Who is still on the board at the start of Day 2??!!

LB: Phillips, Ellerbe, JASPER BRINKLEY, Freeman
G: Robinson, Johnson
TE: Jared Cook, Cornelius Ingram, Shawn Nelson
C: Caldwell
QB: Bomar
WR: Murphy, Barden, Turner, Edison, Collie (late), Iglesias
DE: Sidbury, MJohnson

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  1. Motown Blue Says:

    I am still trying to figure out why they didn’t make a move forward Maualuga considering how far he dropped. They have 10 picks in this draft and they haven’t traded one. I find it hard to believe they plan on going into camp with 10 rookies and expect them to make the team?

    Sintim fits what I stated yesterday about English, versatility. They like that Sintim can line up to rush the passer and view him more as a SAM not an MLB.

    That said, I am hoping they target Safety and Barden in round 3. Optimally, they should trade picks to get another 3rd round pick and get Brinkley from S Carolina.

  2. Mitch Says:

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Marion Barber, Asante Samuel, & Jared Allen to name a few were picked on Day 2


  3. Andy F. Says:

    Day 2? OF COURSE! This is a very important day for the Giants. Their war room was likely up all night reviewing, reassessing, re-analyzing.

    The list of Day 2 gems is LONG AND LENGTHY. Armstead 8th round? Brady 6th round? This is an inexact science… pls go to the Ultimatenyg Book Club and read Moneyball by Michael Lewis and you will realize why year after year there are fundamental mistakes made by some organizations and not others. I will go on record right here stating this: WATCH THE CHIEFS ORGANIZATION EXPLODE TO THE UPSIDE IN COMING YEARS. Pioli is going to up the level of their game in ways you cannot imagine.

  4. Andy F. Says:

    I do not know what the Jets gave up to trade up to the #65 spot, but they got a great get… SHONN GREENE. Wonder is asleep, but he is having a very WET DREAM that is a reality. Excellent.

  5. Mitch Says:

    That sounds like the Jets are sending a strong message to Thomas Jones….ya think?

  6. Andy F. Says:

    When Marvelous says Greene is his steal (he knows the Big Ten better than most) and Wonder independently loves Greene, I know enuf to know that he is worth having. The nfl.com site is so horrid that it does not have details of the trade, but unless they paid way too much (doubtful), it was a STRONG AND INTELLIGENT MOVE. I wish we had him, and even though I loved Beatty at 60 and thought that was better than Greene there, I think Greene at 65 was great. WONDER: “Green is a late 2 STEAL.” The Jets STOLE GREENE.

  7. Mitch Says:

    Jets gave up their 3rd, 4th and 7th round selections in this year’s draft for Greene

  8. Andy F. Says:

    Gilbert was a good get. Wonder can speak more about fit re Bears for the DE, but this is not surprising to see him going in early round 3. Since the Giants really are not targeting DL, this is nothing lost for us. Greene was a loss for the Giants, but we were not going to trade up that much for a RB. They guy I want is Rashad Johnson, but he will be gone by the time we pick, so the Giants will have to trade up and package those EXTRA PICKS. as in.. those extra picks we cannot use for our roster ANYWAY. <>HINT- this is a good time to trade up for RASHAD JOHNSON!<>Trade with the Jaguars- the raiders have no clue, but the patriots I fear will take Johnson. So front the patriots and make the trade.

  9. Andy F. Says:

    the raiders cut gibril wilson, if they were smart they would have taken Rashad Johnson. But Al Davis has lost his mind, literally. So they did not do that.

    make the trade right here in front of the patriots.

    re jets, they overpaid a little based on the value chart, but wtf cares, they got a great pick.

  10. Bob Says:

    I don’t understand why we are not trading up, like the Jets, to get the top remaining talent.

    Reese has gone from very agressive in free agency to somewhat passive in the draft.

    We can’t possibly use all the late round picks we have.

  11. Mitch Says:

    Just checked out RASHAD JOHNSON on nfl scout…he is impressive. I’m all for it…Andy we have to package some picks anyway…and we are at 91, 100, 129..we have the tools

  12. Andy F. Says:

    we cannot trade the 100 pick, it is compensatory and cannot be traded away. NO MATTER. Trade UP!

    Separately, there are some good TEs out there, the Giants will likely have a vg TE if they want one… cook, ingram, nelson. But I want defense, I want RASHAD JOHNSON to make this draft VERY VERY SOLID. It is a need and he is there. He is not going to be an ALL PRO superstar, to quote wonder, just someone who will be a starter (by the second or third year) for you for 8-10 years back there with the mic headset on. So at Round 3, why not?!!

