Braylon Edwards trade talk strengthens, Dockery, PSL update, 2009 schedules released

1) Earlier yesterday, reports confirmed that the trade talk between the Giants and the Browns resumed in earnest. Last night, Steve Somers reported that right now it is the Browns wanting a #2 (which one?), a #5 (which one?!) and Steve Smith, with the Giants offering the 2,5, and Domenik Hixon. The Giants would be smart to keep it to just draft picks, since we have plenty of picks to give away. Another version of the trade reported is a #1 and #5 for Edwards. Right now, the report from yday afternoon had only a #1 offered for him. Given how the Browns are well-situated to be in the Crabtree sweepstakes, you can certainly understand a scenario where a deal would not go down until the Browns got Crabtree.

Wonder: “I would give Clev a #1 and #5 so fast it would make your head spin…he will be FANTASTIC in NY….a star…as a matter of fact, if I were the JETS, I would look into getting him.”

2) Dockery signed his tender

3) The NY Giants’ media pr campaign to cast the illusion of how “well received” the PSL has been is a sham. The team has been trumpeting how 130,000 waitlist members are anxious to feast on these juicy nuggets. Problem is, we just found out from a reliable source who joined the waitlist 5 months ago that HE was contacted on Monday. So let’s see if we understand this- the Giants went through their entire roster of CURRENT SEAT HOLDERS, which number ~76K/3= 25K fans, then went through almost all of the 130K waitlist people, and they aren’t sold out yet? Keep peddling those turkey bacon club seats.

4) The Giants 2009 regular season schedule was released.

Sun. Sep 13 WASHINGTON 4:15PM
Sun. Sep 20 at Dallas 8:20PM
Sun. Sep 27 at Tampa Bay 1PM

Sun. Oct. 4 at Kansas City 1PM
Sun. Oct 11 OAKLAND 1PM
Sun. Oct 18 at New Orleans 1PM
Sun. Oct 25 ARIZONA 8:20PM
Sun. Nov. 1 at Philadelphia 4:15PM
Sun. Nov. 8 SAN DIEGO 4:15PM
Sun. Nov 15 BYE
Sun. Nov 22 ATLANTA 1PM *
Thu. Nov 26 at Denver 8:20PM
Sun. Dec. 6 DALLAS 4:15PM*
Sun. Dec 13 PHILADELPHIA 8:20PM*
Mon Dec 21 at Washington 8:30PM
Sun. Dec 27 CAROLINA 1PM*
Sun. Jan. 3 at Minnesota 1PM*
*Times subject to change

14 Responses to “Braylon Edwards trade talk strengthens, Dockery, PSL update, 2009 schedules released”

  1. Oxbay Says:

    I hate the new schedule. I hate the repitition from last year. I hate the three away games in a row, especially early in the season when the wind is not much of a factor at Giants stadium. I hate the three divisional games in a row late in the year. I hate the Carolina Minnesota end to the season.

    The only saving grace is the timing of the bye. I don’t know if that’s enough to make up for the rest of the hateful mess.

  2. Mitch Says:

    5 home games are 4:15 PM or later
    4 out of the 5 flex schedule dates are at home.

    How’s that Giants season ticket holders?

  3. John Says:

    They would be nuts to include Steve Smith in the trade offer. I have enough confidence in Reese that he wouldn’t do anything like that. ….Don’t I?

    I’m not thrilled with the schedule either, especially the 5 prime time games. We all know how the Giants typically respond to the Monday Night or Sunday Night games.

  4. xtian Says:

    i would only trade draft picks for edwards unless they want tyree or someone like that. i would quickly give the nyg #1 and a #5 or even a #4, if reese thinks edwards would fit.

    schedule isn’t the best, but what one is? they always seem to have more nationally televised games away. why is that?
    away = dallas, denver, wash
    home = arizona, philly

  5. Bob Says:

    Yes, give Cleveland # 29 and a 4th,
    a 5th, a 6th, whatever or all of the above . Just hold on to our 2nd and 3rd's. And hold onto Hixon & Smith
    I feel they both have a LOT of POTENTIAL.

    I feel the above would be a great deal for us AS LONG AS we hold on to Hixon & Smith.

  6. Bob Says:


    Help me with something.

    If Braylon Edwards is so good, why is Cleveland trading him ?

    What is his downside ?

  7. Bob Says:

    The schedule is BRUTAL.

    And all those primetime games that we
    play so lousy in. It’s going to be a tough year. We’re going to really need that strong D Line.

    I guess this is what you get for winning the NFC East.

  8. Steve Says:

    I Agree with the other comments here – Don’t let Hixon or Smith go in a trade for Edwards. But… What about the Kiwi rumors? IF it sealed the deal, would you be willing to give up Kiwi + our 29 pick? I would.

  9. Andy F. Says:

    having 3 straight games in a row vs your division rivals is a bit much.

    don’t complain too much about schedules tho, at the end of the day (season), it ends up being overcome or not. and the stronger your opponents, the better off in general you are. the steelers had a very tough schedule, they won the SB. the pats two years ago had a soft division, went 18-0, and lost the final game. So the schedule is what it is.

    re Edwards, as I said, I’d rather give picks than people.

    re the Giants having more road evening games, that was probably in response to all the Giants fans who got tired a few seasons ago from going to all those home late games.

    one more thing about strength of schedule– it used to be that you had 4 teams determined by last year’s performance. NOW IT IS TWO. So how do we complain that the only difference in our schedule is that we play AZ and MINN? C’mon, that is not that much more significant than the rest of our division, who plays the other 14 teams we play.

  10. Bob Says:

    Give up KIWI ? NO !!

    We may need the 2 new big bodies on the DL. Robbins was in bad shape end of last year. Osi’s knee is not game tested. Besides, having high power fresh DL-men should make our D VERY FORMIDABLE next year.

    Rule # 3, WR’s are a dime a dozen.
    Rule #26, D wins championships…

    Remember what an awesome D line did for us in the SB

  11. Craig Says:

    you guys are trying to get Edwards for nothing? a 1st & 5th is never gonna work, they want a 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 5th & Smith. You cant get something for nothing, we need to give up something for him. Im happy dealing a 1st for him bc what are the odds we get someone with his potential and proveness (definitely not a word). Mangini wants to get rid of him because he wants to remake the team in his ideal. Im happy trading Hixon for Edwards, Hixon may have potential but Edwards isnt that old and has more potential.

  12. Craig Says:

    We need to get rid of one of the DL, to much money is invested in one position when we can get more depth somewhere else

  13. Andy F. Says:

    I just got off the phone with Wonder, he said almost exactly what Craig said about Edwards… that you pay up and you get Edwards, get the deal done, whatever it takes. The problem is that w the exception of Crabtree or maybe Harvin in the right system (COLTS), there is not going to be a WR (despite this draft having a lot fo good ones) that will be ready to rpoduce for you in YEAR ONE, hitting the ground running. SO GO GET EDWARDS. Wonder joked that a 1 and 5 and he would take Edwards so fast it would make your head spin. So of course Wonder would pay more than a 1 and 5. a 1 and a 3? sure, no problem.

  14. Craig Says:

    Edwards, Smith, Manningham, Moss, Im happy with that starting receiving corps with Boss and the TE ESPN is so positive the giants will draft.

    Edwards can attract attention of the defense plus Smith is quickly becoming very reliable and Boss can catch. This is a running team, play action pass team. Find me a hole on the offense with this lineup

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