little bit expanded. So I think it is reasonable to think that he can maybe take one more step forward as he did last year and become a guy that gets a chance to play. Last year it really just came down to the kicking game. We wound up just sitting him down because he wasn’t contributing as much as some other guys were on special teams.

I am still puzzled. This is my problem with KG. He leaves me puzzled more often than not. If it were one player I would be fine, but the problem is that Smith, Boss, Bradshaw AND MOSS all could have helped this offense a lot more and all (except Boss, at the very end) were denied more involvement. So when it is 4 players I start thinking lack of adjustments and lack of leverage of personnel.

I was of the wrong opinion after 2007 that Moss was headed to the dreaded “bust” tag, but he really played well in limited appearances in 2008.

vs SEA: Moss! This praise for one player after another is going to get tiresome. Limited snaps obviously went way up this game and he made the most of them, with 2 TDs and a lot of fine play.”

vs MINN: Moss looked very good. He has the speed to stretch the defense, not as big a target as a Boss for that long reception, but use him to keep the defense honest.”

The reason why I am so confounded is that obviously there is something there, we see it, even Gilbride sees it. I am at a loss to explain why he could not help us more last season. Obviously he can help next season, and if he has a strong camp he can step out of the shadows and make an impact. The exciting thing about camp is that without Toomer and Burress, there is tremendous OPPORTUNITY for a lot of players to get more reps, to step up their game. We saw Hixon take advantage last season, right before our very eyes in preseason. He missed the Toomer toe, then practiced it and a week later was making great grabs and getting those (two) feet inbounds. For Moss to play the slot now and step up, I do not see why (other than his height, a problem for Eli, who tends to throw high on a good day, nevertheless a bad one) he cannot exploit that and then go deep just when the defense is thinking short.

Coughlin mic’d for rookie minicamp (remember, he was a WRs coach for Parcells back in the day)
Kevin Boss .. what a load! 6’6″ and now he weighs 270?!! If he still has decent TE speed, he can be an animal! You have to figure Manning is going to be MOST comfortable going to this BIG target.

5 Responses to “Sinorice Moss”

  1. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    I spent about an hour today not working and watching Giants highlights instead. I watched the highlights of every game this season where we scored more than three TD’s. I came to some pretty interesting conclusions. First of all, we NEED NEED NEED to have Hixon returning kickoffs. He is incredible. The reason why we were able to beat the Cardinals so convincingly is that Hixon set up two super easy TD’s by taking the ball down to Arizona’s 30 and 20. The best way to make up for Gillbride is to set up a short field. Also, when Hixon is returning kicks, he plays better as a receiver. If we have to give him a little less time on the field with the offense to accomodate this, then so be it.

  2. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Also, on Sinorice Moss…
    This guy has tons of talent. He’s the fastest player on our team. I agree, it is disturbing that after what he saw last year, when the Giants were in desperate need of answers on offense that he didn’t even TRY to give Moss more playtime. His hands were a problem before but they seem to be much better now… go relive the longer of his TD catches from carr. He IS only 5’8″. This means that he will never be a number 1 or 2 receiver, but he is still very useful because he gets open, has good hands, great speed, and he does play bigger than he is. Moss should definitely be the 3/4 receiver this year (depending on how well Nicks does).

  3. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Finally, Kevin Boss. What do you say about this guy? He’s our best passing option in the red zone. Huge frame, huge hands, surprisingly quick, great body awareness and control. Eli can just throw it up near him from inside the 10, and it’s pretty much a TD. I love this guy. He’s always in the right place and he just makes plays. I know Gillbride is just starting to learn how to use TE’s so he better do as much learning this summer as he can. Our season next year is largely dependent upon getting Boss to be as big a part of the offense as he should be. This guy could be up there with the best receiving tight ends in the league. He just makes everything look so damn easy.

  4. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    On Bradshaw:
    When he gets those legs churning, even ray lewis can’t bring him down in a one on one situation… that says a lot. However, when Bradshaw stutters and doesn’t know where to go, he’s very ineffective. Bradshaw needs to learn how to commit to every run, and wait (not scramble) when holes are opening up. If he can do this, and get better and keeping the ball high and tight… he might even start outshining jacobs by the second half of the season. He’s a big play guy.

  5. Andy F. Says:

    Your comment about Hixon is spot on. Leverage the talent of your personnel. The blame here goes squarely on Coughlin for not seeing the big picture and realizing that Hixon would get a few less snaps at WR. His impact as the KO return man was light years ahead of ANYONE. What kind of insanity is this that says that a guy’s promotion to 1st string means death to your field position?

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