    Dallas just traded up, they lost Roy Williams S, so this would be smart for them to get Johnson.

  13. Mitch Says:

    No, I do remember we can’t trade 100. I just know that we HAVE to trade up or we will have to trade them for next years draft…maybe that’s their thinking?

  14. Justin Says:

    Looks like we traded up!

  15. Andy F. Says:

    the Giants are going to get a vg pick at 91 AND 100. There are too many good players still on the board.

  16. Justin Says:

    Well, they just took Barden.

  17. Andy F. Says:

    Ramses Barden, one we targeted. That was very good.

  18. Bob Says:

    who is barden ?

  19. Andy F. Says:

    He was on our list of good second day picks, more resources at WR than I am happy with, but at least it was a good pick.

  20. Justin Says:

    And what did we give up to move up 6 spots?

  21. Andy F. Says:

    From Tuesday April 7th:

    <>Oxbay: “Ramses Barden a WR from Cal Poly. He’s 6’6″ and around 230 lbs”
    Wonder:”great value for Jints in 2nd/3rd round”<>

  22. Bob Says:

    keep trading up !!

  23. Andy F. Says:

    THIS I LIKE BETTER. You get some height at WR. And we are going to get a good pick at #100 too.

    That was 27 points on the value chart, a 5th rounder would be fair for moving up 6 spots. No problem if the paid that. THE NYG fifth rounder would be sensational, the Saints fifth rounder is fair, a 4th rounder would be paying up a little bit, but this was a good pick for us, VERY HAPPY with the player.

  24. Slater Says:

    Looks like we gave up the 164 (our original 5th round pick, Not NO’s) to move up in the third

  25. Andy F. Says:

    Look at how Turner went two picks later, those two were two tall guys who were good third round value. The Giants are going to have a very nice oppty coming up at 100.

  26. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Oooo Barden, that’s great value.

  27. PD2LISN Says:

    Interesting choice with Barden. It almost appears as if Reese felt a need to replace two receivers. We haven’t heard a lot of chatter about the need to replace Amani Toomer, but I can see Nicks in that role. Barden obviously would be the big target to replace Burress.

  28. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    I was thinking we would take Turner… but in ROUND 5. That was so stupid to take turner in Rnd 3. We got a much bigger better tall WR.

  29. Andy F. Says:

    Look at how THREE wide receivers went right before the Giants took Barden. That speaks volumes. They lost their cushion, did fine in trading up.

    < HREF="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQtlGOBoTNs&feature=PlayList&p=E18997969E2D50C5&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=30" REL="nofollow"> Ramses Barden<> Hmm, I think I see a pattern, throw up the jump ball and let him go get it.

  30. Andy F. Says:

    Barden has good speed, could actually be the #1. He certainly has dibs on the corner endzone route.

  31. Mitch Says:

    Johnson, Phillips, Ingram are still there…we should get a good pick at 100

  32. PD2LISN Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but anybody that breaks Jerry Rice’s old records is Okay by me…

    “Barden broke numerous school and Great West Conference records. He joined David Ball of New Hampshire (58, 2003-06) and Jerry Rice of Mississippi Valley State (50, 1981-84) as the only players in NCAA Division I-AA/Football Championship Subdivision to catch 50 touchdown passes in a career. He had at least one touchdown in 32 games, breaking Rice’s old NCAA record of 26 games with a scoring grab.”

  33. Andy F. Says:

    The giants are going to get something VERY NICE at the 100 spot. Brinkley, Robinson, RJohnson, Sidbury, Phillips, Ellerbe,MFreeman, Ingram. There is plenty of value here.

  34. Andy F. Says:

    sorry mitch, just saw your post, we are on same page, same wavelength. I am not going to get emotionally invested in Rashad Johnson because even a good LBer here is going to make me extremely happy.

  35. PD2LISN Says:

    I am hoping safety – Johnson would be perfect if he doesn’t get grabbed in the next 4 spots.

  36. Justin Says:

    Good thing, too, Andy, since Johnson just went to AZ.

  37. Andy F. Says:

    oh well, Rashad Johnson just went, c’est la vie. Like I said, it was too good to hope for. But there are good TEs and good LBers here, get a good LBer!!

