Gonzalez, Edwards

Tony Gonzalez was a no-show at mini camp. In and of itself, it does not mean that he is demanding a trade, but it certainly would make a lot of sense in a lot of places for him to move on and see if he can win a ring somewhere else while he still has gas in the tank. Dealing now, before the draft, is when it is most likely, because there is available draft pick currency for 2009 and he can get integrated into another offense before camp. The Giants bid for him last fall, but they did not go high enough. Would this be as attractive as a 26 year old 6′ 3″ Edwards? Of course not. But you can play the Chiefs off the Browns. With the Eagles’ 28 pick traded on Friday for Peters, and the 21 pick being rumored to be in play for Boldin, it puts the Giants in better position to deal with the Browns on slightly better terms.

Add this little nugget from Vacchiano, who reports Britt now visiting the Browns in a late change of plans. You can easily see how an Edwards to the Giants deal can come about. We are not stupid enough to bet the mortgage on this one, but it seems realistic given how both teams have already talked a few times now.

Wonder’s reply to the idea of paying up and offering a 1st and 3rd rounder: “GET THE DEAL DONE…PERIOD !! Overpay if you must..BUT GET IT DONE.”

4 Responses to “Gonzalez, Edwards”

  1. Bob Says:

    I’d hate to give the Browns a 3rd in addition to the first for Edwards, but I’d rather give them a few 4th, 5th,or 6th choices.

    If it came down to deal or no deal, then I’d go with Wonder.

    At this point, I believe a stud like Edwards is critical to our 2009 season.

  2. Mitch Says:


    We are at a disadvantage in terms of negotiating. I would rather give the extra pick instead of someone like Smith or Manningham.

    Remember, nobody ever mentions that we will have David Tyree coming back hopefully healthy this season. I know he is only a complimentary player, but he did make arguably the greatest catch in Giants’ history!

    There are plenty of smokescreens coming out of Giants/Browns/Cardinals camps….so all of these scenarios are probably moot anyway. Come draft day we will all know…and it probably will surprise all of us.

    “In Reese We Trust”

  3. Andrew Nisinson Says:

    I agree with Wonder. When people were talking about Boldin, I just didn’t feel like he would be worth the cost… but Edwards… he is worth any draft pick plus Hixon (although it would be great to also keep Hixon so we could use him for kick returns and as a part of the offense).
    Braylon Edwards would be huge for us. We’ve already taken care of our defense to a degree where, even with the team we have now, we’d be damn good. It’d be nice to get one of these studly USC LB’s but it’s not 100% necessary for next season. This is a weak draft class anyway, I saw let’s get what we can.

  4. Andy F. Says:

    Weak draft class, amen. I went thru the other positions w Wonder, it was very thin. We’ll be posting them during the week.

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