Trading the #1 pick

Why is it that the NFL can be so upside down that you have more teams trading #1s and #2s than ever before? I’ll tell you why. The world has gone mad. Favre and the Packers go batty. Cutler and McDaniels get in a pissing match. If Burress hadn’t gone totally ballistic he would have been moved too. Peters cries enough times and forces a trade to the Eagles. Jeremy Shockey. Braylon Edwards. Anquan Boldin. Men behaving badly. Men behaving like children. Teams have little choice but to move the player and get SOMETHING for salvage. At least they can start anew with some draft picks. The team trading the pick for the player gets a great deal- a proven NFL player. It is the proverb standing on its head: two in the hand or the bird in the bush.

And that is where we are with the pursuit of Edwards. Eli Manning practically leaked the trade, the way we see it. We’d rate the chances as ~70%, maybe higher, the way we read our Mississippi Gomers. All the Giants will have to do, assuming they do trade, is to make sure the head is screwed on properly to the neck, or else we’ll be on the losing end of this deal too come a few more seasons. Wonder reminds us the big picture here: “Don’t get Boldin..too old..too MUCH MONEY…too much hassle..give Browns whatever the brown(!) they want, within reason, and Jints get an all-pro entering his PRIME…plus, it’s the 29TH PICK!!!” To be fair to Boldin, it is not that Boldin is “too old,” because he’ll be 29 this season. It is just that Edwards is 26, and that makes a world of difference in the land of free agency and trades.

The Eagles won big. The Giants must do that trade in a heartbeat. I email Wonder, am I missing something? The Eagles made out. Wonder: “Great deal for Phila. Now they trade their #21 and a third for boldin…draft a bigger, tougher, RB in the 2nd…and they’d be REAL competition for Jints.” If they get Shonn Greene I will be ill. Greene weighs 227 lbs, so this guy who “loves contact” would be a fit. Knowing the Eagles, that is precisely who they are targeting. We said this weeks ago- the Eagles would not stay in the 1st round, we expected them to trade down, but essentially this is the same result, moving OUT of the first round.

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7 Responses to “Trading the #1 pick”

  1. Bob Says:

    What do you think the prime motivator was in the Eagles trade for Jason Peters ? …..our new D-line, of course !

  2. Andy F. Says:

    (1) They lost Tra Thomas. (2) The Eagles always have good line play. (3) What Bob said. (4) It was a great deal. (5) OTs can last a long time in the league. (6) They don’t like the value of Round 1 anyway.

    The Giants probably would not do this trade because (1) they are happy enough with Diehl (2) they want to use the #1 on Edwards. It is harder to see the value of Peters until one of our 5 linemen get hurt.

  3. xtian Says:

    great trade for the eagles who were sunk at lt. giants were going to eat any rookie alive.

    nyg need edwards more than peters, but getting peters would have been sweet. diehl would have slipped back to lg and seubert would be swing man–blocking te in stacked line, backup g and c [maybe future starting c].

  4. Bob Says:

    this is supposed to be a good draft for centers. What do you think about us picking up one as a future replacement for O Hara ?
    Or a possible guard backup ?

  5. Pablo Says:

    11.5 sacks for Peters last year…. and a Pro-Bowler?

  6. Pablo Says:

    In 13 games*

  7. Andy F. Says:

    Peters had a great 2007 season, was getting paid next to nothing as a Premier LT (2.7M that season), so he wanted a new contract. The Bills balked. He held out. It affected his game, and he pulled a Shockey, essentially becoming enough of a thorn in the side of the front office that he got his wish for a trade. The Eagles renegotiated his contract, paying him $53M over four years, with ~25M guaranteed over the next 6 years. At the Bills, he was making ~4.5M/yr, so he got his payday and will “play” again. Reid knows linemen, says that Peters is the best OL in the game. Perhaps that is a dig on Thomas, but as a Giants fan, I am not happy that we have to face him twice per year. No complaints, if we can get past him, we’ll be ok.

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