  38. Andy F. Says:

    Btw, sports fans, the GIANTS DID GREAT, only gave up their #164 to move up in the 3rd round, that is their second (original #5) pick in that round, so they swapped out at a VERY FAIR price, could not have asked for anything better than that.

  39. Andy F. Says:

    there goes one of the TEs, Coffman. But Nelson and Ingram are there. AND LB LB LB, lots to choose from.

  40. Bob Says:

    lost R Johnson because we didn’t trade up

  41. Andy F. Says:

    good, Iglesias the WR went, the giants were not going WR here anyway… the Giants could not move from this spot, they are going to do VERY WELL.

  42. Mitch Says:

    Shawn Nelson would be great if we could get him!

  43. Bob Says:

    What the he55 do we need another TE for ?????????????

    Why not a LB ?????????

  44. Andy F. Says:

    well, I figured TE or LB, we went TE, but not one of the ones we expected HERE. Wonder on Beckum:”has potential, 4th/5th rounder” so this is not value, but at least it is player with upside.

  45. Bob Says:

    I can’t believe it. What, do we have 8 TE’s on the roster ??

    What a waste of a pick !!!!

  46. Andy F. Says:

    ME? I would have gone for LBer also, but if they want to feature Boss, he needs help.

  47. Slater Says:

    Bob- we might have drafted him as a passcatcher…im watching some youtube clips and he looks more like a WR than a TE…

  48. Mitch Says:

    After Boss we have Darcy Johnson & Michael Matthews…we needed depth here…

  49. Andy F. Says:

    Marvelous on those Big 10 FB players: "Travis Beckum[Wisc, is only listed at 240] but he was a very good TE for Wisc. Can he put on weight & strength in the weight room??–YES"

  50. Mitch Says:

    At this point in the draft there are no LB’s rated till 118…

  51. Andy F. Says:

    < HREF="http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80f931c8" REL="nofollow">Beckum<>

  52. Mitch Says:

    Maybe they’ll use Beckham as a wideout?

  53. Slater Says:

    We are collecting receivers who can catch in distress and get big in coverage. Dilfer called it perfectly, when he noted Eli needs large receivers.

    Beckum could be used as an H-back (think chris cooley)

  54. Justin Says:

    Reese on ESPN right now…

  55. Bob Says:

    how many &&##@@ TE's do we need ?
    Boss is an underutilized good talent. Matthews & Johnson are adequate backups.

    We're very marginal at LB.

    Pierce is old & slow. And who's our long term guy on the strong side ?

    We need guys who can cover the speedy Eagles backs, our major threat. We must focus on beating the EAGLES !!

  56. Slater Says:

    Yup, reese just said it. Beckum is an H back.

  57. PD2LISN Says:

    Reese’s comments were very interesting. Not only is he drafting at positions of need, he is also drafting based upon need at different points of the season. Lets see if Gilbride uses all of his weapons appropriately once the winds start to swirl at the Meadowlands in November and December.

  58. Mitch Says:


    You just ruined my Sunday with the mention of Gilbrown

  59. Andy F. Says:

    Reese’s comments are very telling. They have been analyzing their weakness, and LIKE IT OR NOT, it is what we have been saying all along- ELI IN THE WIND. Beckum was essentially another WR option, less TE and more passcatcher. As Reese stated on ESPN, Reese wants the Hback picking on the defense’s LB.

    There is an easier way to get around all this drafting of THREE WRs in the first three rounds… get your QB to change his grip so that he can throw that tight spiral. The Giants are compensating for their QB. They are trying to give different types of receiving options. He does not like to step into his throws in order to deliver a ball that is not a floater. Well, if you want to save yourself from the collision or the hand injury, you have only choice- talk to Simms and change your grip.

  60. Mitch Says:

    LB's Phillips & Freeman are still there…I'm surprised by that. Is there something about these guys we should know about?

  61. PD2LISN Says:

    Sorry Mitch, but I also think that if we read deep between the lines, Reese is letting us know something else. The offensive coordinator did not help Eli in the last quarter of the 2008 season. Give Gilbride options and see if he uses them appropriately. If not, bring somebody else in who understands how to help the quarterback.

  62. Russ Wellen Says:

    In his < HREF="http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/giants/2009/04/barden-highlights-just-tip-of.html" REL="nofollow">highlights film<>, to which Andy linked earlier, even though it’s a small-school division, Barden looks like a man among boys. Can you say “im-me-di-ate contributor”?

