Draft Class of 2009: I guess we’ll have to start calling them the B-men instead of the G-men.

It’s not how you start, it is how you finish, and Day 2 was a fantastic day. The Giants closed with an excellent draft.
Jerry Reese pulled a Day 2 rabbit out of his hat and really whipped up a strong draft. You cannot grade any draft for at least a few years, but we really like what the Giants did.

Beatty, Barden, Brown and Bomar. Beautiful.

A few sentences of Day 1 Recap before diving into Day 2:

The sense from readers here and reports elsewhere are that the Edwards deal fell through not because the Browns wanted too much but because Edwards wanted too much to redo his contract. No Edwards deal was a body blow. The explanation would go a long way to understanding Reese’s actions. Reese does not have to answer to us, but we do like to see and understand why he abandoned the deal efforts.

The 60th pick of the 1st Day was William Beatty, whose last name begins with ‘B.’ Beatty was a total score of value, having been the 24th rated player in Wonder’s draft. This blogger has let known his biases against the continual throwing of high draft resources at WR year after year after year. So general disappointment following yet another #1 pick thrown at WR (PLAXICO DEBACLE OR NOT) was placated by the arrival of Beatty. Wonder: “Beatty will take two years. If he can be coached properly in those two years, the Giants are looking at a cornerstone Left Tackle for the next 8-10 years. Fantastic pick at 60.”

Day 2… The B-men:

On Saturday evening we sorted through the first 64 players taken, looked at the original list of players who Wonder had rated strongly and made a list of all the remaining players left for Day 2. The list contained a total of 23 players, of which 1 was a late round exception, leaving 22 players:

LB: Phillips, Ellerbe, JASPER BRINKLEY, Freeman
G: Robinson, Johnson
TE: Jared Cook, Cornelius Ingram, Shawn Nelson
C: Caldwell
QB: Bomar
WR: Murphy, Barden, Turner, Edison, Collie (late), Iglesias
DE: Sidbury, MJohnson

That three of the next four picks would be from this list was outstanding. (Stay tuned for a story later this week on Shonn Greene, a story which will help you understand why they nicknamed this guy “Wonder.”)

So that you can appreciate the commentary, we will let the OLD POSTS BEFORE THIS WEEKEND DO ALL THE TALKING FOR THE THREE GUYS THE GIANTS PICKED.

Tuesday April 21, 2009
ABrown- Great 3rd round pick. Underrated. Steal in the third round, lots of potential.” On Thursday Andre Brown was rated by Wonder as the 5th highest RB in the draft behind Donald Brown, Beanie Wells, Knowshon Moreno and yes, Shonn Greene.

Wednesday April 22, 2009
Bomar- LOVE HIM. Best value QB in the draft as a late 3rd/4th rounder.” Wonder had Bomar rated as the 4th highest QB in the draft behind Stafford, Sanchez and Freeman.

Tuesday April 7, 2009
Oxbay: “Ramses Barden a WR from Cal Poly. He’s 6’6″ and around 230 lbs”
Wonder:”great value for Jints in 2nd/3rd round”

Add Beckum, whom Wonder is less excited about but says is ‘reasonable, has potential as a 4th/5th rounder,’ and it was an incredible Day 2.

More color after these players were drafted:

On Rhett Bomar: “Bomar is a QB’s quarterback, has an arm, talent, POTENTIAL. This was great for the Giants. Recruited heavily out of High School, top 10. Went to Oklahoma. (Left after a mini-scandal where an alumni booster was paying him too much to for too little time working at the alum’s car dealership. Thanks Pablo.) Xfer’d to Sam Houston State and was a vg div 2 QB. Still has an NFL arm. Given that it is the Meadowlands, you need the strong arm. Can be groomed for the NFL, YOU TAKE THE SHOT HERE, no rush. Eli Manning gets hurt three years from now and Bomar pulls a Matt Cassel.”

On Andre Brown: “Andre Brown could be the steal of the draft.” Wonder easily put Andre Brown as the best pick by the Giants all weekend. To draft a guy at the end of the 4th round that Wonder could have easily seen going in the first day was tremendous. Marvelous (after Brown but before Bomar): “Today’s picks are completely turning around the draft.” Marvelous likes Barden, Beckum AND Brown. “Fast, strong, shows a lot of pop. 5th on my board at RB and second best speed. I saw him play. On one play, he took it after a 7-8 yd catch, took a crack seam and went for daylight, all the way. Very talented, with 4.37 speed and SIZE.”

On Ramses Barden- Nature:”Last year during the draft I said FORTE would be the best rookie back. (Not that far off.) I’m gonna say today RAMSES BARDEN will be in the top 3 rookies in TD receptions. I don’t have faith in GILCR*P, but this kid is a real 6’6 and tough…..bank this.” Nature has good company with Wonder, who says Barden may end up being the better WR for the Giants than Nicks.

Quick Summary: The Edwards deal falling through, taking a WR in round 1, passing on Maualuga did not make us happy. We hope we are wrong and Nicks and Sintim make great contributions. But this NY Giants (letter B for) Blog says the Killer B’s will end up making the Draft Class of 2009 a big positive for the Giants.

