Wonder commentary

Outside LBers:

Curry- better in a 4-3, not 3-4, can he rush the QB? Obvly terrific talent.
Cushing- driven ball player, overachiever, I like him, can play all 3 downs.
Matthews- yes, but must play WILL in 4-3, not covering TE (SAM) because not vg shedding blocks. Would be a great get for Giants.
Sintim- interesting, feast or famine.
Freeman- YES!!! underrated!
Casillas- Yes, but needs fit in right system
Norwood- Good Value as high as 4th Round
Willie Williams- I like him.

Inside LBers:

Maualuga- his draft stock is falling, ran a bad 40 yd dash time, who cares! In a 4-3 he is a tackling machine, if he falls THE GIANTS NEED HIM.
Laurinaitis- not as strong as AJ Hawke, NO! Stay away. Not value where projected near the end of the first round.
Ellerbe- yes, I like him.
JASPER BRINKLEY– YES YES YES! Injured last year, a stud in Junior year. Draft him in 2nd or 3rd round. Smooth hips, good hips. I usually do not like a guy with a knee injury, but LBer can recover. He would have been a top 15 pick if he had not gotten hurt. This guy is going to be good.
Phillips- Yes.
Worrell Williams- Fireplug. Feast or famine.
Sharpton- Yes.
Trent- Yes.

If we did not mention him (see the links for those left out), nothing good to say, not positive.

2 Responses to “LINEBACKER”

  1. bigdaddyblues57 Says:

    I have to disagree with Wonder on some things. I totally respect his observations and opinions but….

    Curry can play in any defense, probably at any position, yes he is that good. I don’t think much of any of the USC linebackers. They over matched the competition because of physical abilities but did not show well against similarly matched teams.

    Maualuga is going to bust as is Cushing if you expect them to be impact players. Matthews has a chance if given time. If he’s a first round pick he will not be given time and that will hurt him. He’s a developmental player which to me says third round.

    You left out Antonio Appleby who I think will in time be a very good linebacker either at the SAM or Mike, or even in a 3-4.

    I like Brinkley a lot but many times he is in the wrong place. I wonder if it’s his instincts or scheme. He maybe covering a gap and not allowed to rush to the ball.

    Sintim and Brinkley look like NFL linebackers when they make plays on the field. So many others do not look like NFL players. Great college players often do not make great NFL players. It’s not about hips, 40’s, it’s about what they do on the field and those two were on the field making plays.

    The USC guys made plays due to having all that talent next to them. They did not have to fight to make plays, there were so many easy ones. So many teams could just not handle that many talented players. But the good one’s did.

    I also agree with you about Laurinaitis, he is going to need time. He is not NFL ready.

    One guy I really like and has been so far under the radar and I don’t understand why is Bryant Haines from Ball state.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Wonder: “yes..USC LB’s a LITTLE overrated..but they each have their own talents/abilities…MAL is a BEAST…must play ILB..great run-stuffer..who cares if they take him out in the nickel/dime packages ?? 4th and 1 ?? I WANT HIM as my ILB…Mathews? can do it ALL…maybe a tad slow for OLB..but WELL COACHED as is CUSHING…who I actually believe can also play MLB for JINTS…he’s blue collar, “over-achiever”, football is his LIFE…will leave blood on the field and sweat in the weight room..

    “As for Curry, I didn’t say he wasn’t really good..just that 3-4 D’s CANNOT “project” him to be OLB…not a passrusher per se…he’s best in a 4-3 in SPACE…LAURANITIS IS/WILL BE a BUST…not Rey M…guys who can tackle and you want to go to war with will ALWAYS survive in the NFL…but in the right system…like the old bears, giants, even 49ers (remember Hacksaw Reynolds?)”

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