The view from a former NFL Scout

One of the regulars to the Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog who comments here on occasion is a former NFL Scout. He knows a thing or two about football, and was generous enough to share his thoughts with us from late Saturday night after Day 1 of the draft…

Today was a strange day for me. I am a big football fan (Giants) and I read everything I can come draft time. I read the mocks until I can’t anymore. I realize that these guys really don’t know much more than an involved fan but I always seem to think that they do.

I found the draft to be tedious and although there were a number of trades it suddenly became apparent that this was probably the worst group of talent I can remember. When everyone is trading down over and over it becomes apparent that the best football people felt the same way. I think that Stafford will be a bomb and more of Carr than a Roethlisberger. The contract he received made me sick. It has become obvious that football is out to destroy itself. They want to add games to increase revenues via attendance and tv at the risk of the players and the game itself. Most players are totally wasted at the end of a 16 game schedule, which is in and of itself arguably too long. The current environment in football is a mirror image of what destroyed the American economy. There is unbelievable excess, greed and stupidity and a product which can only offer less quality and more expense for the fan. I believe that the day of reckoning is here, as Jerry Jones couldn’t find a sponsor for his 1 billion plus stadium. The Mets and Yankees can’t fill the ballpark or even come close. These teams spent fortunes of money on players who don’t deliver and both are going to get a rude awakening. The seat tax that the Giants and Jets are asking for will ultimately cause a major backlash if one isn’t already under way.

The draft was shocking in that Al Davis is still running and destroying a once proud franchise. Bey at 7 is truly insane as was his second pick. There was some sanity by a number of teams. These are the same teams you might expect it from including the Patriots, thankfully the Giants, the Chargers, Kansas City (new guys) and a few that surprised me. Can anyone explain Denver giving up a first next year for a very questionable 2 this year?

Green Bay did a good job. The Vikings taking Harvin after pontificating how they will not take a player with issues is disturbing.

New England did a masterful job and their payoff will come next year. Ron Brace could be interesting as can Butler from UConn. The key here is that they didn’t overpay. The Jets moving on Sanchez will either be a good move or a total bust. That’s the problem. They are paying mega dollars for a kid who played 18 games in college and surely is not the next coming. Miami had an interesting draft. It was Parcels doing a great job. They took good athletes with possibly big upside and didn’t overpay. White is a reach but he sure has speed and is a reasonable gamble.

Carolina still has Peppers (he wants out) and they traded up for Brown, who I think will bust. The pick along with the Delhomme extention will end Fox in Carolina. Tampa took Freeman and I have to say that he looks strikingly similar to Campbell in Washington. The Falcons picks will help but I don’t think the kid (Jerry) from Mississippi will be much above average.

Pittsburgh did nothing for me. Oher (Ravens) went at a reasonable spot for what he may become. He was picked low enough where the risk made sense.

The 49ers chose Crabtree at 10 and that could turn out to be the next coming of Jerry Rice. Obviously there is doubt amongst the people making the call. I thought St.Louis did a great job by drafting a sure thing (Jason Smith) and resisting the hype. The later picks may work as well.

Of course Snyder couldn’t keep his hand in his pocket and moved up for Orakpo. I believe he will bust just like every other Texas phenom. Rey Maualuga was the biggest surprise to me and I must admit I was hoping the G-men might do something there. I thought the guy was great in college and a sure top 20 pick at worst. There must be issues we don’t know. The Eagles seem to have done a great job making themselves over with Peters and the draft. They didn’t need Maclin but you couldn’t pass when he slipped. If Philly did well with LeSean McCoy, they will be much improved. The thing is that I don’t like McNabb. It’s just my opinion but some guys just can’t win (remember the Bills?). All in all I was really turned off as I would like to see players succeed and not compete for who is the biggest bust.

Cushing on paper was a good move by the Texans but I don¹t see the upside with Shaub at qb.