  63. Mitch Says:

    Hey Russ

    Sure seems that the “fade” route appeals to him….I wonder if they’ll give him #17…lol

  64. Andy F. Says:

    there are STILL LBers available AGAIN. Wonder says that Nicks could be a WR2 possession receiver a la TJHoush, but Ramses Barden has the potential to be better than Nicks (another reason why I hate going HIGH Rounds 1-2 for a WR). Barden was not Division1A, so Wonder says that we need see how Barden does when he plays the big boys and gets smacked in the face. Wonder has such a woody for Ingram, the TE… “How many times do you have a shot at someone who can become an ALL PRO player in the 4th round?” the potential outweighs the risks here, even if it is another TE. Simply stated, Wonder thinks that beyond the risk to Ingram medically, he has the potential to be an Antonio Gates. Obvly because Ingram has fallen, he MUST have medical issues.

  65. Andy F. Says:

    speaking of medical risks, this is why Jasper Brinkley has fallen, he is the one I prefer to take the risk on..

  66. Mitch Says:

    I would hope we pick Jason Phillips here at 129

  67. Mitch Says:

    Andre Brown…we needed a RB

  68. Andy F. Says:

    GREAT PICK!!!! Andre Brown!!

  69. Mitch Says:

    Great speed!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Andy F. Says:

    Great Pick!! RB Andre Brown. AWESOME!!!!! Giants doing a lot better on Day2 than Day1, says wonder. He is going to be great for them. strong,fast, can catch, , can do everything, nothing bad about him and you got him in the 4th round. Not the burner everyone else was or is, but PERFECT.” Takes care of the Ward loss, may turn out to better than Ward!” Awful lot of value.

  71. Andy F. Says:

    (less so for Beckum)

    and wonder chimes in… they should have stuck with BRITT. And instead of the stiff Sintim, they should have taken BRINKLEY!.

    KILLER B’s!!!!

  72. Nature Says:

    last year during the draft i said FORTE would be the best rookie back (not that far off} im gonna say today RAMESE BARDEN will be in the top 3 rookies in TD receptions i dont have faith in GILCRAP, but this kid is a real 6’6 and tough…..bank this

  73. Andy F. Says:

    Just go back to list of players mentioned here on ULTIMATENYG, Wonder the draft guru has nailed it. And so has Reese in these later rounds. Barden and Brown!!!


    If any of you want to see how freaking good Wonder was last night, email me and I’ll forward you his emails targeting THREE PLAYERS THE JETS NEEDED TO TRADE UP FOR FOR THE 65TH PICK to grab. Psycho.

  74. Andy F. Says:

    Andre Brown’s speed is a 40 in 4.37, so I have to ask Wonder about THAT one! 224 lbs and a 4.37. Second rounder.

    Marvelous:”Today’s picks are completely turning around the draft.” Marvelous likes Barden, Beckum AND Brown.

    Marvelius on Brown:”Fast, strong, shows a lot of pop. 5th on my board at RB and second best speed. I saw him play, one play, he took it after a 7-8 catch, took a crack seam and went for daylight, all the way.”

  75. Bob Says:

    who’s left that we want ?

  76. Bob Says:

    the only thing that I don’t like about this draft is that we didn’t trade up from the Sintim slot to grab
    Malaluga. That would have made this draft awesome.

  77. Andy F. Says:

    ELLERBE, FREEMAN AND BRINKLEY at LBer, that is who is LEFT!!

  78. Bob Says:

    Robinson & Johnson are still available at guard. Grab one of them.

  79. Bob Says:

    Ok. I'll go with you & the LBr

  80. Andy F. Says:

    Bob, If they took Robinson or Johnson, that would be FINE. Personally I prefer a LBer, but that would work great too.

  81. Andy F. Says:

    ONCE AGAIN, PLENTY OF VALUE here for a great pick.

  82. Bob Says:


    I agree with you. Instead of buying all these toys for Gilbrown to play with, Teach Manning how to throw
    a Godbrown SPIRAL !!!

  83. Andy F. Says:

    mother browner, the vikings traded up in front of us one pick to get Jasper Brinkley.

  84. Andy F. Says:

    freeman is excellent too if they can take him

  85. Andy F. Says:

    ASWESOME, another B… Rhett Bomar!!!

  86. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Honestly, we should take Kevin Ellison, Safety, USC. We could do with another DB and even though kiper underrates him, watch tape of this guy, he is a hard tackling monster! He’s an amazing blitzer, long run stopper and great always gravitates towards the ball. He’s awesome.