Wonder throws one more at us– all of this B stuff… Beatty, Brown, Barden, Bomar, Beckum… “you see, you needed to do as I said and take BRITT!” LOL. Just call the Giants the B-men!

12 Responses to “Draft Class of 2009: I guess we’ll have to start calling them the B-men instead of the G-men.”

  1. Bob Says:


    We have a QB who doesn't pass very well. Especially in the winter winds in the Meadowlands. So to bail him out,lets draft a bunch of different types of receivers, to see if some can catch his errant passes. Lets draft one with good hands (Nicks), lets draft a real tall one who maybe can reach up & snag a few of those high passes (Barden)and lets draft an H back type to see if that works.

    Hopefully something will work.If this doesn't, we'll try a different bunch next year.

    God forbid, we will never ask him to learn to throw a tight spiral.
    That would be asking too much, he
    only makes $8M per year.

    And with luck, we'll get into the playoffs next year as a wild card,
    and never have to play a playoff game at home.


  2. Slater Says:

    jeez…bob..debby downer eh?

    btw so far we signed:

    DE Maurice Evans (Penn State)
    S Otis Wiley (Mich State)
    S Sha’reff Rashad (UCF)

    as undrafted free agents.

    I really like the Barden/Beatty/Brown selections. We’ll have to see how Nicks and Sintim pan out.

  3. Andy F. Says:

    To be fair, three of the first 5 picks were seemingly taken to aid a QB with limitations in the wind and a coordinator with limitations in the brain.

  4. Mitch Says:

    Just want to add to Slater’s comments that…

    DE Alex Field (Virginia) has signed a 3-year deal with the Giants. They were high on him and thought he was a player they could have potentially drafted. Also, S Kenny Ingram (Florida State) has signed with the team as well.

    Scout.com says CB Vince Anderson has agreed to terms with the Giants.

  5. Motown Blue Says:

    Before I banter about the draft I wanted to draw attention to the link below:


    Weinstein has a great piece on sports venues and what makes the Giants Stadium as well as the others that they played in. It’s not the cold concrete of a stadium but who sits in those seats. All along we have talked about how the PSLs will further erode the homefield makeup. Great, great read!!!!

    Tactically and strategically I like Reese’s and Coughlin’s approach to fixing the red zone flaws. Everyone was looking for the tall imposing receivers (i.e. Edwards) to snatch fade ala Burress. Instead they went with a strong and physical receiver in Nicks who utilizes his body well to shield defenders. They picked Beckum an H-back who provides a dimension and versatility they haven’t had. He will demand a safety or nickle corner to account for him as an LB can’t match his speed. Finally, to the detriment of the Bradshawlics Brown brings versatility out of the backfield with his hands. The only cog in this plan is the mentally challenged OC and I am hoping for once that TC is breathing down his neck. TC sees the personnel advantages on the field he has been dealt but our OC historically is blind to this.

    For those looking for an impact from Barden immediately, don’t count on it. He has tons to learn and time to adapt to the physical speed and nature of the NFL. The kid is smart and will learn more quickly than others but look out a year from now as I project a Bardenholic club alongside the Bradshawlics.

    One final note on Dockery, McQuarters and Barksdale, they will all be fighting for a roster spot with the slew of CBs and Safteys signed.

  6. PD2LISN Says:

    So, after two days of criticizing and praising Reese, I guess it is time for all of us to go back to our day jobs. It’s been fun. Bottom line, Reese has demonstrated intelligence, patience, and a willingness to take calculated risks over the last few seasons. Although I may not like every one of his choices, I must defer to him… I just wish I had his job instead of my own!

  7. Bob Says:

    The relatively unknown “problem “
    with Malaluga came out last night.
    He has been having “temper “
    problems with other teamates in the locker room.

    If that is true, no way Coughlin would allow that in the NYG.
    ergo: no trade up yday for Ray.

  8. Bob Says:


    Still don’t get one thing.

    Out of 9 picks, we drafted 1 LB,
    and a slow one at that. And passed
    on many chances to trade up for solid LB talent.

    Looks like Kiwi back to strong LB
    to me, and Simtim maybe seen as a possible replacement for Pierce

    Do you agree ?

    And why more CB’s. don’t get that
    either ?

  9. Justin Says:

    FWIW (probably not much), Todd McShay ranked the Giants’ draft #1 this year — and the Cowboys second-to-last after the Raiders.

  10. Craig Says:

    Kehl has a lot of potential at LB and I would like to see him starting, Stintim is a good pass rushing LB. Everyone is being so pessimistic.

    At LB we have, Peirce, Boley, Stintim, Kehl, Blackburn, Wilkerson, Goeff, Clark, Deossie. Goeff and Deossie are the only 2 I dont see being anything and wilkerson has injury issues, but can play. How many LB do you want on the roster?

  11. Craig Says:

    “When it gets cold out here and the wind starts to swirl in November and December, a shorter pass to a guy who can get open on the inside, a bigger target, will probably help our quarterback. It’s hard to throw the ball outside in our stadium, as you all know.”

    Jerry Reese regarding Beckum, Just made me laugh.

  12. rvbenito11 Says:

    I like what they did getting Barden but we also have Micah Rucker from the Stealers practice squad that we acquired during FA. It wasn’t publicized much but he has the same height as Barden at 6’6″ so we’ll see what they do with both of them.

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