Rhett Bomar

1) Interesting piece from a week ago on Bomar. It is easier to understand why Wonder gets excited about a later round draft pick like this. Yes, there are going to be the Mannings and Elways who go from Point A to Point B in a straight line. They get a smooth ride to the pros w/o the blemishes and get picked in the first round. But as we all know, the round (pedigree) you were drafted in does not (in and of itself) determine success or failure in the NFL. William Joseph the pedigree is a bust. Antonio Pierce the UFA climbed to the Pro Bowl.

Bomar’s path to the NFL was anything but a straight line from Point A to Point B. This is why the draft is intriguing year after year. The NFL gives you a 5th round pick every year along with that 1st round choice, so you leverage that opportunity. As we stated in an earlier post, the Giants have a successful organization that does well in the draft, averaging two starters from each draft class. That means that by the time you get to the 4th or 5th round, you can take a chance. Wonder likes his value, and you see why. Bomar could be a 1st round pick and still be a bust! He can be a 5th round pick and arguably have a better shot at making it in the pros because the Giants can groom him with good habits and afford him every opportunity to learn the offense so that he is in a position to succeed. Sometimes you have to be LUCKY ENOUGH to go to the NFL via Sam Houston State. The Giants are playing with house money on this one. The risk (minimal) vs the reward (always huge for a QB) is one of the reasons why the Giants had a very good draft.

2) NFL.com is conducting a chat with Aaron Ross. For those of you who want to ask him a question in advance, here is the link.

3) The NFL’s Spring Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale takes place tomorrow and Wednesday. We are of the understanding that the league will NOT be discussing a proposal to expand the regular season. (FYI, I asked Aaron Ross: You have been hurt and lost playing time due to injury at the end of the season/playoffs in both of your years in the NFL. What do you think of ideas being floated to increase the number of games in the regular season?)

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  1. PD2LISN Says:

    Andy- Really liked the NY Times article on Bomar. We’ll just watch and wait as this guy develops. GOOD NEWS: ESPN just replaced Tony Kornheiser with Jon Gruden for MNF! I couldn’t stand that Eagle homer…

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