  87. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    I want a DB in general here though. LB would be nice but there is just no value here.

  88. Bob Says:

    please explain this to me

    VS a LB or guard ??

  89. Andy F. Says:

    these are all guys who are really good value. This was a fantastic selection. To appreciate this, last year when the Giants made a similar move by taking Andre Woodson, WONDER YAWNED. He was a bust, released. This time, when I tell WONDER, HE IS GOING TO SALIVATE. WHY? BECUASE BOMAR HAS UPSIDE. There are no locks, just calculated risks, and BOMAR AT ROUND 5 is FANTASTIC SHOT!

  90. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Bomar? I see that as a huge mistake actually. We already have depth there.

  91. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    I just feel like, what is he going to give us? He’ll never see the field… and he might have upside… but… there was value to be found at this pick… and we didn’t take any of it.

  92. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    We need to bolster our secondary depth and LB depth badly I think.

  93. Bob Says:

    yea,but taking Bomar here, says Reese is comfortable at LB (??????) and doesn’t have a priority for more interior line reserves .

    Plus I really like David Carr as our backup.

  94. Andy F. Says:

    Bomar is a QB’s quarterback, has an arm, talent, POTENTIAL. This was great for the Giants.

    recruited heavily out of High School, top 10. Went to Oklahoma. Felt he was not given a fair chance to be #1 QB by coach (Stoops). Xfer’d to Sam Houston State and was a vg div 2 QB. Still has an NFL arm. Given that it is the Meadowlands, you need the strong arm. Can be groomed for the NFL, YOU TAKE THE SHOT HERE, no rush. Eli Manning gets hurt three years from now and Bomar pulls a Matt Cassel.

    Andre Brown could be the steal of the draft.

  95. Andy F. Says:

    Wonder on the Colts: Donald Brown and Austin Collie. Amazing. Wonder was thinking that Collie would go lat on Day 2, he went in the 4th round!

  96. Andy F. Says:

    Robinson, Ingram, and Freeman went right after Bomar, and considering that Brinkley went one pick before the Giants on a trade up, this was why we expected the Giants to get SOMETHING. And they did really well.

  97. Pablo Says:

    Bomar left Oklahoma because he got caught taking money from a booster.

  98. Andy F. Says:

    I would take Ellerbe LB

  99. PD2LISN Says:

    Too many injuries with Wright. Too small too. Should have gone in a different direction

  100. Bob Says:

    another one I don't get. we need help at LB & S.

    Covered at CB

  101. Andy F. Says:

    Wonder never even heard of DeAndre Wright. He was ranked 233rd on the site we were using as a side-by-side reference.

    Wonder is flabberghasted that Rashad Jennings (RB Liberty) is still available here at 6th round… this is the guy who runs upright with the Eric Dickerson stype. “Could be great.”

  102. Bob Says:

    We all saw LB as a position of need
    in this draft.

    The Giants have been almost passive
    today pursuing LB's. There have been plenty of opportunities passed on.i.e. Malaluga falling into the second. WE could have traded up to grab him. Plenty of other LB talent in the 2nd/3rd.
    Why didn't we trade up & grab some ? We had loads of picks. Do we really need another CB,another TE?

    I think it starts to paint a picture.Here's what I see.

    A- WE did not aggressively go after
    Lb's today, a position of
    perceived need
    B- Pierce is getting older & slower
    could not cover the Eagles RB's
    C- We do not have a stud
    contender at the moment for the
    strong side LB.
    D- We have an abundance of DL

    I think there's a chance we may be
    looking at Kiwi back at LB this year. Otherwise, why didn't we go
    after Malaluga, Phillips, Ellerbe,
    Brinkley,Freeman ?

    There was no shortage of trade bait.

    Is this JR's master plan ?

  103. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Barden was our best pick in terms of value. He’s got such HUUUUGE upside. I did some research and watched some clips of him playing and some interviews. He’s got great skill, great character, he can go up and get the ball, he’s very physical, and he’s just enormous (6’6″). He’s got everything a player would need to have potential in this league. All that being said, the defensive backs he faced in college weren’t even top tier NCAA players. He’s gonna have a rude awakening when camp starts. It does seem like he is a great character guy, so hopefully he’ll have a good attitude, work hard, and maybe start making a difference in the second half of the season or the playoffs (hopefully). Also, I have a feeling that Beckum isn’t really gonna be a pure tight end. We’ll probably use him as a TE/WR flex player. But if Barden blossoms, he could be a serious monster. One thing to note though… no receiver over 6’5″ has become a dominant Wide Receiver for pretty much as long as I can remember. If he can learn to get separation, he’ll be a superstar.