Tomorrow is another day and a lot of great players have come from rounds 3 and 4. We might know some names but I know I will scramble to read up on most of them. I liked Cooke from S.C. So maybe the Giants have a chance. There are a few players who make it at 5-7 so I pay attention.

My overall feeling is that the game is out of control and this was the worst first two rounds in memory. The fact that all the money,the criminality, the stupidity and the mistreatment of the fans and players has me so totally turned off is not a good sign. No one loved the game more than me as a player, a scout and a fan.

P.S. I had to turn off both the NFL Network and ESPN several times as the talking heads were unbearable. I enjoyed Faulk but Sanders, Maycock, Smith and the huge ex-Falcon who were talking made me sick. I think Belichick is just the best, with Reese possibly in this class with Parcells. We’ll see about Pioli on his own.

7 Responses to “The view from a former NFL Scout”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    “All in all I was really turned off as I would like to see players succeed and not compete for who is the biggest bust.”
    Great line. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Mitch Says:

    “The seat tax that the Giants and Jets are asking for will ultimately cause a major backlash if one isn’t already under way.”

    I haven’t heard anything in this regard, but is it possible that we will go back to the “blackouts” of Giants’ home games if they are not sellouts?

    There might be some younger fans on this blog that do not remember this but I sure do. That would be a travesty.

  3. Motown Blue Says:

    The whole point, of “The current environment in football is a mirror image of what destroyed the American economy. There is unbelievable excess, greed and stupidity and a product which can only offer less quality and more expense for the fan”, directly refelcts the draft as a whole. The talking heads, the mockery of a group of experts, and the egenral over-hype feeds the process of seeking out the biggest bust.

    The successful leaders and investors of this country such as Buffett seek out value in their approach. The allegory above can be tied to the phrase “when people are greedy be fearful and when people are fearful be greedy”. The Belichicks, Reids, Reese’s and Parcells take chances when the value for these players are right. I was thinking when looking at the second round and saying “damn the Patriots get it”. They traded into the second round because that is where the value is and the value of filling their needs. We talked about this before the draft as the first round wasn’t filled with impact players and they should trade out into round 2.

    Overall, I think Reese had a solid across board draft. It wasn’t “sexy” but value-based approach filling most of their needs at the right price. Nicks, Beatty and Beckum are the most intriguing immediate additions in the near future but Barden and Brown are the most exciting for the future.

  4. Bob Says:

    After the recent talk about allocating too many high draft resources to the WR position, I did a little research. The following outlines our recent high draft picks on the D side of the ball

    2008 picks 1 & 2
    2007 picks 1, 3, 4
    2006 picks 1, 3, 4
    2005 no #1 pick , D got picks 2 & 3
    2004 Manning year + Snee at #2
    D picks at #4 & 5
    2003 1, 2 & 4

    So from 2003-08 our first available pick each year was for the D, except the Manning trade year. A total of Five #2 & #3 picks were for the D also.

  5. Pastime Princess Says:

    Good point Bob
    That’s why we won the super bowl 2 years ago and except for a complete no show by the O in the playoffs this year we should have been back again. The D in the Eagles game was very dominant.

  6. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Unrelated to this, I have heard that Steve Smith and some of the other giants have started Twittering. I was wondering if you were aware of this and if you could track down their twitter names or if you already have them and are aware of this. It would be interesting to know what they are thinking during camp.

  7. Andy F. Says:

    Facebook, twitter. I have neither. This blog already is a huge time sink, a GIANT JOY, but a time sink. I perish the thought of having other “online” distractions. There are pictures of my daughter doing some great yoga poses on facebook, yet I resist joining because I barely have enough time for all of this. Am I going to have join twitter to see if I need that to “survive?” Is twitter some kind of interface that makes blogging so quaint and ..archaic? You can let me know. In the meantime, it is inevitable that I am going to need some help blogging. Please email me if you want to blog for this site OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, if there is someone who comments regularly who YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO.

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