Cushing, Maualuga, Matthews

1) Trade for Edwards as long as the Browns are not asking for something ridiculous.

2) Do not go for a WR in the 1st round.

3) If you must go for a WR in the first round, let him come down to you at #29.

4) Do not trade up. Garafolo/Vacchiano think the Giants are pining for Heyward-Bey, may trade up. You do not do that for a WR in my opinion. Is Heyward-Bey that much value in the low 20’s? Let him fall. If he is taken ahead of you, then there will be value for you at #29. As Wonder has stated, HBey can be feast. Or famine? I’ve seen him on video. He looks good. But the idea of TRADING UP IN ROUND #1 FOR A WIDE RECEIVER IS ANATHEMA TO ME. I do not believe in drafting WR #1 in the first place. Trading up also? NOPE. If the Giants do it, I will be rooting as hard as anyone to see that the guy makes an impact for our team. I just do not believe that it is necessary. We have seen enough 2’s, 3’s and 4’s that were Giants make good pros. Toomer, McCaffrey, Patton, Jurvicius won 6 titles, none were first rounders. None were traded up for in the first round. And three of them went on the merry-go-round to other teams before finding a title, yet another reason for picking up a WR instead of drafting him and waiting 3 years. I am as patient as anyone, but I’d rather patiently build defense with LBer than build it with WRs. If you want to be patient with WRs, why not be patient with Moss, Smith and Manningham??????????????!

5) Speaking of LBers… I like the USC LBers. Maualuga is an animal. Matthews has the most explosiveness to the ball. And then Cushing runs an onside kick back for a TD a la Sehorn. If you are going to trade up, trade up for one of these guys. Trade up for defense. Defense wins championships. Having our defensive line, combined with Boley and one of these guys (would not be Matthews since both are WILL), and then Webster and Phillips anchoring the secondary… this could be the best defense since 1997. LBer. 25 years. It is about freaking time.

6) Speaking of defense… Darius Butler, Rashad Johnson???!!! Would you really mind if the Giants came away with a CB in Rd #1 and a Safety at the end of Round 2?

7) Are the Giants and Browns doing a smokescreen on a trade? We’ll find out soon enough.

8) Updated Ultimatenyg NFL Draft Tracker pdf in printable format. Contains Wonder’s detailed flow chart of choices at each pick in Rounds 1-3.

9) We’ll blog throughout the draft. We’ll be rooting for Andre Smith and Maybin and Vontae Davis and Josh Freeman to go early… that will mean something will fall to the Giants. SOMETHING VERY GOOD. Maybe if those things happen it will stop the Giants from trading up. And maybe then will the Browns become more motivated to trade to the Giants for their good pick. Lots of moving parts. Stay tuned.


  1. Motown Blue Says:

    I for one, am over this WR talk from every news source imaginable. They won 2 of 3 super bowls without a bonafide #1 WR. Did Bobby Johnson, Phil McConkey, Manuel, Ingram or Baker win the super bowl? Besides what has Andy and everyone else has pointed out on this site? We have a QB who has majore trouble throwing in a well known windy/bad weather venue. He is not an accurate QB who can take advantage of some of the strengths of the receivers in this draft. Besides, we have dipbrown lobotomy of an OC who doesn’t know how to use personnel properly.

    Vach gets carried away with the WR hype and tunnel vision that has developed lately about the WR position:

    “And if that’s the Giants’ 2 (45th overall) and 5 (151) from the Shockey deal? Well, Reese believes it’s worth one last check-in just to find out. And while it’s not likely – can I make it any clearer that I’m not saying this has much of a chance of happening? — it’s not completely impossible that Reese walks away from today with Darrius Heyward-Bey (or Hakeem Nicks) and Edwards in his pocket.

    It makes sense, I’m told, because the Giants are very well aware that they don’t have a No. 1 receiver on their roster and, other than Steve Smith, they’re not even sure they have a good-enough No. 2.

    And if Reese can pull that off — get Edwards and a first-round receiver — well, they might just rename the GM of the Year trophy “The Reese”. That would be one heck of a draft-day steal.”

    Give me a freakin’ break. Look at the worst franchise in sports, the Detroit Lions. They drafted a WR in the first round 3 straight years which has gotten them what…an historical season of 0-16!!

    I am more than in Andy’s camp on trading up for an LB. It is time historically (25 years ago!!!) and personnel wise to draft an LB in the first round. I like the USC LBs (although Cushing I believe is an overachiever) but don’t overlook English who fits the scheme of the Gs with his versatility.

    A safety or CB wouldn’t be an outlandish position to draft in the 1st round. Their depth there is concerning as Dockery is a 1 year stop gap and they need to mask Ross’ deficiency on deep/speed routes. Warsicki has it right on this:

    In the end it is in “Reese we trust” and I am hoping that he doesn’t listen to the crowd.

  2. Bob Says:

    I personally WOULD MIND if the GMEN
    picked a corner in rnd #1 and a safety in rnd #2 .

    I feel we are relatively strong at these positions and have too many other areas to beef up….ie WR,LB,OT,C

  3. Bob Says:

    I'm afraid we must face reality here. our O stunk 4 of the last 5 games of last year, scoring 11, 19,
    8 and 14 points in those games. Why ? No stud WR who could work with Manning & take the pressure off the running game.

    Our run game was great as long as Burress was a threat downfield. Without Burress, we saw lot of 8 in the box and were choked off. We need a WR who can put the deep threat fear in the opposition & open up the run game. Whoever it is .

    Unless our D can consistently hold
    the opposition to less then 10 pts.

    We can't allow repeats of the Phila. playoff game. The Eagles are getting better. We must be better then them. Pure & simple.

  4. PD2LISN Says:

    I agree with Mo. I like the idea of trading up to get Clay Matthews. Stud with great pedigree (Grandfather, Father, and Uncle all played in the NFL). Give up our 1 and a 3 to move up (sweeten it with a player or pick next year).

    Edwards can be had for way less than what Cleveland is asking for. Remember, we only got a 2nd and 5th for Shockey. Are you really going to give up more for this guy?? I say offer a 2nd and a 5th and throw in Moss for good measure.

    We need to strengthen ouselves at safety after losing Butler. William Moore will fall to the 2nd and will be worth the risk. He had a great junior year and was an interception machine.

    Lastly, offensive line needs to be addressed. We signed Carnahan this week for backup, but we must start to develop players. Our O line is great, but they won’t be here forever. I like Jamon Meredith from South Carolina. Smart guy, great character, good size. Take him in the 3rd if he is still there.

    If we have acquired a LB, WR, S, and OL by round 3 I will be thrilled. My birthday is next week, but the party will begin tonight….

  5. Craig Says:

    I just laughed when you said safety in round 2. If they get a saftey today, that would be a good call for me

  6. Mitch Says:

    Give me a killer defense every day of the week. We have a tremendous nucleus of D-Lineman and a good young secondary. I WANT A STUD LINEBACKER!!!!!!!!!! If we can get that today, we will all be very happy. I believe that Reese knows exactly what he’s doing….and all this WR talk is just that. Reese has not steered us wrong yet. I’m very excited as to what will happen this afternoon.

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