  104. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Definitely Kiwi will see a lot more time at LB this year. The line is really crowded now. My favorite thing about our D is that we got Kiwi, Canty and Tuck able to move around into different positions AND we got so much depth. Our D will be so sick this year. I would have liked to draft a Safety or a CB higher, cuz it’s good to always have fresh legs, but we’ll be alright and last year’s first and second round picks Kenny Phillips and Terrell Thomas show a lot of promise.

  105. Cody Says:

    I actually DO NOT like this draft at all. Granted, Reese is where he is for a reason and he’s a born scout. However: the fact that the Giants passed on a play-making LB with tremendous potential in the first round (Maualuga!!) and instead chose an uninspiring 6’1″ WR is somewhat troubling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he has good hands – but his lack of size strikes me as an issue and his average speed.

    Then, instead of getting one of the top LB’s in the 1st round, in the 2nd the GMen pick Stintum, a guy who EVERYONE said is basically slow and while a decent pass-rusher, is not great in coverage. Is Boley the only guy on this defense that will be able to cover RB’s out of the backfield and TE’s?

    The Beatty pick is great. I like that a lot.

    One thing I’m leaving out is the R Barden pick. I truly think that Barden will ultimately have exponentially higher value to the team than Nicks will have. He’s an inspiring pick to me.

    Beckum….I just don’t get it. What about involving Kevin Boss more in the offense? Why bring in someone else? Wasted pick to me.

    I guess the way I see it, I would be MUCH happier if they drafted Maualuga in the first round. Why take a WR in the first round?? There are so many flameouts. Look, I really hope I’m wrong and Reese is right about this. However, history and the odds are not in his favor here.

  106. Bob Says:

    unbelieveable, another CB

    why the @@##&& didn't we take some of these wasted picks (TE, CB,CB)
    and use them to trade up earlier for a solid LB ?

    this is a total mystery to me ?

    unless he's already looking at the new Eagles lineup and wants plenty
    of fresh CB legs on the field.
    But hell, we already have Dockery
    & Thomas as backups.

    makes no sense. we need quality LB's and a quality S.

  107. Bob Says:


    whats your take on this ???

  108. Andy F. Says:

    With opur last pick, we took a guy named Stoney Woodson who is not even in the NFL’s computers!

    Draft recap coming. Cody- Wonder agreed with you on Nicks and Sintim. The readers digest version here is that Beckum is “reasonable” and all the rest of the B’s were very good to exceptional value.

  109. Justin Says:

    My guess is that at least one of the CBs will be converted to S. Also, let’s not forget, we did get one LB with Sintim. I know he’s not an MLB, but from what little I’ve seen, he seems solid enough.

    As for Nicks, he may not be as valuable as Barden, but drafting Barden earlier would have been reaching. If you wanted Nicks or someone similar, you had to go high. I like the idea of Nicks replacing Toomer. (Actually, I think Smith is the replacement for Toomer, given how great his hands are.) And Barden makes sense in Burress’ place.

    For the moment, I give Reese the benefit of the doubt. He did well last year (esp Philips), and was freaking amazing in 2007 with that draft. I just wonder when he and Coughlin are going to wise up on Gil…can’t even finish that name.

  110. sturat Says:

    The Seattle Seahawks have rescinded their franchise tag on outside linebacker Leroy Hill, making him a free agent. How about that as a potential signee?

  111. Craig Says:

    Who would trade Nicks and Brown for Edwards, and trade Stintim and Bomar for Mauluga?

    this scenario plays out I am one happy Giant fan, as it works out, disappointed. Our starting WR’s are Hixon and Smith.

    Beckum I dont have much of a problem with, Darcy Johnson and Matthews arent anything special and we need depth.

    I hope one of those CBs can play safety. Reese loves to say competition at every position. HOW DO WE HAVE COMPETITION AT SAFETY WHEN WE ONLY HAVE 3??????

    Bomar might be the next freakin Tom Brady but I guarantee he wont see a single snap in a giant uniform EVER.

    Barden will take some time to develop but I am happy with him.

    Beatty is a good pick, I predicted him at 45.

    But with taking 2 WRs its easy to see they are giving up on Moss and Tyree isnt gonna make the team this year.

    In Reese we trust

  112. Bob Says:


    We have a QB who doesn't pass very well. Especially in the winter winds in the Meadowlands. So lets draft a bunch of different types of receivers, to see if some can catch his errant passes. Lets draft one with good hands (Nicks), lets draft a real tall one who maybe can reach up & snag a few high passes (Barden)
    and lets draft an H back type to see if that works.

    Hopefully something will work.If this doesn't, we'll try a different bunch next year.

    God forbid, we will never ask him to learn to throw a tight spiral.

    And with luck, we'll get into the playoffs next year as a wild card,
    and never have to play a playoff game at home.


  113. Bob Says:

    sorry, that was the NYG 2009
    draft strategy

  114. Oxbay Says:

    To Craig – The first sentence of Stoney’s official South Carolina profile states: “Fifth-year senior defensive back who has the ability to play safety as well as corner”.

    To Bob – Eli is ultimately responsible for the way he plays. But the QB coach, Gilbride, and Coughlin are responsible for how the Giants play. You’d think at least one of them would be gently reminding him of improvements he could make in his own play that would help the team win. Maybe not so gently.

    Go Giants.

  115. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    We already have two CB’s who can play free safety, Terrell Thomas and Aaron Ross. I’m sure one of these guys can too. I’ve noticed that coaches and GM’s have been in love with flex position guys lately. For example Beckum, our new tight end, can also line up at receiver and at 6’3″ he would be a nice tall receiver for us. I’m sure he will be developed to move around a bit. As for the CB’s, at this point most good CB’s can definitely moonlight as free safeties. Keep in mind that phillips can play strong safety too, they’ve just been developing him more at FS. Signing thos D backs was key. One of them probably won’t make the team, but fresh legs are key. Also, Kiwi is gonna be playing a lot more LB now, I think we are okay for LB for next year. Going down the line, we’ll need someone to replace pierce but… we gave LB one pick here, we’ve already picked up one LB free agent and undrafted signings are a lot better than they used to be so… there could still be value if need be. I think we are okay at LB for next year. I think we are great at every position except for WR, but there is the distinct possibility that this young stable of athletic WR’s who range greatly in size, speed and style, could turn out to be kinda deadly. Also, we’re gonna get all the Bradshaw we want next year… that will change EVERYTHING! Our biggest one man playmaker will finally be seeing the ball.

  116. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    Also about our young receivers… these guys have all shown talent at one time or another and all have the ability to shine. Hixon wasn’t getting separation after plax went down, but he had been great at that before, so I don’t think that his performance at the end of last season was demonstrative of the type of player he is. Also Steve Smith… has been underused almost as badly as Bradshaw. This guy moves the chains, I want to see him on every play. Hakeem Nicks is NFL ready… he’ll be able to see game time right away. Sinorice Moss played infrequently last year, but check out his stats when he did get the ball, kinda not bad at all. Manningham basically wasn’t even playing last year… he missed camp and his test results say he’s not that smart so… this year he’ll get camp and will have his real rookie season come fall. David Tyree… well he made that awesome catch at the Super Bowl but let’s face it… he’s not that good. Kevin Boss is great! We need to use him more, and with plax and amani gone, I’m sure we will. Marsden… at first just put him in on red zone plays… his main job is to be tall and have good hands, and he can do that already. Eventually he could become something special if he learns how to get separation against NFL D backs (but for now, just throw it up to him in the end zone). Beckum is also pretty NFL ready to see some action. Part of what I like about this receiving corps though is… this is a young talented group, some could be stars, some could be busts… but next year it’s wide open. Every one of those guys probably thinks they have a chance to either start or get a ton of playing time. These dudes will be working their asses off and competing hard. I say we let that competition carry through the season, cycle guys in and out… although Smith should be our every down guy. If Gillbride was a good O-coordinator who could come up with interesting tricky plays, I’d think we were sitting on a gold mine that everyone thought was just a hole in the ground… but because our O-coordinator is what he is… and the meadowlands are a winter wind tunnel… I’m hopefully yet skeptically optimistic.

  117. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    lol when I said Marsden in there… I meant Ramses Barden… i seem to be suffering from slyxdexia

  118. Andy F. Says:

    sturat- Wonder’s one word answer to your question about Leroy Hill as a potential signee was “excellent.”

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